Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Little of this and a little of that

Hi everyone! My kids are WAY to sweet ;) I brought them to Coldstone for ice cream tonight and we stopped at Walmart on our way home so they could run in and get a couple things. They surprised me tonight with candlelight, magazines and music and gave me hand and feet massages, and a back massage. With a card saying thank you for all I do for them :) Can we say Awwwwwwww!!! Ohhh and a facial with a homemade mix all I know is there was honey in it because it dripped on my lips lmao. Then my daughter told me don't worry it's edible but one of the ingredients was also raw egg ewwww lol. So sweet!

About a month ago I helped my 10 year old sign up for this pen pals around the world site. We thank god did not give any personal info, it is more like pen pals through emails. Either way I checked the site out, I sat with her to fill it all out. THEN two days ago she prints this email out and brings it directly to me telling me to look at. It was from a goddamn (sorry but this enrages me!!) 38 African man looking for a wife! He even put his real phone number in the email. Who the HELL sends a 10 year old girl that request?? Either way I sent an email to the site itself and closed my daughters account. That is scary stuff! Unreal! The scariest part is that I screened the site, I sat with her and helped her register and it still happened. So even with parental guidance and help she still gets this crazy email. My daughters profile tells her name, age, what grade in school she in, and favorite subjects, ect. So other parents reading this make sure to be really careful even with kid friendly sites when your kids register for these things online. Pretty sad something so innocent like pen pals can have people like this man poking around and contacting the kids so casually.

This summer has been so busy! It truly has not been relaxing yet we have had tons of fun. We have been getting a ton of rain here for the last 4 days and lots of storms. We really needed rain though but such a dreary 4 days make it hard to be full of energy and happy.

My dog has been sick. I took him to the vet last week and his CREA (kidney) numbers are really high. They told us after doing Xrays they think he has a mass in his abdomen pushing his intestines outwards. He is on antibiotics right now and then at the end of this week we will bring him back in for more blood work and an ultrasound. He is a 6 and half year old Lab/Shepard and he is just as much one of us as our kids are. He is an amazing dog! He puts up with so much crap from our son and never bats an eye. We are praying that it is not a mass causing this pain he is feeling. I will let you know when we find out for sure on Friday.

We have just about all the kids school shopping done now. Man does it get expensive the older they get! You need a small fortune just to put your kids in school with what they are required to have. We are just about done though thank goodness. My daughter only needs a couple pairs of shoes and my son needs a couple more outfits. They got some of the cutest clothes this year!

I got my hair colored yesterday and it was badly in need of it! I had so many grey hairs on the top of my head. I have not colored it since my grandma passed away. Just hasn't been on my list of priorities. I also got about 5 inches cut off. It still goes to the middle of my back but feels lighter now.  While I was getting my hair done my daughters and a cousin all got manicures and pedicures. They all looked so cute!

I posted a picture of the furniture I plan on buying when we find a house. The couch was my favorite piece by far and HOM furniture discontinued it! They have no more. I am so upset because I have never seen a couch like that and I love it! It would have looked great with my hutches full of native american stuff. I will keep looking hopefully I can find it somewhere. Just my luck lol

Well thats it for tonight, I am going to make a couple tags and do the dishes then hit the hay. I hope everyone is doing well!

Love and Hugs,



am4039 said...

how scary for your daughter. I'm happy that your were totally involved and cancelled the account right away. I know how it feels when you need your hair done. Your kids do sound so sweet, as I'm sure you deserved it. That is just to sweet.

kirkbyj05 said...

I think I might just drop a hint to my grandchildren next time they visit with me...that facial and massage sounded like fun.... I bet you giggled all the way through it. ROFL.
Haven't you got to keep your wits aabout you in this day and age?   I hope this web site does something about this soon.  You just never know...Do you ?
Thank goodness your daughter came and told you ....some might not.
I hope your poor dog s health gets sorted out soon.  I hate for animals to suffer.


therealslimemmy said...

what a scary thing for your daughter...i was watching oprah one day and i heard about people targeting people to date or marry and try to suck money out of them...i duhno if that is what he was trying to do but regardless its sick
how sweet of your kids
god im dreading school expenses

pharmolo said...

That is the downside of the Internet, unfortunately. Hope your dog recovers soon.

queeniemart said...

i am so glad you pampered yourself.....i bet you are GORGEOUS with the new color and hair cut. I am truly pissed about that site and that man contacting your daughter..that is horrible....thank God you were there to deal with it. Yes, getting ready for school and the expenses are so so expensive!