Saturday, July 28, 2007

Please say a prayer!

Hi I do not want to make double entries so if anyone that visits this journal stops by please go read my entry in my tag journal, I posted it to the wrong journal! Please go read that entry and say a prayer for us! Thanks much!

Love you and hugs,


Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Updates and pictures

Hiya everyone! I just wanted to write a quick entry because it has been awhile. We went to our Pow Wow this weekend and I took some great pictures I will add to the end of this entry.

We are still living in corporate housing but in a townhouse not a condo now. It is decent but not home, and I really miss all of my stuff lol. We are looking at all options as to where to go next. I honestly do not know what we are going to do yet. We have been just trying to breath and take it easy because the last few months have been crazy, really the last year has been crazy.

I have so much I would like to write about here but I do not have the time today. I have to pick my daughter up in about 25 minutes. She has horseback riding lessons every Monday and my sister takes her. Then she spends Monday nights at her house and hangs out with her auntie. About an hour after I pick her up I have to drop her off at her dad's house, she is going to Valley Fair tomorrow it is a big amusement park.

A big reminder (other than becoming a grandma!!lol) of how big my kids are getting is my 10 year old has gotten her first babysitting job across the parking lot from where we are living. She is babysitting a 3 month old girl. She is doing a great job! The parents love having her. The mom told me she seems more responsible than older teenagers or adults as far as babysitting and covering all basis goes. She is 10 going on 30! My daughter is loving making her own money a few times a week.

My hubby's son turned 14 last week, and we got him and my 10 year old the new Razor electric scooters. He got the nicest, fastest one. And she got the one a step down (a little bit slower). They are so fun though!

It has been so hot here in MN! And SOOO humid! We have a pool here at our place, and spend quite a bit of time at my moms house (which is only 4 miles away) swimming and BBQ'ing.

Our 18 year old is home and doing WONDERFUL with her new son! She is very young yet seems to have that total mother instinct and is a natural! I am so so so proud of her! Caleb is doing great also he is perfect! Her biological mom is coming here next week to see them from the Dominican Republic. I hope it all goes well and she does not overstep her boundries and start a fight with Amanda. She does not need that right now in her life. She is finally back on her feet, living in her own place, her B/F has a fulltime job, they are doing good. I do not want to see her mom come here and upset her, or give unwanted advice.

I know that sounds terrible but in this case it is different. Her mother gave up the right to give maternal advice and motherly advice when she decided to leave the country when Amanda needed her most is my opinion! Amanda was still a child when she left. She signed all rights over to her dad and I and was gone. This is another story I could definately tell more in depth someday because it is not so cut and dry.

Well I should end this for now and add the pow wow pictures for you all to see ;) Then I have to run! I hope everyone is doing great!

Love and Hugs,



Honoring the Vets

Thursday, July 12, 2007

Pictures :)

I added the pictures to my tag journal on accident and am to tired to do both entries lol. Go see Caleb here.....

Can you believe I am a grandma today?

Our 18 year old daughter gave birth to her son Caleb at 12:18 PM today ;) He is beautiful and Amanda is doing great! He weighed 6 pounds 13 ounces and was 19 inches long. She was amazing through out the whole delivery!We are VERY proud of her! Hard to believe I am a grandma today lol! I will post pics later we just got home and need to sleep for a bit we were at the hospital all night.......