Tuesday, August 5, 2008

What Love Means to Me........(awesome poem!)


What Love Means To Me.

Love means a million things, not always smiles and diamond rings,
Love can mean tears, and echoes of a thousand fears.
Its opening your eyes each day, with yet another chance to say,
You will be there to catch each fall, however big, however small.

Love can also be a touch, one that means so very much,
A glance that's made however shy, just from eye to eye.
It's starting anew. Its making each promise so true.
However absurd, its never breaking your word.

It's staying with someone, for better for worse,
It's putting them always first.
It's sharing each day, in a magical way,
Like an unquenched thirst.

It's holding a hand, and other things planned,
And surprises too, and seeing things through.
It's caring when sick, being strong like a brick,
When others depart, staying there with your heart.

Love is smiles, and then tears, throughout the years,
And comforting words to alleviate fears.
Making special each hour, like the buds on a flower,
Always to grow, and unfold by the hour.

Love is making the time, to make your lover shine,
However they feel, don't let feelings conceal,
What you're feeling inside. Don't ever hide.
They must feel number one, don't let good be undone.

Love is candlelight and flowers, and special long hours,
Or a walk on the sand, and just holding a hand.
It's sharing a dance, to keep fresh the romance,
Or leaving a note which you secretly wrote.

Showing love all the time. Making them feel sublime.
Or sending a card where you've written a rhyme.
Love is good times and bad, ecstatic and sad,
Being patient and kind, all these things combined.

What love means to me, isn't simple to see,
Its the sun in the sky, and a reason to try.
It's just giving your all, and a chance to recall,
How you were when you met, so you never forget.......

When your love was a treasure to be shared without measure,
And you always were there, you made time just to share.
Love is kind. It shall fill up your mind,
With such wonderful feelings, to send senses reeling.

Love is offering space, or a tender embrace,
Whichever is wanted, or a kiss on the face.
Love is making it known, you don't need to be shown,
You'll be there when there's need, and be faithful indeed.

Share deep, how you feel, and thank God as you kneel,
Let them know of their worth, to the ends of the earth.
Just always be there, so they know that you care,
Never let it suffice, love can be gone in a trice.

Never take them for granted, be especially enchanted,
By their look or their smile, or their cute sense of style.
And do all you can do, to keep your love true,
And hold love in your heart, when you are apart.

Dont ever tell lies, and dont ever surmise,
Because love is just simple, yet truthful and wise.
And share all you have, in your heart to your love,
And pray to be blessed from your God up above.

If you do all these things, without any rest,
For sure you will know you have given your best,
And after you've read this, I'm sure you'll agree..
There's wisdom and truth, in "what love means to me".


Copyright ©2005 Sally Y Hemingway


thegirlnexdoor77 said...

Yes truely awesome!  have a great rest of the week...Hugs,TerryAnn

linnpooh said...

That it really beautiful Robyn.....thanks for sharing.

Pooh Hugs,

pprrrr39 said...

Beautiful poem
hugs Jayne