Monday, January 28, 2008

A video of my son & daughter this morning leaving

I am sorry this video is of my son on the toilet, but you can only see his face and I filmed it dark. I wanted you all to hear his new "quiet talk" lol. For years when he makes noises he screams or screeches and now he has this new little voice that sounds so sweet!


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queeniemart said...

i love the luggage and the boots!! She is a cutie....i loved hearing your son too....i cant imagine how happy it makes you to hear him talk to you.
LOVE, lisa

nelishianatl said...

She still seems so small to be going away but I bet she feels all grown up.  I'd be worried too without her having a cell phone.  

Your little angel boy has the sweetest voice.  He is communicating any way he can right now.  I liked hearing you in the background.


swmpgrly said...

it is a cute little voice

therealslimemmy said...

your son is so adorable I enjoyed getting to hear both of you.
give him an extra hug from me.
your daughter looks so excited about her trip as well! hope she is having fun!

silvershivazero said...

Did Ray remember to pack the kitchen sink??? Eh.....Who am I to talk? When I come to spend time with you, I got 3 times that much! I hope she has a blast like I did, oh so long ago!  And
OMG...Joshie sounds SOOOOO CUTE!!! I hope he does that more than his screams, man they can hurt my ears.

nay0114 said...

Cute. Dang where is your daughter moving to? LOL
Love the pics.
Take care, Chrissie