Friday, October 19, 2007

Happy 9th Birthday to my baby boy ;)

Joshua turned 9 years old today! Unreal how big he is getting, yet he is so small. We did a few different things today for his birthday. Usually we have a party, or go somewhere really fun but today we just spent it with the 4 of us and my sister met us to eat dinner at a Chinese place because Josh loves chinese food!

He has this obsession with flags. And I mean obsession!! His school has one right in the front and he has a morning and afternoon routine that his teacher gives him because it is something that will make him be off for the day if he is not given his flag time lol. He stares at it, cocks his head sideways, walks around it from different angles and smiles at it. On windy days he is in heaven when the flag is blowing full force.

He has hand held flags here at home. He will take us to a ceiling fan and put our hands on the switch to turn it on so he can stand under it and let his hand held ones blow. At his school they think this is the cutest thing ever ;) ALL of the women in the front office watch him. Other kids at his school will come up to his teacher after watching him with his routine and say to his teacher "he sure does like that flag". His 3rd day of school 3 women from the office went to the back of the school that morning and all carried this big ole rock to the front of the school and set it in front of the flag by the office windows. They deamed it Joshua's rock, and even instructed the school janitor to brush the snow off of it in the winter so he could sit on and watch the flag lol.

SO with that explained that is part of what we did today. There is a huge flag at this car dealership in our city. We went there and the kids sat on a blanket and he had his handheld flag and watched the big one. Today was so cold and windy but perfect for him to see the big one blowing. I took some pictures I will add them at the end of this entry.

After we ate dinner we went to a craft store and all got material, sticks, and decor in different colors and came home and made him flags and put tags on them that say Made with Love from.... and each of our names. Mine and hubbies is still drying. But he has been carrying the one my daughter made him since she handed it to him. So cute ;) My sister also came with and made him one. I will get a picture of them all together tomorrow.

So this year we decided to even if we do not understand it do something that we knew Josh truly loved.  It was fun ;)

I took some pictures of our pumpkins also that I will add. I made a huge pan of sunflower seeds last night and they are so yummy. I also am going to add a few pictures of the trees in the front of our house. They are absolutely beautiful right now. Bright red!

That's it for tonight. I am going to add the pictures now and go make a tag. I hope everyone has a great weekend!

Love and Hugs,




queeniemart said...

Those trees are beautiful.....and i think it is wonderful about Joshua's love of flags...and for you all to take him to see a huge one on his bday is SO special!!! He is so loved! I am glad he had a good bday.

swmpgrly said...

thats sooo funny

carolsixpac said...

That was so  cool! Love the pics and happy belated birthday to your son!