Saturday, December 29, 2007

Checking in :)


Hi everyone. Christmas was great! I have a ton more pics to upload and was going to make a couple different slide shows, but for some reason the first 20 took forever to upload so I am just adding this one for now.

Our meal was awesome, spending time together was awesome, everyone got some great presents! I added pictures of the ornaments that my sister in law made for all of us this year. I am not sure if any of you remember but last year she made purses, beads, and dream catcher ornaments. She is so great at what she does! I told her she should make these ornaments every year and sell them at craft fairs because they are way to cute ;)

I told you in a previous entry that my hubby is a scrooge with a capital S! I know my sister in law reads this journal so I am mainly directing this at her ;) Thank you so much for being my ear! Thank you for calling and offering to come early to help! I realized I have done a ton of entries about people in my life that mean alot to me and I am not sure if I have ever done that for her.

She is my sister and always will be! I love that girl as much as I do my own sister! She has a heart of gold! When I started getting sick with my kidney problems I was told she immediately no questions asked said "I will give her one of mine if she needs it!". Who that dosn't have a heart of gold offers something so unselfishly without a question in her head? That is priceless, she is priceless. So Ms. Ally I am just telling you that I love you and appreciate the person you are in my life always!!!

Yes I am still having some major problems in my stomach and kidney area. I am run down but life must go on. My symptoms have not gotten better yet. It has been over 8 weeks now! Who knows what it will end up being that after 3 rounds of antibiotics still hasn't cleared up. Time will tell.

Christmas day was amazing at my aunt's house! My daughter Alexis came home with me that evening and has been here since. I am so happy to have her here! I think I will be bringing her home on New Year's Day.

All of the kids got a ton of gift cards so we have spent two different days out shopping and using them. My sister bought me a Tiffany bracelet and a Victoria Secrets giftcard. I looked at the mall and wanted to order some clothes, so I just came home last night and ordered everything online instead. I had just went shopping there about a week before Christmas and got everything I wanted then lol so ordering online worked out best because their catalog items are not all in the stores.

My kids got giftcards to Best Buy, Target, Steve & Barry's, and ToysRus, Aeropostel, and Limited Too. They all got some really cool stuff at all of them! I also got a big ole giftcard to Bed Bath & Beyond from my mom. I have no idea what to get from there. I am thinking a new set of pots and pans lol! Boy am I fun ;)

Our daughter Amanda wasn't able to make it home for Christmas so we didn't see her or our grandson. I miss them! I have not seen them in months. I wish she were still here in MN closer to us.

My mom was not able to make it here on Christmas eve that was a bummer! She caught a really bad cold the night before. She is also very upset with my sister and choices she is making in her life right now and is stepping away because she does not support her and her b/f's relationship.

My brother went home the day before Christmas and stayed home this year with his kids instead of coming here. He is pretty down but doing ok. I hope next year he will come again and be with all of us. I talk to him nightly for hours and give him pep talks lol. Doing my sisterly duty ;) He will be ok. The hard thing for him was being gone from his house for 2 months then going home to a emtpy house. He is out buying furniture right now I think. It is driving him crazy to not have the house look like a house. I think that his divorce was probably the right thing to happen, yet it side swiped him. Maybe because he had gotten comfortable and was content to stay and just pretend everything was ok.  I do not think he ever would have left. His ex wife made the move. He found out she is seeing someone already and that hurt him badly! In talking a couple nights ago he could not remember what color eyes his ex had. I told him "and that is why you two are not together anymore" lol. I told him the day you forgot may have been the day you two started ending.

It has been snowing like crazy in MN. We get everything plowed and bam here is some more snow! On New Year's Day it is supposed to be below zero! BRRRR! Today I think it is 18 degrees.

My sister got her implants two days ago. She already had a C cup and gravity was still way working for her because she is 18. We all told her we thought one day when she is older that she will regret going to a D cup but she was determined to get it done and did as soon as she could. She is actually doing really well pain wise. I have heard it is very painful. She did the surgery where they go in through her armpits to place the implants and maybe that makes a difference I don't know. Either way she has been up and about, shopping one day, cleaning, watching TV. So she is lucky there that she is not feeling the pain alot have had.

Let's see what else? I think I covered most basis. It is looking like on New Years we will be having a party here. We will play poker, mexican dominoes, the WII, karoke. Should be fun. I considered taking us all to the Dells again to that same hotel we went to a few months ago, but have decided not to. It is to cold and is not as fun in the winter as the summer. But next summer we will definately go again.

My mom is pushing my brother and I hard to go to Mexico and Jamaica with her soon. I am considering lol! They both just went and renewed their passports, I need to go with my family and get passports. Once we have them then we can plan a trip.

Well I should get going, we have Chinese being delivered shortly.

Love and hugs, Robyn


swmpgrly said...

happy holidays

silvershivazero said...

*Sniff*sniff* You are gonna make me cry, You know I would do anything for my Robyn.  Ya'll hear that, she's my Robyn, But she's such a wonderful woman, I'll share :) I'm glad you had a good Christmas.

I love you too Robyn, I don't know what I'd do without someone as wonderful as you in my life.

Thank you,

am4039 said...

I'm sorry your mom got sick but it would be fun to go away. Love all the pictures and it looks like a great time.

queeniemart said...

i worry, truly, about you and how you have felt for months....i pray it gets taken care of soon....LOVE the pics.....i am so glad you have a friend in your SIL....those ornaments are amazing.....your kids look so are always on my mind.
LOVE, lisa

tish852tlc said...

The pictures were great.  I can't wait until you upload the rest of them.  I'm glad that you had a great Christmas and it looks as if your family enjoyed themselves as well.  Hugs.  Tish G.

nay0114 said...

WOW... I'm like exhausted now and you sit there sick, make graphics and do all this stuff and never complain. I hope you start feeling better soon. Love all the pictures. OMGosh those ornaments are awesome. She makes them? You all are a talented family.  She definately should be selling to the public. Did you see the ornaments I put in my journal I bought them in the mall... kind of the same I paid $9.99 a piece for them and they added whatever writing I wanted. I remember that tree and presents so pretty you used them in a tag. Aedan looks like he's gonna get his own gifts you all are to he's precious. Robyn I look forward to getting to know you better in the future.
Take care and Hugs, Chrissie