Thursday, April 12, 2007

Another year older today

Hi everyone! I turned 32 today. This time of year is a rough time of year so my birthday is full of emotions. 14 years ago today I went into labor with my son Anthony. Tomorrow he would have been 14 and in two days is the day he passed away.

My grandpa also passed away in the Spring, now my grandma has passed away in between the anniversary of my son and grandpa's death. That is alot of losses within a 4 week period of my birthday!

So I always spend these days remembering along with celebrating my birthday. My hubby sent me to get my nails done this afternoon, and when done they gave me a birthday card and present from him. He gave me a beautiful diamond bracelet with X's in gold, and the O's in diamonds. It is very pretty!

He went there earlier in the day and set it up so they would give me the present after they were done with my nails. Since midnight last night has been more hectic then ever, so for him to make me stop and take a little bit of me time was very cool of him!

Last night we had to drive in the ice/snow storm to pick up my sister at midnight. She is still very much so struggling with Postpartum Depression. Then tonight our 17 year old called and got into a fight with a roomate of hers and he got physical with her (she is 6 months pregnant) so we had to drive an hour away to move her out of the house they have been staying at. We just got home from that.

Earlier today I had to go to a meeting with my sister and her therapist. So for my hubby to make me breathe for a minute alone was a godsend! As of tonight it is looking like we are going to be having FIVE more people staying with us for awhile.

There is never a dull moment I tell ya that.

Well I am going to end this for tonight and will update again sometime soon! I hope everyone is doing well!

Love & Hugs,



swmpgrly said...

That is soo sad about your son I cant imagine losing a child.
I lost a baby at birth and that was sooo hard .

pharmolo said...

Happy Birthday, Robyn - sorry to hear of the sadness associated with the date.

queeniemart said...

I am sorry i am late, happy happy belated birthday! I am sorry you are sad around the dates...i get the same way. People that we love pass on and we want nothing more than to be able spend just one more day with them.
You are in my thoughts!

rdautumnsage said...

Birthdays with connections always end up being hard on us. My birthday tends to fall on the same day of my own father's. Should be happy but he destroyed himself drowning in alcohol. He used to live 5 min. from me and wouldn't even bother to call or wish me well. I tried to be there for him......but we know how that goes. I'm sorry I'm behind in my alerts. If I would wish anything for you it would be, Wishing you love and peace in your life!! (Hugs) Indigo

P.S. You have an awesome husband to surprise you like that and give you the me time you so richly deserved!

topazscorpio27 said...

Happy Birthday!  Sorry about your sister.  Being the oldest is always hard because you want to protect them but sometimes they won't let you! -Dawn-