Saturday, December 15, 2007

Going private

I found out today that some people that have not been a part of my life in a long time have been reading this journal. Someone who took it upon herself to let my 18 year old daughter know that I talked of her in MY journal. I have said before I do not use my journal often to air my dirty laundry and when I do speak of issues with different people in my life that are having problems, or that I think are making bad choices I do not go into alot of detail.

I use this as a venting space and will not keep this journal public anymore after tomorrow. I would like to know how and why another 18 year old daughter of a ex of one of our best friends feels she can read MY stuff and share it with anyone, let alone to stir up trouble with my daughter!! I guess I do remember now that back when my daughter was sick the ex I am speaking of did send me a email because she had read on my journal that she was in the hospital (which I appreciated but never responded to) but at that time over a year ago it never dawned on me that she would share that with her daughter who is the same age as ours, nor did it dawn on me that a year later they are still reading it. I would have went private a long time ago had I have known.

If any of you want to keep reading this main journal of mine please leave me a comment and let me know so that I can make sure to add you to my list. Otherwise I will go private and see what happens. For the time being no new names will be added to my list of approved people to read. I will only allow those of you that have commented regular to be added. I have heard to many stories of lurkers that somehow find their way in even when they go private. It will not happen to mine. I only have a few regular readers and you will be the ones able to come to my private journal.

Thanks much Drea & Angie for making something that truly was a place I could vent and turning into something I have to hide!

I am sorry if this entry sounds really bitchy but I am frustrated! I do not like getting unexpected emails from my daughter who is half way across the country letting me know she had "Read what I wrote about her". I have enough drama in my real life and REFUSE to get involved in childish online drama.

I will close my journal and not come back before I start to deal with the online bullshit.



pharmolo said...

I'm a lurker, who doesn't comment regularly, but I don't engage in stupid on-line bitching. If you're willing, I'd like to continue reading.


sharonna1955 said...

hi Robin also a lurker who dont comment much.. haave not to long ago found you and so enjoy your writing and id like to be allowed to continue to read if you dont mind ...thank you in advance ....Sue

scotthlori said...

Sorry to hear you are having problems.  Folks really do need to get a life . . .  maybe a new years resolution?!  LOL

Oh well, I've been a lurker as well ... and I have them at my journal too but no trouble makers so far.  *fingers crossed*

Best of luck to ya.


swmpgrly said...

Its really a damn shame that you have to do that.
This is supose to be your space to use and speak as you will freely and without criticism or others using your words in a heartless hurtful manner... sorry but that crap pisses me off!
I hope you add me to your private journal but will understand if you choise not to.
I hope everything is ok with you and your daughter.

silvershivazero said...

Wow sis....drama, drama, drama. Will you please remember to include mom and me? Pretty please, with sugar on top :)

rdautumnsage said...

Please add me to your private journal as well hon. I would love to continue reading you. I absolutely hate it when people feel the need to take our heartfelt writing and make an issue of it. This journal is suppose to be yours and yours alone, to speak your mind and share your joy, sorrow, tears and laughter. I'm sorry someone has been hell bent on ruining that for you. (Hugs) Indigo

sweetnessk71 said...

I am a lurker lol I admit it.  I do read alot of journals here but don't comment alot.  I understand why you don't want to add ones like me but just wanted to let you know that not all lurkers are bad lurkers.  take care and happy holidays ;)


kirkbyj05 said...

Like Guido I am a lurker from time to time unless you need me.  I think it is so sad that you feel you have to go private to write about your life and thoughts.  I hope I never have to do that any time in the future.
I would like to keep in touch and would appreciate your thinking about me being on your private list.
We do need people around who can be genuine sounding boards for our problems or worries when they rear their heads.b  Or share the happier moments too.

queeniemart said...

i do NOT understand why anyone lurks in any journal in J Land. If someone wants to read your private business they need to say "hey i am so and so and i CARE about your life" and comment. Watch who you let in. You know who your friends are......going private is a good thing, trust me. You then control all who read and know your life.

carolsixpac said...

oppsy honey---well I was at your creative corner and somehow ended up on this--but its now 2008 -dont know if I am suppossed to be here or not......but u are an amazing woman,wife and mom and I hope its ok that I continue reading.