Saturday, February 23, 2008

A link for you all to visit ;)

My SIL makes awesome creations with clay!  I have randomly over the last couple years shared pictures of things she has made for my family and I. For those of you who don't know and have not seen her beautiful creations (and of course those of you who do) please go visit her new journal I talked her into making to share this stuff! Put her on your alerts and watch as she continues sharing photos of the beautiful things she creates! It will be worth it because you will randomly get alerts to look at some pretty awesome stuff ;)

Thursday, February 21, 2008

Happy 1st Birthday to my nephew!

I love you Photobucket Photobucket



Today is Aedan's 1st birthday and I cannot see him :( It honestly just took every bit of my energy to make this entry. I love this little boy so much and cannot believe he is already one today! He is such a sweetheart! I love you baby boy!! Happy 1st Birthday.

My house is such a mess right now. With hubby and I having pneumonia and my son having an ear infection and possible strep. NOW tonight I think my daughter is getting sick. It is pretty miserable around here I tell ya! My hubby way over did it today and tried to clean and get some laundry done. I stayed in bed for about 14 hours from last night. And am pretty sure my fever got high then broke at least 5 times in those 14 hours. Man oh man did I feel gross! Good thing though is hubby and I are both smokers and we have not smoked. We are going to try to go with it and both stop since it has been two days. My doctor wants to see me again tomorrow at 4 and told me she would write me a prescription for Chantrix?? (spelling?).  I have been either on the couch or in bed since I came home from the doctors yesterday morning. My MIL was a godsend yesterday! She had to go home today because she has a terrible tooth ache. I am really hoping that her or my SIL don't get sick from being here. It seems like there is SO much sickness going around right now! I was laying there watching American Idol a bit ago and even the top 24 have a bunch of sick people right now.

I want to thank EVERYONE for all the well wishes and prayers sent this way! I also noticed how many of you that left a comment are also sick right now, or someone close to you is sick right now. Let's all get better! I know when I get enough energy my comforters in this house are all going to get cleaned at the laundromat because they won't fit in my washer or dryer. And all sheets, and smaller blankets are getting washed, then I am disinfecting my whole house! I need to go back to bed now. I probably will not be back for at least a few days. My daughter Lexi was supposed to spend the weekend until Monday here tomorrow. We had to cancel and I feel so bad! I love seeing her, and I love spending time with her. Rayanna will go stay with them this weekend instead as long as she doesn't wake up tomorrow really sick. Rayanna is amazing! She is like the little house maid :) She has helped us out so much here in the last two days. Now she is sitting in her room getting all her homework done. I am so glad she can go spend the weekend with her sister to have some fun. Because there is truly nothing fun going on here at ALL!

Everyone please take care of yourselves if your sick! I will be back when I am feeling better.

Hugs and Love, Robyn

Saturday, February 16, 2008

Question for anyone who can answer ;)

Does anyone know how to add music besides the youtube video or AOL videos? Can you add just a song that will play when you open the entry? Thanks in advance if you can answer this question for me ;)

hugs, Robyn

Thursday, February 14, 2008

Happy Valentine's Day!

Happy Valentine's Day everyone!! Have a great day ;)


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Hugs, Robyn

Sunday, February 10, 2008

Love my daughter's!!!

Last night I told you that they were planning something for me ;) I took some pictures they gave me my Valentine's Day present early since Lexi will not be here that day, and Ray will be skiing til her bedtime. I went upstairs and found this......


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A cup of hot tea that was perfect for my sore throat!
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They made a playlist on Rayanna's Ipod of songs that I liked ;)
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My only question is this.... How did I get so lucky? ;) They had candles lit, music playing, the best smelling lotion they bought for my hand rub. First they gave me a back massage, then ran me a candlelit bath with rose petals in the tub and all over my floor ;) Then when I got out of the tub they rubbed my hands with lotion.

They had both been skiing all day in the freezing cold and both fell a couple times so they were sore and tired but they still put this together for me anyways. They are both way to sweet! Rayanna took a video of the bathroom because my camera died but I could not get it to load.

If it is possible for your heart to smile, mine was smiling last night!

