Thursday, April 17, 2008

My weekend fun ;)

Hi everyone just wanted to let everyone know what we ended up doing for my birthday. On my actual birthday my hubby took all the kids for almost 4 hours to give me some peace and quiet. I later learned they were doing other stuff lol. They came home and gave me my cards and they had put 2 tickets to the matinee movie 21 the next day for hubby and I to go see and they told me they were staying home to clean and they would babysit Josh so we could go alone.

The day before I had a feeling they were planning something and thought I knew what it was. But they convinced me differently when I heard hubby and I were going to the movies the next afternoon. So I cooked BBQ chicken, fried potatoes, and corn for dinner.  Later on in the night hubby and I played Karaoke with Rayanna and Alexis. My sister in law then called and said her and hubby's son were coming over later at night. So they came over and my SIL gave me 2 presents, one from her and the other from my MIL. I opened them with my MIL on the phone. My SIL bought me a really pretty Mystic Topaz ring and earrings. My MIL bought me a beautiful Diamond ring. I took a picture of them and will add it at the end of this entry. They are both so sweet, I loved them both :) Rayanna had also given me about a week prior her present. She was the practical one lmao! Yet I love, love, love her present! She bought that water filter/flavoring thing you attach to your kitchen sink spout. You can filter your water easily with a turn of a little dial. You can also put flavor bottles in the same unit and push this little button and flavor to your desire comes out also ;) She bought me raspberry, and strawberry flavoring. It is so good! I buy ALOT of raspberry aquafina water so she told me now I would save SO much money doing it this way versus buying the 12 packs all the time lol. Gotta love that it matters to her at only 11 years old! She is awesome.

We woke up the next day and the girls had fed Josh, and did the dishes. We showered and got ready to head to the movie. We saw 21 if anyone is wanting to see a good movie I personally thought it was a very good movie. The movie was longer than we expected it started at 1 and it didn't get out until about 3:15. Rayanna called to see what was taking so long. I told her we were walking out of the mall and would be home shortly.

We pulled into the garage. I got out and hubby was behind me. I opened the door to my mud room and almost 20 people yelled "Surprise" and threw balloons at me. I was so not expecting it that my exacts words were (AS I went back into garage lmao) "OH, Shit you scared the crap out of me!". Hmmmmm, let's try that again lmao. I went in and hugged everyone. The kids had cleaned the house, somehow got all the decorations up (that I had no clue were here or that they had bought) and they really decorated a ton! My mom had made a huge pot of sloppy joes and brought that and watermelon over. My sister brought a ice cream cake. My daughter's had bought chips, fruit punch, root beer, and Dr. Pepper. I think my mom also brought a big pan of beans.

I got some awesome presents from all of them also! ;) I took some pictures to show you and will add them at the end of the entry also. I had a great birthday my family is awesome. My house was a disaster when it was over with but got cleaned up lol.

Friday night we went to Tribal bingo and had a great time! My truck was full on the way home because we bingo'd so many times lol. At tribal bingo they always serve a yummy dinner and have snacks, drinks, fruit cups, deserts, you can get. They also have tons of bowls of goodies spread around all the bingo tables. They do it in the gymnasium of our Community Building.  They take all of the money that they make each month and go out and spend that on tons of prizes for the next month. There is smaller prizes all the way up to bigger things like plasma TV's, lawnmower, trip vouchers, ect. We won a stainless steel laundry sorter with 4 canvas bags that sit in it. A cute garbage can full of red and white kitchen stuff. A picnic bag with 2 beach towels, pillow, cute pitcher and matching 4 cups. A HUGE lazy suzan for parties, it's really cool. A set of outdoor lanterns for bigger candles. A shop vac. A pack of hand towels. Another Magic Bullet except this time it is the Pro lol. So bigger. I think I am forgetting something but man I could not believe how much my daughter and I won that night. So much fun lol.

Rayanna stayed after school today for a digital photography class and came home and her art teacher sent an email with two pictures she had taken to me earlier. I might be biased, BUT I think the photos are awesome! Here they are..... I especially LOVE the paper one........


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I think I am going to end this entry now and go make a couple tags before I hit they hay. I hope everyone is having a great week!

Big hugs, Robyn


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Flowers my sister sent to me on my birthday....
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Purse my sister gave me at part....
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Rings from MIL & SIL (forgot to add the earrings in this pic that go with the Mystic Topaz ring.
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Alexis got me the next 3 books in the series I started reading and loved! The Confessions of a Shopoholic series.
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My mom got me this huge soup pot that I have been looking for and could never find. She found it at a kitchen speciality store. I don't have a picture of it though but I love it. Ok now I am off to make some tags for real! lol


nay0114 said...

Hey Sweetie,
Sure looks like you had an awesome birthday. The gifts look great. Glad you had a nice time.
Take care and Hugs, Chrissie

swmpgrly said...

those are great shots ...shes a pro

linnpooh said...

What an awesome family you have!!! That was a wonderful birthday, filled with many surprises and a lot of must make you feel so special that they took the time to plan all of that for you. I love all of your gifts.....especially the Coach bag, I'm a sucker for purses :) I'm glad your birthday was so great for you....and thank you for sharing it all with us, it started my day with a smile.

Pooh Hugs,

jjdolfin9 said...

What a wonderful birthday you had, and great gifts too.  You are blessed my friend.
Hugs, Joyce

thegirlnexdoor77 said...

Sounds like an awesme birthday!!!  Hope you have a great weekend too!  Hugs,TerryAnn

queeniemart said...

I am so glad you had a good bday! You SO deserve it!!!!! What great gifts! XOOX

rebarks said...

Your birthday celebrations sounded wonderful. You sure have lots of loving friends and family members. The gifts were awesome! More than the material things were the gifts of love. It's clear from everything I've read about your life you have been blessed! Not everyone could bring up a special needs child like Josh. You have so much love and it's come back around to you.

nelishianatl said...

I am so happy they did this for you.  You so deserve it!  My only wish was that I could've been there to share it with you all.  I really miss you.  Your presents are gorgeous and your party sounded so much fun.  


tsalagiman1 said...

I haven't had a chance to "travel the circuit" in j-land, so I'm doing catch-up.  Happy Birthday, Robyn and thanks for "singing" Happy Birthday to me!  I can just imagine your reaction to your surprise party!!  It sounded like fun and that food looks delicious. Your gifts were awesome! I don't think you're biased about Rayanna's photos - very nice!