Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Lots of pics....

Hi everyone. I have so much I could write about tonight but really do not know where to start or even how to finish it. I will just say that I recently have found out that my whole life as I have ever known it may have been based on one big dark lie that many people in my life (including the ones that I thought were the only two to never lie to me played the biggest role in).

I recieved a out of the blue email 2 days ago that at first I thought was a joke, then they kept coming and myself and brother and sister have been trying to put pieces together and it is starting to look like it may be the truth.

It will not change the woman I am today but it will shake me to the core because everything I have based the woman I am today on may all be a lie or surrounded by lies...... I honestly wish I could say more but at this point I do not feel like I should go into details with alot of people. Some people stand to be hurt greatly, and others stand to find the answers they have spent thier whole life looking for.

So for now I will say I am confused, I am worried, I am unsure. My mind is replaying all of the facts over and over and over. My head is throbbing because I cannot stop thinking about it!

Moving on, yesterday was my daughter's b/f's birthday. He LOVES lasagna so I made him some and had them over for dinner. Most of the pics will be from last night. I got some of the cutest pics of my grandson and nephew!! I cannot believe how cute they both are, and how big they are getting so quickly! My grandson is huge :) He is 2 and half months old and very close in size to my 6 and half month old nephew.

My kids are loving the new schools they are going to. My daughter's school is for all of the 5th and 6th graders in the district only. There is over 2000 kids there! Wow!She is learning Chinese and loving it. It is actually really funny when she comes home and speaks to me in the language because I surely do not understand her lol! She was in two different gifted programs in her last school, and she will begin the testing this Thursday to see where she fits in this new schools gifted programs. She is so smart! I am so proud of her ;)

She also picked her instrument out last week and chose the viola. She is so excited! She also joined choir. She is going to be a busy girl this year. But is falling over with anticipation of waiting for them all to start. She would be happy if there wasn't a waiting process involved and she could jump right in tomorrow lol.

My son has been going M-F but only for 4 hours for now. We are trying a new approach this year. He is in 3rd grade but not mainstreamed. He stays in the Special Education classroom fulltime with a one on one fulltime assistant. His teacher this year is amazing. So far we love her! We love how she reacts to Josh, how she interacts with him, and the genuine care she seems to have for him. She thinks he is the cutest thing in the world (Which I happen to agree with lol!).

I have to drive them both to school and pick them up until we move into a bigger place on the 5th of Oct. They will be able to be bussed then. So for now my daughter has to be at school at 7:30 and my son has to be there at 10. Then my daughter gets out at two and I pick my son up at 1:45. Does not really leave much time to anything during the day but maybe run a few errands or clean or maybe relax for a couple hours.

It was 49 degrees here 3 days ago BRR! I had my air on and when we got up in the morning we were all freezing!! Now yesterday it was 80 again??? So air went back on because it is so humid here. My windows are actually fogged up right now from the humidity.

Well I think I will end this with a ton of pictures and get ready for bed. I am zonked and my head is pounding. I have managed to get about 3 hours sleep for the last two nights in a row. I lay there and have so much on my mind I cannot shut it down. I would love to get a whole 7-8 hours sometime soon.

Hugs and Love,


The birthday boy turned 20 .....

I say bestfriends in the making ;)

See how big Caleb looks compared to my sisters son? They are both adorable ;) Love them to pieces!!

Dinner before oven and after....

My sons first day of school.....

Josh and daddy playing waiting for his teachers to come out ....

Second day waiting to leave....


nay0114 said...

You know I feel really stupid. I was wondering what the heck was going on. I did use to read your journal and my alerts are missed up, but I kept getting the graphic journal. I kept thinking well she gave up writing.. she's just tagging LOL. Then I realized on down you had the link to this journal.
So sorry to hear that you're having difficulty. You should like I felt when I found out I was adopted. My whole family knew my story except ME. I felt very betrayed by everyone that supposedly loved me. That was around 25yrs ago and I have now come to terms with it all. I hope you find peace in your situation whatever it may be.
How wonderful for your daughter. Chinese... that is awesome.
Your son has gorgeous eyes. I'm so happy he has a caring teacher that means so much.
Wow.. 49 degrees and I thought it was cold here. You win the prize.
I hope you get some rest soon so that you don't end up sick.
We have a lot in common. I have a daughter who will turn 20 soon.
Wow the baby is big. Awww.. he got a shot I see the evidence.
Dinner looks delicious.
Great school pictures. Thanks for sharing.
Take care, Chrissie

nelishianatl said...

Those babies are big.  They have family resemblance to my family.  Maybe the Native American blood.  Who knows.  We don't have cold weather here yet.  I love seeing pictures of your family.  All I can say is AWWW! Meaning adorable.  
I am hoping that your 'bad news' is something you can get through.  Hopefully it doesn't change your biological blood heritage.  This sounds way worse than I realize from what you Don't say.
Sending you warm hugs right now,