Sunday, May 27, 2007

So busy!

Hi everyone!



Long time no entry. I hope everyone is doing good. I have been SO busy. We are moving in 5 days. We originally planned to move July 1st, but someone came to look at our house and wanted to move in on June 15th. So we agreed to be out of here by the 1st of June. With nowhere to go!! I found short term corporate housing about 20 minutes from here. We will be staying there for about a month, two tops while getting a new house. 

We found the house we are going to probably be moving into. I will know for sure by probably Thursday. It is about an hour from where we have been living, but it is beautiful. My sister and brother live within 15 minutes of the new house. It is not in the mix of the cities, downtown, tons of rush hour, ect. So it will be a nice change!

Here are a couple pics of it.....


(Deleted pics we decided not to move there ;)



Actually staying in the 3 bedroom apartment for a short time will be kind of nice. It is set up almost resort style. They have all kinds of fun things to do there. And going from the last couple months here of moving, my grandma passing, teenagers in our life having hard times, ect it will be a nice change to slow down and not have to worry about so much for a bit!

One June 9th-16th we are going to a cabin up North with my mom. We get a pontoon free to use for two days so that will be cool. We will swim, fish, and just relax.

We ran a garage sale for two weeks last week and what didn't sell is already gone. Hubbys mom came over with a trailer and took it all. She is planning on having a huge garage sale most of the summer so she will try to sell most of it there.

I have been selling furniture on craigslist like crazy, and so quickly! Seems whenever I post something someone is here by the next day to pick it up. Probably because it was all priced to sell. We sold a couch, a whole solid oak bedroom set, a stove, a salt water fish setup, 2 dining room tables, some landscape edging, and some other stuff.

I have also given away another couch to my cousin, 2 bookshelves and a entertainment center that were also solid oak to my brother (actually we traded lol), my bedroom set went to hubbys mom.

My plan was to get rid of anything that I have wanted to replace there is no sense in moving it with us. It will motivate me to replace it without it. All of our house except the bare minimum is going into storage. I have a 3600 square foot house that we are moving and I was stressing about all of it fitting into a storage locker.

When I went and rented the unit I lucked out we had a 10x20 reserved, but they had a cancelation at the last minute and we got a 10x30 (WHEW!). I think it will all fit in there just fine. We have to pick up our moving truck at 7AM!! At 10 Friday morning we have 3 movers we also found on craigslist coming here to help us lift everything and carry it.

The uhaul has to be returned by 5 PM, so it is going to be a very busy day!! I am kind of sad to be leaving here, yet excited. It is going to be a good change. There is just so much to do right now that I can barely see straight some days.

I have really been missing my grandma today. Any other time like this in my life I would have called her and she would have told me no worries it will all work out, then prayed with me and told me she loved me! I miss her so much!

We have our 18 year back here at home with us and she is 8 months pregnant. I wrote an entry almost a year ago about her moving out into her own place. She did and failed miserably. They got evicted, lost everything that we had furnished the house with, lost the car, hmm what else? I do not think I need to say more. Now she is back here trying to start over.

These teenagers think they know everything and can handle everything and her and my sister are both learning the hard way that life is not as easy as they thought!

Well that is it for now. I will probably not update again until we are settled somewhere.

Love you and hugs,



pharmolo said...

Good luck with the move, sounds like a sudden upheaval. See you when we do.

queeniemart said...

I understand well what you are saying about the teens thinking they know it all. Give me a break...they have NO idea. I love the new home and i am glad things are going somewhat smoothly for you! Enjoy your time away.

am4039 said...

So  nice to hear from you. The house you hopefully will be moving into is beautiful. I hope you get it. Kids they try to grow up to fast. So sorry about all the problems she has had. Hopefully she has learned from it. Good luck with the move.

rdautumnsage said...

I know exactly what your talking about with teenagers thinking they know everything. I have a 19 year old that claims she is only staying with me for a few weeks until she gets on her feet. Before her first year of college ended this year she was determined she was going to be moving into a trailer with her room-mate. We see how long that lasted. I went and bought a ton of stuff for her as well. So we shall see what happens now. I get the feeling she is going to be here most of the summer. She goes back to college in August. Things are definitely busy on your end. Wishing you love and peace. (Hugs) Indigo

therealslimemmy said...

i hope you get that house it looks so nice!!!   plus it will be nice to be close to family
keep us posted and hope that the move goes well