Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Thank you and My picks for the Nice Matters Award ;)

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I would like to thank Chrissie from Almost Paradise for choosing me for the Nice Matters Award! Chrissie is the coolest woman and I have just recently gotten to know her. Her family means EVERYTHING to her and it shows in every aspect of her life! She is also the best grandma to her cute as can be grandson Kyan. She shares her daily life in stories and pictures and her love for her friends and family shines through every time she writes an entry! Thanks a ton hun for picking me ;)


I would also like to thank Linda from Lost in my own Thoughts for also choosing me for a Nice Matters Award! Linda is another awesome woman I have been lucky enough to know through Jland! Her love for life is amazing! She is always doing these awesome things for other people. She has a passion for life and it shows in her journal! Her family means everything to her. She is also the best grandma around to Jocelyn who is cute as a button! Thanks a ton to you also hun for picking me!



I was blown away that two of the sweetest women around chose me for this ;) What a great feeling! You both made my day! Thanks a ton! It is really hard for me to choose just 5 and wish I could give this award out to all of the wonderful women I have met here through my main journal and my tag journal. I also am not going to include the two who picked me because I love them both and want to share the niceness with other's :)  Here is my 5 picks in no specific order....


Lisa Jo (whose journal is private but I think most of you who visit me also visit her) is an absolutely amazing woman in my eyes! She is very real and has taken alot of hits from some nasty people who have nothing better to do with thier time then start problems in other people's lives. She is an absolutely loving, dedicated mother to two beautiful children. She LOVES her pets as they are her own children! She works her butt off and has a way of writing a story that will have me cracking up. I love this woman! Her and I have been through some similar situations in life! 


Nelishia from Praying and Believing is a tough cookie I tell ya! This lady has been through SO much in life and never gave up. I feel a connection to Ne and feel honored to know her! She is a very spiritual woman with a heart of gold. She is another awesome grandma to her sweet Katie! She is entering a new chapter in her life that is so muchly deserved. A life full of love and happiness, yet still deals with daily stress like the rest of us. I love her and cannot wait to meet her one day. But will have to wait til the snow thaws so she doesn't freeze on spot once off the airplane! lol



Lisa  from Please Don't take Life for Granted is another amazing woman to me! She deals with so much everyday and always tries to keep smiling! She is very real and loves her family so so much! I love hearing her stories and seeing her awesome videos she takes of her grandson and kids! And if you hear her talk she has the sweetest voice ;)



Joyce from Treasure Chest Full of Life is one of the most sincere people I have ever known! Her love for her family is so apparent in every entry she ever writes! She is a wonderful wife, mother and grandmother! She has a heart of gold! I have not known Joyce for that long but I love what I read when she writes an entry! She truly is a genuine soul!


Emily from Emily's Purple Pages is my 5th pick. She is an amazing mother to Ms. O and a dedicated wife. Her husband was deployed and she shared her days with Jland while he was away. She made it and did a great job while he was away! She is another genuine, huge hearted lady who I admire!





gingersnap559 said...

Hi,,,,,,I just wanted to say that i find your journal very inspiring and uplifting,,,,i stumbled upon it ,,,,,im new at this aol journal stuff,,,,in the past ive kept paper journals and a friend introduced me to this new concept...so im trying it out,,,if you happen to read my journal entries you wont find them very uplifting at this time,,,im just going through a stressful time in life so i dont seem very positive,,,,feel free though to read if youd like,,,,, thanks though for your positive outlook on life it was nice reading your writtings, you have a beautiful family the very best of luck to you ,,,,,, G

nelishianatl said...

OH Robyn, How sweet!  I've been nominated THREE times now!  I haven't made my pics public yet because I've been under the weather and will get to it soon.

Thank you hun and I'd be willing to freeze to the spot to get to spend time with you anyway.  

I hope to make this a reality one day for real.  I can't wait.


springangel235 said...

Thank you Robyn, I am so honored to wake up this morning and find your award for me.  I truly appreciate you coming by and reading my entries...it means so much.  You have chosen so many great, deserving people.  Have a beaiutiful Wednesday...hope you are feeling better!!!
Hugs and love,

springangel235 said...

Congratulations to you tooooooo!!!  Hugs,

brendaspears97 said...

Bravo & Congrats!!!


queeniemart said...

you are so kind...always kind, loving helpful.....you have been a real friend to me and i thank you for that. You are GOLD in my book,
LOVE, lisa