Saturday, October 13, 2007

Cool random questions

I Live:  in Eden Prairie, Minnesota

I Work: at home and I am never done ;) Stay at home mom

I Talk: to my family all the time

I Wish: for health and happiness

I Enjoy: Having 10 minutes to myself everyday when I wake up!

I Look: at everyone non judgmental, until I have walked a mile in the shoes of them I cannot judge

I Find:  music soothing

I Smell: Renuzit Spiced Apple

I Listen:  to all kinds of music

I Hide:  money and prescription meds in my safe

I Pray:  not near as much as I should!

I Write:  a list of to do's everyday or else I will forget that one little thing that is needed later on in the night

I See:  this world is changing and I am not so sure I like what it is becoming

I Sing:  ALL the time at home, in car, in shower

I Laugh:  as often as I can

I Can:  multi task in ways that makes my hubby go hmmmm how did you do that?

I Watch: Sopranos, American Idol, Home Makeover, Heroes, Las Vegas

I Yearn:  for winter to just be ending, not just be starting!

I Daydream: randomly

I Fall:  but always get up and keep going ;)

I Cry:  not enough

I Burn:  on the lake every year in July right before the Pow WOW on my chest

I Read:  whenever I get the chance, I am a sucker for romances

I Love:  My kids, my hubby and my family with all of my heart and soul

I Rode:  in hubbies van yesterday evening coming home from eating dinner at my moms and watching a movie

I Sometimes:  wish I could turn it all off for awhile

I Hurt:  when my family hurts

I Fear:  flying in airplanes

I Hope:  that some of what I have consistently taught my kids will stick when they become adults

I Break:  CDs then they get scratched up

I Eat:  yummy food! lol

I Bathe: not enough, but shower regular

I Drink:  to much Mountain Dew and water

I Stop: and smell the roses

I Save:  yoplait lids, and boxtop tops

I Hug:  everyone I love all the time!

I Meditate:  light some candles, turn off the lights and put on some good ole R & B

I Play:  games on the computer

I Miss: My son Anthony, my daughter Alyssa and my grandmother very much!

I Hold: those I love close to my heart

I Forgive:  easily

I Drive:  everyday many many times

I Learned:  to pick my battles wisely

I Dream:  of the white picket fence life

I Have:  everything and some I need

I Don't:  have tolerance for disrespectful people

I Made:  a phone call to order pizza an hour ago

I Believe: do onto others......................

I Wait:  at my sons doctors offices countless hours

I Need:  to make a dentist appointment

I Owe:  the woman I am to my grandma

I Hate:  Ignorant people

I Feel:  relaxed

I Know:  Life is what you make it

I Wonder:  where my kids will be in life 10 years from now

I Applaud:  anyone who takes time out of their day to help another person

I Love: truly and unconditionally

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queeniemart said...

i love your answers.....i never knew where you lived...Minnesota. I worry about what the world is becoming too. Scary sometimes.