Saturday, August 9, 2008

NICE analogy hunny!


Hiya everyone! I hope your all having a great weekend so far. We got moved and are settling fine. When everything is put away I will take some pictures for you all to see. My daughter is really happy to be back in the city where all of her friends are, and she will not have to switch schools this year which she is really happy about also. We have gotten about 75% of her school supply shopping done but still need to get her school clothes. Same for my son.

My quit smoking is going terrible! :( I wish I could say I was done but I can't. Life's stresses seem to be never ending and it makes it SO hard to quit. I know that those of you who don't smoke will say that is just an excuse (which it is lol) but it is very true. When every part of my life seems to be flying all different directions it makes it VERY hard to not do one of the things that gives me a few minutes to myself everyday through out the day.

Sometimes I wonder if being a wife, mom, ect means that you give up all sense of privacy?? Can some other moms and wives answer this question for me? I go to the bathroom and someone is there or will just come in (I don't do this to them). I take a shower and someone is standing there trying to talk to me or get my attention ( I do not usually do this to them), I wake up and have always demanded at least 10 minutes to myself and that seems to be alot to ask sometimes also. My head literally feels like it just might explode when I just roll out of bed and someone in my house starts talking to me right away. I just wonder if I am honestly asking to much to have 30 minutes to myself while I shower, or 5 minutes while in the bathroom. I wonder why it is that everyone seems to think I do not want to shut it all away during those supposed to be private times? I honestly cannot even say that it always bothers me, because it doesn't just some days it really rubs me the wrong way.

I always try to keep my chin up and keep trucking forward no matter what the situation but since this stuff with my mom happened it has really been hard. I do keep going because I have no choice, but man oh man am I tired ya'll! What I would give to be totally 100% taken care of for like a week. To not have to remember everything, to not have to clean, or cook, or run to the store, or make calls, or a few day break from my son who I love with every thing inside myself but am tired because we have very little outside help from anyone. And if I cannot even trust him with my own mother who the hell can I trust him with? There is truly not a person (other than Rayanna and hubby) who truly understands what our daily life is like with Josh. Some have an idea from being around or hearing us talk, but noone understands how hard it can be. Yet everytime you look at him and see all he is doing it is awesome considering we were told "IF he made it he would never walk, talk, see, hear, eat by mouth, he would be a vegetable". So please do not think I complaining about being his mother. I am not in any way shape or form complaining, I am just admitting I am so tired. You know when I look back at my whole life I truly have NEVER been taken care of the way a young girl or young lady should be taken care of. I have fended for myself pretty much always. Vent over..........

So my subject line I am sure your wondering about? Last night hubby and I picked his 15 year old son up to spend a few days here. On the way home we were talking about just random stuff. His son says "I never make my bed, I do not see the point when I am just going to sleep in it again that night". SOOO my hubby comes up with this analogy for him (CAN YOU SAY OMG!?).....

You like girls, it is safe to say that you will never be with any guys. Yet when you shower you wash your butt right?"

His son and I were like Huh??

Hubby says "Well that was the only thing I could think of to get my point across. Meaning, even though it is safe to say noone is going near your butt you still wash it when you shower right? Same goes for your bed" lmao!

I said "Nice analogy hunny!!"

His son was like omg dad!

Gotta love him lmao ;)

I made a yummy roast in the crockpot today. It cooked all day and Mmmmm was it good tonight for dinner!

Next weekend we are going to our upper tribe's Pow Wow. On Monday I am dropping Ray off at my other daughter Lexi's house and Tuesday morning they are going on a tribal supervised camping trip in Iowa. They will have to hike 2 hours to thier campsite and then will spend the night and hike back the following afternoon. Sounds fun.

I have been thinking about getting a job when my kids go back to school in a few weeks. Just something to do for me, and the extra money could never hurt lol.

I do not know if I told you all but where we moved back to in Eden Prairie is literally two houses away from where we were last school year. We are in a townhouse but it is much bigger than the other we were in. It is close to 3000 square feet and 4 bedrooms instead of 3. The whole unit is higher end I guess you would call it. The nice dark cherry hard wood floors, the same with the kitchen cabinets. Our bedroom is huge we have a couch in it and a california king bed with plenty of room to spare. Just overall it is way bigger. It was funny when we got back because the neighbor who used to be on the left of us is now on the right and he said "You musta missed me!" when he saw we were back. Another cool family directly across the street came over and was great also. Even though their house was completed 2 days ago so they moved into it yesterday. They will have us over for dinner when they are settled.

