Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Brrrrr I'm Freeezzinnggggg!


I told you all about a month and half ago that my brothers pug Chaos died. Well last night around 5:30 his other pug Buster passed away. They got the two of them as babies they were brothers and buds for life! Buster has been fighting lung cancer for about 2 years now and held on alot longer than most thought he would after his brother passed away. It is ironic that my brother and his wife got these two as a pair right before they got married and withing 2 months of them being divorced they both passed away. It is truly the end of an era.



Remember the heat wave I was talking about yesterday? Yeah well it is now almost 40 below zero again here!! And windy, last I read the winds were 30-40 MPH. OH MAN is it cold through your bones! We have space heater in basement on, fireplace going on middle level.



I bet my daughter is having a blast BUT she is 3 hours north of the cities and it is even colder there. Almost all of the activities they do are outdoor ones. I sure hope she is staying warm! Last night at 9:30 her nurse called me from up at the camp. Worried me to death at first because there was supposed to be no contact period. First thing she told me "Don't worry, Rayanna is fine" lol. She was calling because for some reason the med form that her GI doc had to fax to her school for her to be able to take her meds had the wrong dosage wrote on it. So when Ray went to get her meds last night she was supposed to take 3. She takes 3 in the morning, and 3 at night for her Ulcerative Colitis. Well the paper said 2 so her nurse had to call to check with me. At first she sounded weary of giving her the right amount because the doctor screwed up the paperwork. I told her UNLESS you want her to have a flare up there I would suggest she take the right dosage, which isthree not two!



I think everyone who reads this journal knows that I make tags and make lots of them for other people. I just realized I have NEVER one time added my own name to any tag I have made. What's up with that?? lol

My son is still coughing away and getting sicker. He did go to school today but we will see about tomorrow. I am pretty sure I have Strep throat again and may end up taking him and I to the doctor's tomorrow to get tested. We pass illnesses around this house like we are playing catch lol!

I saw two meme's I think I will go snag and do shortly here. I am not going anywhere tonight it is to damn cold! I had some errands to run but will wait until tomorrow to get them done. None of it was that important so no biggie.

I showered about an hour ago and am STILL sitting here with the towel on my head lol. Can you say lazy?? That's ok my house is spotless, laundry is done, dinner is done so I have earned the right to be lazy ALL evening ;) lol

Well I am going to snag memes and do them. I hope everyone else is staying warm!

Hugs, Robyn


nelishianatl said...

You are sick again? Now I am worried.  I hate to hear about the pugs dying. That's an unheard of temperature where I live.  It's not meant for humans.  I would never survive and I hope your daughter does ok in it.  You really got on the ball with getting the house done, now help with mine please, lol jk.  You deserve to have some time to yourself now.

Stay as warm as possible,


queeniemart said...

awesome pug tag! i am so very truly sorry those precious babies are both gone.....go ahead and think of yourself and make a pretty tag for Robyn!! You are the most giving person, ON EARTH!
I pray you and your neither have strep. GET to that doc today! its so damn cold here in Ohio i never want to go outside again until it is 80 degrees! LOL
I hope Rayanna is having a GREAT time!


swmpgrly said...

oh so sad on the pugs but at least they are together again.
spring is coming...lol

nay0114 said...

Oh no hope you all get better soon. Strep is awful. Poor babies the last one probably died from a broken heart being without the other. That is crazy how they got divorced and the the pups died. You and the memes I haven't had time to do them. LOL at you and never putting your name on your own tags. You would think you'd be making them for yourself first. Stay warm, get well over there and hope your daughter is having a great time.
Take care, Chrissie