Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Randomness in fives

Hi everyone this entry is going to be kinda strange lol! BUT if any of you think it is cool try doing the same in your journal and let me know so I can come see your answers and pics ;)

I am going to write five random and  I mean really random quirks about myself......

1. I take hormones because I have not had a regular period in over 9 years. The hormones make a couple really annoying hairs grow under my chin that I tweeze regular lol! I told me hubby and kids to PROMISE me when I am old that they will make sure to never let it grow and to pluck them lmao


2. I make my kids and hubby tell me and each other we love each other when someone is leaving the house. You never know if it could be the last time.


3. In my house if someone sneezes it is rude to not say "Bless you"


4. I cannot say dyslexia it sounds like this everytime even when I try to say it right lol... Dickslexia. No LIE! lmao


5.I plan to open a tanning salon someday in the nearer than later future


Now I am going to go into my photobucket and find 5 totally random pictures to share.

This is what we do to waste time waiting at doctors offices for my son lmao. It was a family effort ;)

Sticker on the back of my truck

Long hair and pregnant with my son lol no idea what myself, Ray, or my dog were doing but we seem busy lol

My hand a year and a half ago lol


Not sure if I like sharing my toes on the internet, but it was a strange picture that stood out in my album lmao so my toes a year and a half ago ;) Love the pink on my toes lol

Five Random things I cannot live without.....(Not your kids, spouses, pets, ect) Weird stuff.....


2.Dice and cards to play games


4.scrunchie or hair tie


Five random ingredients I could not live without in the kitchen.......

1. Lowrys seasoning salt

2. Honey

3. Worchestire Sauce

4. Bella mushrooms

5.Olive oil

Five kitchen items I admit to using in my kitchen......

1.Magic Bullet (I LOVE IT!)

2. George Foreman grill

3.Wolfgang Puck oven (It has many many purposes in my kitchen)

4.Press and Seal

5. Plinx (the disposal air freshener lol)

Five most important traits in a friend.....



3.Down to earth

4.Able to speak mind

5. Nonjudgemental

My Five biggest turn off's in people......


2.Spoiled (I mean the bratty, turn their nose up at you type of spoiled lol)

3.Ego is to big. To in love with themselves to even notice what is going on around them!

4. People that overtalk you and answer the questions THEY asked you for you. Because they know everything and no matter WHAT you say they have a better story or know what your talking about. It's like why can't you just shut up and listen to something other than your own voice once? Or just say "I am sorry that you sick today" instead of telling me that your toe hurts also so you know what I mean?

You can see this one bothers me lmao! I bet we all know the person I am talking about if what I typed made sense lol

5.Distance, meaning afraid to hug someone or sit close to someone. Someone who shys away from physical contact.

Five things I want to do before I die.....(again the random things, not the family, friends, stuff)

1. Travel the USA in an RV

2.Walk barefoot on a tropical island

3.Get a tattoo

4. Go to Jamaica with my whole and I mean whole family including in laws ;)

5.Buy and restore and sell old pieces of furniture you can find cheap at garage sales, craigslist, thrift stores, ect

Well I think I will end this now and see if anyone else plays along. Hope you enjoyed my 5 randoms of randomness lol

Hugs, Robyn





nelishianatl said...

I just did a Meme but this one was way cooler. One of the five things I want to do before I die is meet YOU.  

I've missed talking with you online.  I liked your painted toes. and my hair was that long just last year before I cut it shorter.  It was thinning out after I got really sick and just looked ragged.

Hugs and love and miss you like crazy.  Write me please.


nay0114 said...

WOW now that was some random things. I enjoyed reading them all. Glad you're sharing. I like the polish and flowers on your toes to cool. I'd need more energy to complete this one.
Take care and Hugs, Chrissie

queeniemart said...

i just may do this...i do not like MEME's but yours is so unique!!! I just LOL'd at thinking of your DH tweezering your chin. I agree with traits in friends....i LOVE your random pics too.
Love, lisa jo

seraphoflove9001 said...

This is a cool meme! I loved it! :o)

brendaspears97 said...

You are so cool. But when I saw the Magic Bullet...I must my mind was somewhere else...lol


swmpgrly said...

I have been pondering getting the bullet

tpiez4me said...

Nice!!  Maybe I'll try this.  I keep forgetting about this journal....bad me!