Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Good karma???



Hi everyone. The last few months have been so crazy around here! I told you all that my truck broke down on the first of this month. The day that it broke down I had went to get a money order to send my daughter's camp fee in. I needed the remaining balance so $250.00. The girl working there that day accidently gave me a money order for $500.00. I noticed and we went right back into the store and I gave the money order back. She thanked me many times, and told me she probably would have lost her job over a $250.00 error. It was the right thing to do so I did it, period. There was never a thought in my head to keep the extra money. Well an hour later my truck fell apart!

A couple days ago my hubby took my son with him up north 4 hours away to pick up our truck which was fixed. The day before we had been at the beach all day and my son swallowed a bunch of lake water. The evening they got up to my hubby's best friends house/my cousin/son's god papi, Josh got sick. Really sick. By the next day when they were supposed to head home my hubby called me and said "We have a big problem". He said that Josh was wretching badly, bad enough he was having a hard time catching his breath. Josh had a surgery done almost 9 years ago called a Nissan Fundoplication. They wrapped his Esophogus around his stomach to stop the GERD/Reflux he had. My hubby was afraid that the Nissan had burst and they were 4 hours away. We called his GI doc here in the cities and then also his ped doc and were told he needed to be soon before 4 hours. So hubby had to take him to a small rinky dink little place up north. They ran a bunch of tests and seem to believe his Nissan is still in tact.

BUT when hubby talked to Children's down here where my son has spent at least a year total admitted. They told him ALL of my son's records are missing????? WTF did they go? He has went to that hospital since he was a newborn for everything except his cranial stuff which his team of surgeons in Washington DC take care of. So tell me how it is that I have about 5 files FULL of bills and statements and letters to and from certain doctors that Children's Hospital cannot find one single record of Josh?? We had an episode happen there years back that the head of the hospital came to us and asked "Are you looking for a financial settlement?". We told her no we just wanted to know that the neglect from there hospital staff didn't cause any permanent damage. We are now wondering if his records were destroyed after that (or maybe I should say convienently disappeared).

So in the end Josh and hubby made it home at midnight last night and he is ok. He is sick and it will pass.

Last night my daughter and I had the scariest thing happen! Around 9 last night after being at the beach again all day long and running home to change out of swimsuits and eat we ran to Walgreen's to drop off her film from camp. She saw some of the cutest school supplies and they were having a buy one get one free sale. Can't beat that! So we got a bunch of stuff there. Well we got home and she asked "mom, where is my pencil sharpener?".  I said it has to be there somewhere, we looked at the reciept and they never charged us for it. She realized she had stuck it in her pocket and on principle AGAIN because it was the right thing to do I drove her back up there a little after 10 to pay for the sharpener. We pulled in, the cashier sort of laughed and thanked us for coming back. When we pulled in we walked in the store and went straight to the register. There was a cop standing the cosmetic counter with the nighttime store manager. We got in line. It was me, my daughter next to me and then this middle aged man got in line behind us. I thought nothing of it. We payed and left to come home. I was turning left to get onto the main road to get home and this truck (the man from Walgreen's) was in the right lane and turning right. He looked into my truck and knew it was just the two of us in the truck. He let me turn left and switched lanes and turned our direction. Still didn't think much of it. We live about 5 miles from the store, but there is bunch of turns to get into our place. By the third turn I was really watching this guy because I could tell he had no idea where he was going and was going the same way we were. I didn't say anything. Once in our neighborhood we have 5 short turns to actually get into our unit. Once we were on the street our driveways are on I KNEW this man was following us. I then told my daughter to roll her window up and I locked the doors. I did NOT want to turn into our house area so he could block us in because we live on a dead end. So I did a Uturn on the street. He did a uturn and proceeded for almost an hour to follow us. He parked a couple times and I called my brother right after I did the uturn and told him we were being followed. He said stay in your car and don't stop driving I am on my way down. I considered calling the police but after about 40 minutes I lost this guy and have no idea where he went. I knew he was around here somewhere so when my brother and his roommate got here he escorted us into my place and we locked everything up. He then drove around my neighborhood for awhile. My hubby got home about 40 minutes later.

My hubby got home and we told him what happened and he called my brother to thank him for coming so quick and to see if he saw him anywhere. So he wanted us to run back up to the Walgreens to see if the store could show us a video picture of this man who followed us. I assumed he wanted the truck I was driving.  I found out differently at around 2 am and my god was that scary! My hubby went into the store and talked to the manager who knew which man he was talking about right away because he was acting "odd" while she was talking to the police man about a seperate issue. WELL while my hubby was in the store talking to the manager I decided to drive our truck right across the parking lot to wash all the bugs off the windshield and my truck died AGAIN 30 minutes after he got home from picking it up!

The manager told hubby she would piece together the video of this man from the time he walked into the store til he left and followed me and my daughter. He was sort of lingering around the store I guess for a bit before we walked in and when we walked in he went and bought a box of condoms and followed us out and home. So my idea that he was just wanted my sister's truck was obviously wrong. Thank god I pay attention and realized he was following us because god only knows what would have happened if I just pulled into our garage and would have been cornered. Needless to say the police made a CD of the images of this man "lingering" and then following us out of the store and also printed a reciept for the report to show he had indeed bought a box of condoms. The police seem to think he would do something like thatso his sperm was not tracable or something like that. I was freaked out to say the least, and so was my daughter! We are safe and paying very close attention now when we leave the house. He never did see exactly which unit we lived in, just the area we are in. We are moving on Saturday back to the district my kids went to school at last year.

