Friday, February 1, 2008

Mild AC to some?

Hi everyone! I am not sure if I am supposed to copy and past stuff from Craigslist here so I am leaving out bits and peices of it so not to bring the whole ad here. But OMG I was cracking up when I read this lol!

 $900 / 4br - nice doble wide home for rent at raibow valley in ..............

 Nice doblewide movilhome 4 bedrooms big back yard and front yard for more info...........


So anyways the first thought that popped into my head that I said to my brother was....

"Can I please please please rent a house from this dumbass??"

Ok sorry maybe it isn't that funny, but I got a kick out of it! lol

Gnite everyone!

Hugs, Robyn





geocachelinda66 said...

Yes someone needs some spelling lessons!  

queeniemart said...

did the dude learn from Hooked on Phonics or what?! lol


nelishianatl said...

Drunken future landlord or had his child do it.  OMG this was too funny.  

What's so sad was I bet he was too duh to even know he did this.


brendaspears97 said...

See! Peope lik dis make us southerns luk dumb!!!! LOL Ok I will stop being mean. And yes it was funny.


swmpgrly said...

that is hilarious

nay0114 said...

LOL silly.
Take care, Chrissie