Monday, January 28, 2008

Happy Monday to you


Hi everyone! I thought I would sit down and do an entry while I have the time. It is FINALLY warmed up but just for today lol! It is 40 degrees here today and let me tell you after it being 20 below zero for almost a week it feels like a heatwave! We actually had our patio door open for some fresh air all afternoon. Pretty sad when 40 feels warm!

This morning at 7:30 we dropped my daughter off at a church near us and she is off to Long Lake with her whole class and two other classes in her Atrium. Her school is 5th & 6th graders only and they have 2500 students. Every year they took this 3 day trip to Long Lake where they share a cabin with about 18 other girls or boys and do a ton of cool outdoorsy type of activities. She actually earned her trip free, which usually costs 120 dollars for selling enough Sally Foster stuff at the beginning of the school year. She was proud of herself :) But I guarentee you we spent at least that buying all her supplies she needed! They have to go prepared for below zero weather and need the whole warm winter get up gear. Did you know we had a hard time finding long johns that worked for her? We finally found some thermal pajamas that work just fine.

She has been so excited for this trip all year!  Here is a list of things they will be doing from today until Wednesday.

Learn about the concepts of pH & acidity, causes and effects of acid rain

Food, water and shelter (the essential components of habitat) by an active physical game

Orientation hike

Learn Wolf calls

The basics how to not get lost in the woods

Star gazing

Cross Country skiing

Predator/Prey activities

Predator/Prey game

Predator calls

Snow shoeing

Plastic screaming, they dump your typical garbage out and learn about the wasteful habits of our throw away society

Trust games

Snow caves


Firebuilding meal. She will be partnered with one other person and the two of them together have to get thier fire going and figure out something to cook

It is about a 4 hour drive total to get where they were going. She should have arrived at around noon. I bet she is having a blast! I am so happy it warmed up for her to be gone doing so much outdoor stuff for the next couple days. They were NOT allowed to bring thier cell phones and that I didn't like! I wish they would have at least let each student let thier parents know they made it safe and sound.

As a parent there is this unnerving feeling that only another parent could understand. One time in our old house when Ray was 8 she had went to a friends around the corner to play. I told her that was the ONLY place she was to go. We left to go grocery shopping and stopped at her friends to pick her up and the mom had NO idea where my daugher or hers where? HUH? Excuse me...!!!! So for the 10 minutes it took us to find them (at the park! another block away) my heart was racing, I felt like I couldn't catch my breathe. I knew she was probably ok, but because she wasn't where I told her to be I got worried and panicky! Needless to say we found her in one piece, I hugged her and told to NEVER do that again. This same mother then told her daughter she was not allowed to play with my daughter anymore because she was Indian, and I was rude to her!? I didn't think I was rude, I was very straight forward. I am sorry when my daughter is supposed to be at YOUR house playing and I get there to pick her up and you have no idea where the hell they are did you want me to be polite to you?? I think not! lol



Lets see, what else can I talk about?

My sister called me at 10:30 this morning. She moved into this beautiful brand new executive type townhouse 3 months ago. The owners got foreclosed on and the Deputy Sheriff came to her house this morning to serve her with eviction papers! The place is beautiful, but when she moved in because of location being a rough area in North Minneapolis lots of people were worried about her. So now today she is scrambling to find a new place. I searched Craigslist for her and found a townhouse really close to mine and very similar. I think after she leaves the place she is looking at now she will be coming to see this unit. We may end up neighbors til this summer.

My son got home from school an hour ago and is getting sick. He is so hoarse! We will see how he acts tonight. He may not be going to school tomorrow. His bus driver said he didn't make a peep on the bus! Which is really unusual for him he usually has lots to say even though he doesn't talk lol

My sister and her B/F are going to LA for a week on Feb. 4th. I am considering going for a couple days because we could see our daughter also. I am not sure yet. If we go it will be a last minute planned thing so who knows right now.

Last month we got Noodles & Company for dinner. Once home and sitting down at the table to eat my hubby took a bite and had a circle piece of cardboard in his mouth! He was so mad! He found 2 others when he looked. He drove back and showed them and filed a complaint. We just got a letter yesterday that they found out it was the punchouts for thier mushrooms. How they ended up in our food bowl was beyond me. So they sent us 5 free bowls. I think we will go back tonight and see if they can get it right.

My hubby's son and his buddy have been over since Friday. They did not have school today so we will bring them home after dinner this evening. Hopefully we won't be chewing any more cardboard lol




I wanted to end this entry with a cool story from my Community newsletter for my reservation. The story is about the month of January.

As winter turned it's coldest, in January or Wi-tehi, the Hard Moon, huntingcamps turned toward home. Animals now were too difficult to catch and too lean to make the catch worth the effort. If needed, the Dakota would use dogsleds to bring home the meat and tipi through high drifts.

They came home to camp near their summer lodges and caches of stored food. Here they settled in to wait out the rest of winter. The men ice fished and caught small game, smoked pipes, and rested. Arrows were made, and bows and tools repaired.

Women took time to embroider by firelight. Elders schooled and entertained the children. There was so much to learn and remember about the animals and plants, hunting and religion, morals, and people's history.

If the hunt had not been successful and the weather was blizzardy and cold, life was very hard. Ohiyesa recalled, "We were once three days without much fire and all of this time it stormed violently." Another time "we had nothing to eat for sever days. I well remember the six small birds which constituted the breakfast for six families one morning; and then we had no dinner or supper to follow! What a relief that was to me--although I had only a small wing of a small bird for my share!"


We changed our minds and I am cooking pork chops and mashed potatoes for dinner so I should run and get dinner going now. I hope you all have a great week!

Love and Hugs, Robyn


swmpgrly said...

If that mother couldnt understand your concerns then she is not the mother she ought to be.

nelishianatl said...

Most of my children's friend's parents thought I was overprotective because I am the way you are with my children and there under reaction and lack of concern was considered normal and ideal. I would have had what we call here in the South, a hissy fit. She don't know rude until you've messed with my kids.  Rejected because she's Indian huh?  Now, that's original.  I'm so happy for your daughter being able to go.  I wish you'd have let me know about the long johns for I think they're easily obtained here in this region and I'd sent her some.  This is a trip she'll remember her whole life.  My son won a trip to Minn. to go to French Camp in a similar place.  He's like Mom, you just have to go there.  No place like it anywhere.  Now that I know you, that may be a possibility.  One of the things your daughter will be doing you called PLASTIC SCREAMING.  Strange name.  I hope she learns skills that will last her a lifetime.
Glad to see you posting,
Love ya GF,


queeniemart said...

yuck on the cardboard.....but i am glad you get 5 free bowls.....i hope your sister gets a new safe so so glad your daughter went on that trip....when she gets home, boy, she is going to fill your ears for days to come, lol.
love,lisa jo

therealslimemmy said...

i hope that your daughter has a good time on the trip sounds like so much fun. i can remember going to those with school and girlscouts and always had a blast. !
I hope that your sister is able to find a new place soon that is too bad!