Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Hiya everyone

I haven't wrote an entry in about a week so I figured I would tonight. I hope alerts are working again! AOL can be so frustrating sometimes. Well let's see what is new this week?

Hubby is home now after being gone for 8 days up north at his brothers house. Yesterday we went and got my daughters viola for orchestra. Her first lesson is on Oct. 8th. She also got voted for Student Council and she is so excited about it! She is making a box as we speak for Yoplait Save lids to save lives. IF any of you eat Yoplait yogurts and just toss it away when done if you felt like saving the lids and sending them to me it would be greatly appreciated ;) It is to help fight Breast Cancer. You can google search it and find out what it is all about ;) The box she is making will be decorated and sit in her classroom for the other students to bring the lids in over the year.

I have been making tie blankets for my kids and hubby. I took some pictures of them that I will post at the end of this entry. I have mine left to make and one other. They are so warm because they are double fleeced! Love em!

We bought our Australian Water Dragon Drako a new cage when we moved and he is loving it! I took a couple pictures of him chilling in these funny positions. He has molted beautifully 2 times since in this cage and grown. He had outgrown his old cage so this one was an awesome find! We were actually going to build him one until I found this one already built on Craigslist by another man who happened to have the same dragon and he died. He sold it so cheaply compared to what it actually cost to build it.

Our weather here in MN is so wacky! One day it is in the 50's and the next it is in the high 80's. Air on, heat on, ect. Hard to keep it just right temp wise.

We are moving on October 5th into a much bigger townhouse. We will stay there until my kids are done with school this year and hopefully be moving into our dream brand new built home. That is my goal this year. To build my ideal house that I will grow old in and have it be done by next summer. I honestly have not looked much into yet because I was enjoying not thinking about it lol

It will be so nice when we move that my kids will be in district and able to be bussed! I cannot wait.

Well I am off to make a couple tags. I hope everyone's week is going good!

Love you and hugs,


The first two pics are getting blanket ready to tie and the rest will be the finished products. The first one is my hubbys, the second is my sons, and the third is my daughters.

And here is my crazy water dragon chillen bigtime! lol He is using his tail to hold him up so his back legs can dangle....



queeniemart said...

GORGEOUS have great talent! I am glad you are moving and will someday soon be in your own home! AOL totally makes me mad all the time. Congrats to your daughter and being voted onto Student council. I dont eat yogurt though.
LOVE, lisa

nelishianatl said...

You have no idea how much I love these blankets.  The first one I love the most because of its pattern.  I would miss my hubby so much if he was gone for 8 days.  I almost lost it in five.  Congratulations on your daughter!  She is really on her way to being a leader.  I would like to learn how to tie those blankets and make some for Christmas presents.  I think it is something Dirk would like to help me with too.  The water dragon is too cool.  Love it!

rdautumnsage said...

Love the blankets! Your dragon is a real beauty as well. I think once you get settled into your new home. Things will finally wind down and bring you serenity. (Hugs) Indigo

carolsixpac said...

wow gorgeous pics!