It is still freezing outside it is 8 below and has been most of the day. I just threw some pork chops in Cream of Mushroom to bake for an hour and a half for dinner. Alexis requested them before I take her home tonight. My SIL is coming over for dinner also and my brother may be coming. We will eat then clean up and head out to drive Lexi home. I dropped my girls off at my mom's because my SIL is housesitting/dog sitting for her while she is in California. She is helping the girls make something out of clay. Thank you AL!

I must be finally getting better because I have so much crud coming out of me. I have another medical issue going on that I am not going to go into detail about but am about 90% sure I will need a hysterectomy to fix it. I am going to see my doctor this week.

Well I am off to try to catch up on my 700 plus emails I need to read lol. I took a break this weekend from PSP and now am swamped! I have requests to get to, tags to make. Last night I thought my external harddrive died and I almost cried lmao! My hubby said try restarting your puter and see what happens. I did and it was back to normal WHEW!

I hope everyone is feeling better who is sick. LJ I really hope your feeling a tiny bit better today! I hope you all had a great weekend!

Love and hugs, Robyn

Saturday, February 9, 2008

Snagged meme from Linda

Snagged meme from Linda who stole it from some who stole it from someone who stole it from someone! lmao That's what she said ;)


“FIRST REACTIONS QUIZ”. You have to type the 1st thing that comes to mind whenever you hear these 33 things. You can’t think and go back and change your answers.

TIP: erase all of the other persons answers first...that way you can think in blank spaces.

Here we go:

1. Beer: MGD

2. McDonalds: EWWWW

3. Relationships: Honesty

4. Purple: Barney?? lol

5. Power Rangers: Rescue Heroes! 

6. Weed: Ya man

7. Steroids: Beefedup

8. Cartoons: Jetson's!!

9. The President: Speechless

10. Tupperware: Mygrandma

11. Florida:  Universal Studio's

12. Santa Claus: HoHoHo

13. Halloween: Trick or treat

14. Alcohol: Captaincoke

16: Myspace: Popular

17. Clowns: Bozo

18. Marriage: commitment

19. Paris: Stunning!

20. Redheads: Fiesty

21. Blondes: bimbo (sorrryyyy 1st thought it said lmao! No offense to anyone!)

22. Pass the: bottle

23. One night stands: why?

24. Donald Trump: ugly lmao

25. Neverland: Huh?

26. Dixie: Chicks

27. Vanilla ice cream: yummy!

28. Hooters: gotapair! lol

29. High school: Fun

30. Pajamas: LOVEEM!

31. Woody: Boing! lmao

32. Wet Socks: off

33. I love: family

K I am off to get pampered I just heard my tea kettle screaming lol.

Hugs, Robyn

BRRRRRRRR are we in the North Pole?

OH my GOD is it cold outside here in Minnesota again! My daughter's went sking today and I picked them up this evening and my truck read -8! SO cold, they closed the ski place because not only is it freezing the wind is blowing like crazy! You should see the roads and the drifts. I came home and checked our local weather about 10 minutes ago and it is 34 below zero right now and supposed to be 41 below in a few hours! I sure wish I was a penguin right now or a polar bear lol

My love hate relationship for Minnesota is way on the hate side right now! lol

My sister called from California a couple hours ago and was at Venice beach and it was in the 70's, what a brat! ;)

Well I just wanted to share that with everyone my daughter's are up in my bedroom with not sure what getting ready to spoil me for a bit lol. I hope everyone is having a good weekend!

Love and hugs, Robyn

Photo Entry part 2 (Lots again)

My bedroom. I think when I shared pictures awhile ago of my place I didn't add the bedroom because hubby was sleeping. WELL he was sleeping here also so I snapped the pics quickly lol. So do not mind the unmade bed lol


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Yes we have a 360 in our bedroom lol! but the Naruto game is hubbies son's game.
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I love this elephant I use for my rings ;) bad picture but that's ok
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My favorite perfume in the whole wide world! It smells so good! I bought my hubby this cologne before Christmas and had the bottle engraved lol
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The rest of them get stored here...
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Look at these banana's both my hubby and kids were like "Wow those are double banana's" lol
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Best lotion ever!
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This is a pic of a picture but I wanted to show this to you. At this age in my sister's life my mom was battling her addictions really bad! I took care of my sister for extended periods of times and I know you cannot see all my face BUT you can see my smile and to me that is love ;)
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Random photo entry part 1 (LOTS of pics)