Before we moved into our place last week a MN Viking lived here and he did a number on the walls lol! They are all getting repainted this next week. He was a cool guy though, we met him while we were here before.

Well I think that's it for tonight. I am off to make a couple tags I think and switch the laundry. I am also painting two canvases for my son's Cars room that I may start tonight.

I am pretty sure alerts are not working or very rarely so hopefully some of you will get this alert ;)

Love and hugs,




sybilsybil45 said...

morning Robyn...Poor you I reall feel for you when ou say ou can't get a few mins to yourself It is the one thing I MUST have that is the first 10 mins or so in the morning ALONE with my cup of tea just sitting here quietly. Maybe you could try getting up a few mins before everyone else and lock yourself in the bathroom for that ME time  no matter how much they mighht ..and they will...bang on teh door shout for help  ignore them all...nothing much can happen in 10mins.  well we hope not !!  It is no fun at all being a carer especially to a hadicapped child.  I know from much experience just how hard it is...both from being disabled myself especially as a child ( I didn't walk till I was almost 4 and was incontinant till around 6 ) then when I was older I did a lot of child minding for parents with Spina Bifida children...the latterly I was the carer for my dear old I have seen it from all angles.... so do try to get yourself these extra few mins away from them all !!!!!   Your house sounds just wonderful...long may you enjoy it.
Praying that you have a nice week ahead.   Love  Sybil xx

geocachelinda66 said...

Oh yea!  I can relate to the no privacy thing!  Sometimes I just go in the room and lock the door and it isn't long before by almost 9 year old daughter is pounding on it wanting to know what I'm doing.. and in the bathroom, she thinks nothing of opening the door and going ewwww a butt!  I could strangle her sometimes!  You do need a day away before you go crazy!  Do you have any agencies that work with you with your son that offer respite?  They would come in and have someone work with your son or just hang out so you can have a break!  Linda

nelishianatl said...

When I was young and had three girls living at home still, we had one bathroom.  I never bathed or showered alone.  Someone always, always was hurt, fighting, or needed to use the toilet.  OH THOSE FLUSHES WHILE SHOWERING!  
I wish I was closer to be a good 'adopted' Grandma to your children and give you a break.  I'd love your son to pieces and let your run around awhile by yourself or even take a nap.  You're still traumatized too by what your Mom did I am sure.  (((Robyn))) I am still so sorry about all this insanity.

Your DH cracks me up with the male analogy of you wash your butt don't you?  Now everytime I make my bed I'll think about that and laugh.

That's great about the camping trip for the girls.  My Katie has already started school.  I'm still not over that yet.

I'm so glad you got moved in safely and being back in your old neighborhood has to be a big sigh of relief in so many ways.  

Show me the painting when you finished, k?

Love you and miss you.  Have you gotten my email with the biggest hugest thanks?  

Dirk has started trying to make tags even without Photoshop.  He did something on Flickr last night to make a Obama tag with a weather vane but couldn't get it to move.  He's got a knack for it.  

Love, Nelishia

nay0114 said...

Now that was funny. I know what you mean about doing it all. Saturday I had to just break down and cry for a change the stress of everything finally broke me and now I'm doing better. I'm just sooo tired, no sleep, not eating right and doing everything for everyone. I need ME time too so I know exactly what you mean. Hope you get a break for yourself soon.
Take care and Hugs, Chrissie

pprrrr39 said...

Oh Robyn i can totally sympathise with the no privacy theme........ lol. When we had a bath a few year ago my kids all over 16 at the time would forever need to use the toilet whilst i was in the bath, did i mind no....... now i have a shower with a curtain, if my son is in there and i need to us the toilet or grab something i have to wait....... kids are odd, no like you havent seen it all

I understand what you mean about being tired, i pretty much brought 3 kids up single handedly, run 3 jobs at the same time, but somehow managed you just have to get on with it. I admire you for your strength and hope that you can get some kind of help. Maybe when the kids go back to school it will be a little easier.

LOL @ your hubbies explanation ...... very good.

Hope they have a great time at the pow wow.

Take care hugs Jayne