It is a crazy world and TWO times I did "the right thing" something terrible happened. I believe in doing the right thing no matter what but man come on god a little break now and then??? So now my truck sits dead again after spending 700.00 on a rental car for two weeks, then borrowing my sisters truck, and 650.00 to fix the truck for it to die within an hour of getting home.

For the last couple weeks we have been meeting my brother, sister, one day hubby's mom and sis to BBQ, fish, play volleyball, swim, and just spend some good quality time together many days a week. We have all been having a blast. Yesterday my brother brought his jetski down and his kids were with him. We all layed on the beach for a few hours and chatted and laughed and swam. We then decided to rent two paddle boats and meet my brother and niece in the middle of lake. My daughter Ray and my nephew rode with me in a paddle boat and my sister and her friend rode in the other one. We crossed the lake and hooked the paddleboats together and everyone jumped in the middle of the lake and swam. My brother even came and tied his jetski to us and jumped in. He took my daughter for a ride also. We had so much fun. Well my sister and her friend decided to take his jetski out for a ride themselves and hit a wave going 50 MPH and got tossed about 20 feet off the jetski. My sister sprained her finger and felt like she couldn't breath. They both got the wind knocked out of them but are ok other than being pretty sore from hitting the water. Her friend grabbed her life jacket and held onto it while my sister tried to catch her breath. Then they had to swim about 40 feet to get back on the jetski and bring it back to shore. I am thinking next time she will slow down a bit. I am so glad they were ok!

Today we met my brother and sister and were going to go fish off the paddleboats lol! We got there and it was to windy so they were not letting people rent them. We walked aways down a path and fished off a dock. My sister and I caughta TON of baby fish. Hubby and brother only caught like one each in a 3 hours period. They kept trying to steal our spot on the dock lol. I also caught a really small large mouth bass.

My daughter had  a BLAST at camp last week! I left early thank god to pick her up Friday morning to be there at noon. I got stuck on 35W going no more than 20 miles an hour for almost 50 miles. I pulled into the closing prayer/song ceremony 2 minutes after they started. She wants to do the teepees next year also.

My daughter Alexis spent the week here while Ray was at camp and her and I spent some great quality time together. My hubby took off to stay at his best friends for a few days to give us some alone time. That was awesome of him. He knew we needed it. One day we picked up Chipolte for lunch and brought it to them and ate there then when we were headed home to wait out sitting in rush hour for an hour we went to Lake Calhoun in Minneapolis. Lex, Josh and I parked and walked on the beach. Aquatennial Day's had been that weekend and there was a sand castle contest and the big castles were still on the beach so we walked and talked and looked at them. Then Josh decided to fall into the water and soak his shorts and Tshirt so we just let him swim and let him ride home naked lol.

We have all gotten so much color in the last couple weeks and we are having a blast! The day my MIL & SIL met us at the lake here near us we BBQ hamburgers and swam and tried you see I said TRIED to play volleyball in the sand. We all laughed so hard but we all get a A for effort lol. Everyone but me fell and got road rash on there knees. Then we all went down to get in the water to cool off because it has been scorching hot here in MN and my SIL was sitting in the water and got bit on the butt by a fish. I bet the people across the lake heard her scream :)

Well that's it for tonight. I hope everyone is having a great week.

Love and Hugs, Robyn



silvershivazero said...

Yeah....I think a bunch of heads turned my way after that lil scream.....stupid fish.

nelishianatl said...

Your good reward is coming if you'll be patient, though it's hard to do.  
That story is very scary.  I'm so glad you were that alert with your surroundings.  I don't pay attention anymore like I used to because Katie is so darned distracting.  It's time for you to get more than an even break.  I am so glad you got some Lexi time and I had to laugh about Josh having to ride home naked.  It's been horribly hot down here too.  The good times with the BBQ sound awesome as well.  I'd have laughed tears down my face I'm sure.

I don't know if you got my thank you letter or not, but a big thank you to you and to Ray for thinking of us and sending us those gifts.  Big hugs from Katie and from me too.  We loved it and appreciate it.

I'm still reading.  Wish you'd find time to post more often.


am4039 said...

how scary about that guy following you. Good you noticed and that walgreens put together the tape. It sounds like lots of fun at the lake something you need.
I woud have gone back too with the money order and gone back to walgreens to pay for the sharpener. Something good well come along the way for you.

sybilsybil45 said...

Goodness Robyn, you sure have had a blast of a week or two full of up's and downs.  I am so glad that you were so vigilant and managed to shake of that man...it pays to keep our eye's open but it isn't a thing we are used to doing. I thank God that you are safe...so you see although it was a nasty and frightening theing to happen...God was there protecting you both ....Hope the truck get better soon,  Love Sybil xx


thegirlnexdoor77 said...

wow..that was scary...have a great rest of the week..will keep all in prayer..hugs,TerryAnn

swmpgrly said...

omg I am so glad you were aware of him

jckfrstross said...

praying for you all:)


pprrrr39 said...

OMG Robyn..............Sorry to hear about Josh....... hope he is making a good recovery.
I cannot imagine how scary that must have been for you, just glad that you were observant and noticed this a***hole, lets hope that he did not manage to attack anyone and if he did he will be caught thanks to the cctv clips. Sometimes i wonder where these sickos get off.

Sounds like you had a fantastic time at the lake......... just sitting here dreaming about it....... its an overcast dreary looking day here in London.

Sorry to hear about the truck....... i hope that ater paying that amount of money out it is under guarantee and you can get it rectiifed for free.

Take care
hugs Jayne