Sunday, May 13, 2007

Happy Mother's Day

Happy Mother's Day friends!! I hope everyone is having a great day! There is SO much going on right now that I just have not had much time to do anything. We are moving in 6 weeks and have been running a garage sale that started this last week. We are running it one more week and then donating the stuff that dosn't sell.

I am getting rid of so much stuff! I have wanted to get some new things like a new dining room set, and living room set so I forwarned my kids that until we move the house is slowly going to be disappearing lol. I figure why move it with us when I plan on replacing it anyways?

My house from the outside looking in looks beautiful but I have recently started realizing that there is a very good chance there is mold in this house that has been making my family and friends sick! My sister in law cannot stay the night at my house without getting sick and when she leaves and gets fresh air she is better.

When my basement flooded last year I had a company come here that told me there was a high level of moisture here. Then my kitchen flooded a month ago right after a brand new floor was laid down and I started putting two and two together and came to the conclusion it is probably the house.

So we decided to move. But it is ALOT of work! We are looking for a close to brand new home that way we will not have to worry about the issues that come living in a older home.

I have been SO sick for the last couple months. They switched my antibiotics 3 times because I was not getting better I have had two types of Strep, and a terrible kidney infection. I think they are finally getting better.

My 10 year old Rayanna was such a sweetheart, she saved up her allowances and on Friday (because she is at her dad's for the weekend) she took out for Mother's Day. We were running our sale and was told I had to be ready to go at 4:45. So at 4 I got in the shower and promptly at 4:45 a cab showed up (because she didn't want me to have to drive lol!) that she had even called and made sure she had enough money to pay for the cab herself.

It felt funny taking a cab when we have 3 cars in our driveway but I just went with the flow ;) So off on our date we went. She took me to Ruby Tuesday's and told me to order whatever I wanted! I got the yummiest shrimp and fish meal.

While waiting for our food she gave me a gift bag with a bunch of presents in it. One was a really cute bookmark she had made with her beads. Another was a pretty bracelet she made for me. Then I took out this Aveda foot massage creme, and hand creme, and a candle and a couple other things. To be told by her when we got home she planned to rub my hands and feet ;) By candle and music so I could relax (can we say awwwwww lol).

After our wonderful dinner that she paid for and left the tip she told me we were walking somewhere else. We ended up at Barnes and Noble and she bought me two books of my choice to be able to read and relax. From there she planned to take me to Coldstone for ice cream but we were both stuffed so we went to Target and I convinced her to spend her last money on herself and told her we would call for hubby to come pick us up so she didn't have to pay for another cab ride.

Just the idea of everything she planned all by herself at 10 years old was enough to melt my heart, let alone actually doing it and doing it all simply to spoil me and take care of me (she said I thought you would really like to have your dinner paid for since you always pay for all of us, she also said that I never get a break and am always making sure her and her brother's and sister were always taken care of and had everything they wanted and needed that she wanted to give something back to me). That little girl has a heart of gold!!

I told her I am honored to be her mother ;)

Well I am off to go bring my mom and mother in law flowers and run to Target for a few things I need.

I hope you are all having a beautiful day!

Love and hugs,



pharmolo said...

Happy Mother's Day, Robyn :-)

queeniemart said...

oh Robyn i am SO happy your smart and mature and precious 10 yr old did this for you! She loves you so much!! What a wonderful Moms day for you. I am glad you are moving also. Mold can be a killer!
LOVE,lisa jo

rdautumnsage said...

What a wonderful inspiration daughter you have. Hope your Mother's Day was filled with love and peace. (Hugs) Indigo

carolsixpac said...

Youve got beautiful children. Congrats on ur decision to move.