Monday, December 31, 2007

Happy New Year's!!

Happy New Years to everyone a few hours early! I hope everyone has a blast tonight! I just got all the decorations put up and am ready for the party. Actually I am off to shower when done writing this, then I will be ready. We have 16 people coming here tonight. I just made 3 pans of jello shots a couple hours ago and we should all have a blast tonight ;) It is hard to believe the year is already almost over. This year has flown by!

All of you that are going out and about tonight BE SAFE! Do not drink and drive if you have to please take a cab or have a sober driver!  Have a blast and I love ya all ;)


Hugs, Robyn



pharmolo said...

Happy New Year, Robyn

swmpgrly said...

happy new year and dont choke on the

nay0114 said...

JELLO SHOTS and I wasn't invited...
Hope you guys have a great time. Happy New Year and I want to thank you for all the beautiful graphics you make and share with all of us. My journal is prettier because of you. Everyone is like in awe of your graphics.. that's the comments I get.
Take care and Hugs, Chrissie #8

queeniemart said...

Wow, i wish i had been at your party! Sounds like a blast!