Wednesday, February 6, 2008

BAD start to a vacation! (Mild AC in bottom tag)

I think I told all of you that my sister was going to LA this month for a week. Well a day and a half ago she boarded her plane with her B/F at 9:00 PM. RIGHT before the plane was getting ready to take off her B/F had a panic attack and decided he couldn't fly so he got up and made them let him off the plane. My 18 yr sister had the whole trip already payed for including a really nice hotel in Beverly Hills and a couple different things they planned to do there already payed for also. She went ahead ALONE to LA. She called my mom crying, my mom called me. We booked my mom a flight yesterday to go meet her and spend the week there with her so she isn't alone.

Well after we got my mom's flight booked my sister called at 1 AM and her plane had landed. I talked to her for a bit and we hung up so she could go get her suitcases. She was supposed to call back. She called again at 2:30 AM and her suitcases and her B/F were ALL LOST!  So here she is in LAX with her purse, no meds she has to take, not even a pair of shoes because she wore her slippers on the plane, and a pillow. She went and filed the paperword she needed for her lost luggage and grabbed a cab to go check into her hotel. The hotel is 11 miles from LAX, I talked to her while she was in the cab. Her cab driver barely spoke english and for some reason it took them almost 40 minutes to get to her hotel. She FINALLY got to her upper class hotel that was not cheap by any means in her slippers, by herself at around 3:10 AM. It really was 1:10 there but here in MN it was after 3. OK whew she made it to her hotel lol. We hung up I went to bed.

I get up yesterday to go and take my mom to the airport. We get there with plenty of time for her to board her plane. I hugged and kissed her and she was off. My sister had woke up and still had no luggage. The airport said it was still in Minneapolis??? So she was going to check again when she went at 4:20 to meet my mom to see if it had been found yet. First off, my sister forgot about the time change of two hours and was still following our time. She called me at 1:30 California time and was in a cab on her way to meet my mom at the airport. She called me and I said "Uh, honey it is only 1:30 there" lol. So she had the cab driver turn around and went back to her hotel.

She then left again to meet my mom at theright time this time and you would not believe this! She called when my mom arrived while she was standing in the office to see if her luggage had been found (which it had! It was enroute to her hotel) and my mom's suitcases were MISSING now! Can you imagine? Both of them had their luggage lost lol! They took it in great spirits though. My mom was cracking up at the irony that here she was flying out in 12 hours notice to meet my sister so she wasn't alone and her suitcase gets lost also! Unreal! I would say SOMEONE in the Mpls airport has NO business working in the baggage claim area.


I am still so sick! But I think today I may be a tiny bit better. I am so run down. Have any of you ever noticed that when us mom's are sick we just keep going because we have to, but when your hubby gets sick he is dying?? lmao Why is that?

My daughter had a blast on her trip last week! She took two disposable cameras full of pictures. I got them developed this weekend and on Sunday when she got home from her dad's I took her to get a scrapbook and scrapbooking stuff for the trip. She has finished 6 pages and it is so cute so far!

Well I am off to make some tags and then go run some errands.  My heart is going out to all of the people that were impacted by the storms and tornados yesterday! Please keep all of them in your prayers. Also for the families of the victims who lost their live's! Crazy weather going on all over the place. Mother Nature is busy!

Hugs, Robyn




nelishianatl said...

What a trip!  Your sister is so pretty she needs a new BF!  A real man wouldn't have treated her that way.  Panic attack my eye!  He just didn't have the balls enough to tell her.  So upsetting about the luggage.  Fortunately I've never had it happen but it sounds like I will be mailing my stuff to you ahead of time so it will be there already when I get off the plane.  No worries.  I hope your Mom is having a good time out there anyway.  Sounds like she's in good spirits despite everything.  Hopefully we can see some of your daughter's pictures.  And she didn't freeze to death outside.  My Southern Belle self would have been screaming in pain from the cold. lol

Hope you feel better soon,

swmpgrly said...

I wish my lady lumps looked like that
now.... how on earth can they lose both of thier
hope ya feel better and Yeah men are wimps when it comes to gettin sick...unless thier friends are

pharmolo said...

Nightmare is a bit of an understatement there, Robyn

nay0114 said...

OMGosh your poor sister and then your poor mom. You're right they don't deserve to work that airport. When I travel I usually carry one set of clothes with me I've had my luggage lost before too. I guess the lesson to learn is make sure you wear an outfit that you want to wear you're whole trip in case the luggage is lost LOL.
So sorry that your are still sick. I hope it's not flu.. over here all our schools are being closed left and right for illness. They are saying that flu is taking like three weeks to get over. We stay away from the doctor office that is the worst place to catch something.
I'm so happy that your daughter had a blast on her trip. You should take some pictures of her scrapbooking pages.. I wanna see too. Did you visit my journal and see that giveaway The Sailor's Wife journal is doing? It's a huge thing of scrapbooking items. I did an entry of it.. you should go comment in her journal and she'll add you to the list of people trying to win it. All you have to do is list your journal and make an entry about it in your journal for her. Better hurry I think you only have until Friday. All that stuff she is giving away is very expensive. She just said she doesn't have time to do it anymore and wanted to get rid of the stuff so decided on a giveaway isn't that nice.
Take care and Feel better
Hugs, Chrissie

queeniemart said...

WOW, nice boobs.
WOW, again on what your poor sis and mom went thru.....i hate flying and i hate to lose luggage..i cant believe her bf did that. i hope you feel better quick.
LOVE, lisa jo