Tuesday, December 4, 2007

It's beginning to look alot like Christmas........

Hiya everyone! Two days ago it looked like this......

Now today it is snowing again pretty hard! We are supposed to get 6 more inches by tonight. Then again on Thursday it will start again. Gotta love Minnesota!! lol

I am still not feeling good. I am still going with the motions everyday but have some major pain in my right stomach area all the way through my back.

I did get my house semi decorated two days ago now we just need a tree. Slow moving this year! Usually I would have already had my tree up. I am hoping this weekend we will get it set up. I also have not even started Christmas shopping yet this year!! I am going to try to get a ton of it done this weekend coming up also.

I did get my hubby a really nice watch that was intended for Christmas but I already let him open it lol

I am getting Rayanna and Josh both nice flat screen TV's this year. My daughter saved up her money and just bought a Nintendo Wii so a nice big TV will be great for her.

I have a folder named trip mail in my aol mail and have been just adding emails to it for the last 14 days. I have over 1000 emails to go through, with 200 sitting in my inbox also! I am so behind!

I will take more pictures outside later tonight. It is coming down pretty hard right now!

Well that's it for today. Just a quick hello. I hope everyone is staying warm wherever you are.

Hugs, Robyn


swmpgrly said...

oh my we just got a dusting

nay0114 said...

I'm jealous!! I was just looking outside nothing. The weatherman says we're under a snow ADVISORY big deal. Sorry you're not feeling well. You sound like me my get up and go has got up and went. I got the tree up finally took me like three days. Got a few presents wrapped. Still haven't bought everything. My son put the lights on the house yesterday. Then helped me do two trees outside. I wanted a Wii, but they are sold out around here so I told the kids wait until after Christmas and I'll get one.
Take care, Chrissie

queeniemart said...

PLEASE keep the snow with you, OK?! LOL   We have 6 inches on the ground today...freezing rain last night.....a Wiii sounds awesome.....everyone seems to have them. We have not done anything for Christmas here.....not in the mood. Be careful with that pain...your appendix is on the lower right of your tummy and will be accompanied with bad back pain if there is a problem.
Love, lisa