Saturday, August 30, 2008

Prayers for those in Gustav's path!


Hi everyone. I have been following Gustav closely and have a bad feeling about it. Everyone please please say an extra prayer that this storm changes paths!! Three years after Katrina happened they are now threatened with a category 5 hit! Katrina was a 3 if anyone didn't know that!

My hubby and I have talked about what we can do if it hits the way they are predicting, and I honestly think that they are going to need all the help they can get if it leaves a trail of destruction. We talked of driving down there and volunteering or offering our spare bedroom to someone who needs it. I truthfully do not know what we can do because I am just praying that it doesn't impact them again the way Katrina did. But if it does happen I have a feeling that ALOT of people in the USA are going to need to help somehow, someway.

So either way, everyone here please just say a prayer and watch and see what happens. Everyone who is either in the Gulf Coast, or has family or friends there you are all in my thoughts and prayers and will be!



Hugs, Robyn


sybilsybil45 said...

Thank you Robyn  I am sure your prayers and those of thousands of others will help thise people who must be living in such fear.  If  we pray it dosn't touch land and if it does, we can only do whatever we can asking God always to lead us to do the right thing, whether it be inviting a family in, actually physically helping, monetary wise, or the most important thing prayer... is never and if only I could do something else....  Much Love  Sybil xx

rebarks said...

Thank you Robyn. It is so sad that New Orleans may be again in the path of a devestating hurricane. Glad that so many have chosen to evacuate. Let's pray that the levees will hold this time! To all those who have to endure this I pray that they have the strength to cope.


queeniemart said...

Many that i know swear this is the end of the world.....all the insane weather things going have a heart of Gold to offer your home to others.....prayers going out to all.
Love you

swmpgrly said...

My prayers are with them all.

chat2missie said...

My prayers are with them also!  I would love to volunteer myself but with homeschooling, I'm stuck here.