Thursday, August 2, 2007

So sorry for the victims of this and families!

I think living so close to this tragedy we maybe are hearing more than some other people. The latest news I heard a bit ago is so horrible! They have found some people trapped in cars still alive under all of the rubble. But yet they are not going to be able to free them alive! Apparently there are officers with cell phones letting these people use the phones to call loved ones to say "goodbye". Can you imagine?? I feel so helpless, as does everyone.  So sad!

I am not sure why but we had many people from last night through today calling us. The city of Mpls asked that everyone not use their cell phones because the lines are so busy. Only people that really need to should use them. My PCS service has been fading in and out since yesterday at about 6:10, ten minutes after the bridge fell. So because of this I had 19 alerts this morning even text messages with 911 on them because family and friends who had not talked to us needed to know we were not on that bridge when it collapsed. We got in contact by this afternoon with everyone we needed to who called and they are all relieved.

My heart goes out to all of the people involved in this sad accident! This bridge was a very important part of traveling to and from Minneapolis to St. Paul, a very important part of anyone who works downtown Minneapolis getting to work everyday. It is unbelievable that even after inspections it just gave way and disappeared into the Mississippi River.

An update on my hubbies friend, he is doing ok. He had another surgery yesterday morning, and then another this morning. He is very frustrated and understandably so! In his head and heart he still is who he has always been yet he has to just lay there. he has SO much work ahead of him to hopefully be able to walk again someday. He had a very upsetting situation happen the other night that was very embarrassing for him and he called my hubby crying, he wants to go home! A nurse was very rude to him, and very insensitive towards him. She was totally out of line and I am very sorry he had to go through that.

Yesterday we had a great time at Valley Fair! Tonight we are going to the Drive In to see the Simpsons, and Harry Potter. Should be fun! Our middle tribes pow wow starts this Friday so we will go to it probably on Saturday. The last week of this month we are going back to the same two cabins werented inJune over Labor Day for more fishing, sun, and fun ;)

Well I need to take my daughter to Archiver's so I should sign off now. My kids just got out of my mom's pool and are giving me that look of "can we go now?" lol

I hope everyone is doing well!

Love you and hugs,




rdautumnsage said...

It's such a tragedy that could of been avoided if people had listened to the reviews a few years ago. Thankfully you and yours are safe. Sounds like your having an eventful and adventurous summer! (Hugs) Indigo

kirkbyj05 said...

How dreadful that there are still some folks alive but they cannot be rescued.  That is horrifying.  To be so helpless when all you want to do is get them out of there.  Please God they are given a peaceful transition from this life. Thankfully none of your family were affected.  What callousness from a nurse of al people to reduce a patient to tears.  methinks she is in the wrong profession.  I hope she was reprimanded?  May he recover from his surgery soon.
I took my grandaughter to see the Simpsons this week she liked all of it but I was just bemused as I have never seen this cartoon character before.  I hope you enjoy it.
 God Bless.   Jeanie

pharmolo said...

That's ghastly, Robyn, people still alive under the rubble, who cannot be extricated alive. Horrible.

swmpgrly said...

I cant even imagine what those poor people are going through.Imagine , preparing to die.

queeniemart said...

i did not know you lived near that bridge and i am so glad you and yours are safe....i think i am reading your J out of order....i have another alert to read.
Love, lisa