My sister who does all the amazing stuff with clay gave me this for Valentine's Day last night. It is so pretty! Inside it says, " I smile because you are my sister, I laugh because there is nothing you do about it!" I love it ;)

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This is sort of my little love corner lol! The cool colorful dude is a picture my daughter Lexi made for me, the hanging is just something I live by and teach my kids the same kind of love, the two boxes are flowers from my grandma's funeral that I kept. When I am missing her I look at them. I have talked to even on days that I really miss her! I ALWAYS miss her, but some days I sure wish she were still here for our "chats" we used to have. There is one really sweet card from my hubby, that beauty is poem my daughter Rayanna wrote and of course a dreamcatcher :) Oh can't forget my daughters rattlehead she made in school lol. And now my pretty heart from my sister!

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The next few are of my hosrse I got as presents since we have moved. I cannot wait to add them to the rest of them!

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My daughter and I made these photo boards a couple months ago. See my free Noodle's and Company bowls? We still haven't used lol

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See the topper on that candle? My daughter Lexi gave it to me for Christmas. Isn't it beautiful?

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A new gum I found last night that is good lol

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Flowers on my dining room table that I think are beautiful!

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I have always believed that happy, positive things surrounding my family helps keep the mood good :)

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Joshie nigh night last night :)

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Wednesday, February 6, 2008

BAD start to a vacation! (Mild AC in bottom tag)

I think I told all of you that my sister was going to LA this month for a week. Well a day and a half ago she boarded her plane with her B/F at 9:00 PM. RIGHT before the plane was getting ready to take off her B/F had a panic attack and decided he couldn't fly so he got up and made them let him off the plane. My 18 yr sister had the whole trip already payed for including a really nice hotel in Beverly Hills and a couple different things they planned to do there already payed for also. She went ahead ALONE to LA. She called my mom crying, my mom called me. We booked my mom a flight yesterday to go meet her and spend the week there with her so she isn't alone.

Well after we got my mom's flight booked my sister called at 1 AM and her plane had landed. I talked to her for a bit and we hung up so she could go get her suitcases. She was supposed to call back. She called again at 2:30 AM and her suitcases and her B/F were ALL LOST!  So here she is in LAX with her purse, no meds she has to take, not even a pair of shoes because she wore her slippers on the plane, and a pillow. She went and filed the paperword she needed for her lost luggage and grabbed a cab to go check into her hotel. The hotel is 11 miles from LAX, I talked to her while she was in the cab. Her cab driver barely spoke english and for some reason it took them almost 40 minutes to get to her hotel. She FINALLY got to her upper class hotel that was not cheap by any means in her slippers, by herself at around 3:10 AM. It really was 1:10 there but here in MN it was after 3. OK whew she made it to her hotel lol. We hung up I went to bed.

I get up yesterday to go and take my mom to the airport. We get there with plenty of time for her to board her plane. I hugged and kissed her and she was off. My sister had woke up and still had no luggage. The airport said it was still in Minneapolis??? So she was going to check again when she went at 4:20 to meet my mom to see if it had been found yet. First off, my sister forgot about the time change of two hours and was still following our time. She called me at 1:30 California time and was in a cab on her way to meet my mom at the airport. She called me and I said "Uh, honey it is only 1:30 there" lol. So she had the cab driver turn around and went back to her hotel.

She then left again to meet my mom at theright time this time and you would not believe this! She called when my mom arrived while she was standing in the office to see if her luggage had been found (which it had! It was enroute to her hotel) and my mom's suitcases were MISSING now! Can you imagine? Both of them had their luggage lost lol! They took it in great spirits though. My mom was cracking up at the irony that here she was flying out in 12 hours notice to meet my sister so she wasn't alone and her suitcase gets lost also! Unreal! I would say SOMEONE in the Mpls airport has NO business working in the baggage claim area.


I am still so sick! But I think today I may be a tiny bit better. I am so run down. Have any of you ever noticed that when us mom's are sick we just keep going because we have to, but when your hubby gets sick he is dying?? lmao Why is that?

