Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Pics of new place

Hi everyone! There is going to be ALOT of pictures in this entry. I hope everyone is well. It is getting so cold in Minnesota. It also has been raining for 4 days, so gloomy! Tomorrow night we are going over to my moms for dinner and to carve pumpkins. My kids are out of school until Monday now so we need to find stuff to keep us busy.

My sons 9th birthday is on Friday. I cannot believe he is going to be 9!!! In some ways it feels as if it has been 20 years, yet he is still in the body of a 4 year old and at the age level of around 3 so it is a trip that he is so close to being in the double digits.

Last year this time Josh LOVED Rolie Polie Olie, this year his obsession is Happy Feet. He will watch that movie over and over again. He gets really upset when he doesn't get to watch it in a day. He will come to you and do this little Happy Feet dance when he is trying to drag us to turn it on or restart it lol.

I have kind of been in a rut lately. I am still going with the motions and doing what needs to be done, and putting on a happy face for others. But I am tired. I am feeling out of sorts. I have regrets in life that cannot be changed now, but had I have known now what I was truly capable of handling in life as a woman I would have done some things differently.

Living life with a child with severe special needs, and a bi polar husband who is not medicated gets so hard sometimes. I have so much weight on my shoulders to keep the peace that it tends to knock the wind out of me sometimes. I am going to leave it at that for tonight. Just needed to vent a bit.

The pictures I am adding are of my new place I just moved into. The last three are something fun I thought maybe my readers could join in and do. I am adding a couple pics of my fridge and freezer to see what I have in it out of boredom lmao. I am daring enough to show you mine can I see yours? lol

You will see that we have been buying yogurt like crazy for the lids. We just bought 20 tonight when I went grocery shopping. Good thing all four of us like it lol

I am going to add all the pictures now and go make some tags. Have a great night everyone.

Love you and hugs, Robyn

No pics of my bedroom because hubby is asleep up there. Maybe tomorrow ;) Here is my fridge.....All of the frozen meals are what my son eats at school. He has to eat stuff that is mushable because he does not chew right. So don't think all I feed my family is frozen meals LMAO.....



swmpgrly said...

beautiful place, I love love love the pink furniture.

queeniemart said...

i did an inside the fridge entry once.....i LOVE your have divine taste.....everything is gorgeous!! I will pray for you....i can not imagine how hard it all is for you...wish i could give you a  big hug. Its still warm in ohio.

carolsixpac said...

gorgeous house- love the couch and dang girl , we got the same fridge lol ^5