My daughter had a blast on her trip last week! She took two disposable cameras full of pictures. I got them developed this weekend and on Sunday when she got home from her dad's I took her to get a scrapbook and scrapbooking stuff for the trip. She has finished 6 pages and it is so cute so far!

Well I am off to make some tags and then go run some errands.  My heart is going out to all of the people that were impacted by the storms and tornados yesterday! Please keep all of them in your prayers. Also for the families of the victims who lost their live's! Crazy weather going on all over the place. Mother Nature is busy!

Hugs, Robyn



Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Thank you and My picks for the Nice Matters Award ;)

Photobucket Photobucket

I would like to thank Chrissie from Almost Paradise for choosing me for the Nice Matters Award! Chrissie is the coolest woman and I have just recently gotten to know her. Her family means EVERYTHING to her and it shows in every aspect of her life! She is also the best grandma to her cute as can be grandson Kyan. She shares her daily life in stories and pictures and her love for her friends and family shines through every time she writes an entry! Thanks a ton hun for picking me ;)

I would also like to thank Linda from Lost in my own Thoughts for also choosing me for a Nice Matters Award! Linda is another awesome woman I have been lucky enough to know through Jland! Her love for life is amazing! She is always doing these awesome things for other people. She has a passion for life and it shows in her journal! Her family means everything to her. She is also the best grandma around to Jocelyn who is cute as a button! Thanks a ton to you also hun for picking me!


I was blown away that two of the sweetest women around chose me for this ;) What a great feeling! You both made my day! Thanks a ton! It is really hard for me to choose just 5 and wish I could give this award out to all of the wonderful women I have met here through my main journal and my tag journal. I also am not going to include the two who picked me because I love them both and want to share the niceness with other's :)  Here is my 5 picks in no specific order....


Lisa Jo (whose journal is private but I think most of you who visit me also visit her) is an absolutely amazing woman in my eyes! She is very real and has taken alot of hits from some nasty people who have nothing better to do with thier time then start problems in other people's lives. She is an absolutely loving, dedicated mother to two beautiful children. She LOVES her pets as they are her own children! She works her butt off and has a way of writing a story that will have me cracking up. I love this woman! Her and I have been through some similar situations in life! 


Nelishia from Praying and Believing is a tough cookie I tell ya! This lady has been through SO much in life and never gave up. I feel a connection to Ne and feel honored to know her! She is a very spiritual woman with a heart of gold. She is another awesome grandma to her sweet Katie! She is entering a new chapter in her life that is so muchly deserved. A life full of love and happiness, yet still deals with daily stress like the rest of us. I love her and cannot wait to meet her one day. But will have to wait til the snow thaws so she doesn't freeze on spot once off the airplane! lol


Lisa  from Please Don't take Life for Granted is another amazing woman to me! She deals with so much everyday and always tries to keep smiling! She is very real and loves her family so so much! I love hearing her stories and seeing her awesome videos she takes of her grandson and kids! And if you hear her talk she has the sweetest voice ;)


Joyce from Treasure Chest Full of Life is one of the most sincere people I have ever known! Her love for her family is so apparent in every entry she ever writes! She is a wonderful wife, mother and grandmother! She has a heart of gold! I have not known Joyce for that long but I love what I read when she writes an entry! She truly is a genuine soul!

Emily from Emily's Purple Pages is my 5th pick. She is an amazing mother to Ms. O and a dedicated wife. Her husband was deployed and she shared her days with Jland while he was away. She made it and did a great job while he was away! She is another genuine, huge hearted lady who I admire!



Friday, February 1, 2008

Mild AC to some?

Hi everyone! I am not sure if I am supposed to copy and past stuff from Craigslist here so I am leaving out bits and peices of it so not to bring the whole ad here. But OMG I was cracking up when I read this lol!

 $900 / 4br - nice doble wide home for rent at raibow valley in ..............

 Nice doblewide movilhome 4 bedrooms big back yard and front yard for more info...........


So anyways the first thought that popped into my head that I said to my brother was....

"Can I please please please rent a house from this dumbass??"

Ok sorry maybe it isn't that funny, but I got a kick out of it! lol

Gnite everyone!

Hugs, Robyn