Wednesday, February 28, 2007

About to be buried in snow!

Hi everyone. Well according to the weatherman we are about to get one hell of a snowfall. It has already started, but it is ice falling right now. They are predicting 4 inches of ice, then up to 20 inches of snow covering the ice!

As you already seen we just got done getting a ton not to long ago. I will take pictures of my yard tomorrow afternoon because it is not supposed to let up until later tomorrow. I have a 45 minute drive I really need to make tomorrow morning to my reservation and am thinking it may not happen!

My sister was at my moms all day and is on her way back here now with Aedan, and her b/f. She just called and said there was no visibility so I will be very happy when the pull into the driveway!! She had another great day with her baby and did just fine!

I woke up with him around 6:45 this morning and he layed in my bed with hubby and I for about an hour. I got him fed, and changed, and cleaned up and then we sorta lost track of time and ended up jumping up and rushing 10 minutes before we were supposed to be walking out the door for my appointment this morning. He is so fun to hang out with lol.

I have a lump in my breast that really has been causing some problems for me. But they did a Mammogram and Ultrasound today and the great news is it is not cancerous, they honestly do not know what it is. The doctor felt the lump that I was talking about but for now we are just going to watch it monthly if it dosn't go away.

I am pretty sure tho that I have a nasty kidney infection starting. I have had so many in my life and can just tell. So I do need to go to the doc's and get something before it gets worse. My lower back and kidney area is really bothering me tonight. I just took 2 advil and am hoping it helps with the pain a bit!

Well that's it for tonight. I will take pics of my gigantic mounds of snow in my yard tomorrow and post them for you to see :)



Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Finally a picture of the baby ;)

Is he not adorable? He is such a good baby too! I am not going to go into a real long story tonight because I am exhausted and have had a very long day but will tell a bit.

My sister has Postpartum Depression, she is fully aware of it. She does not like it, and she is doing everything she can to change it. She does not feel a connection between her and her son the way that a mother should feel that connection. She made a very responsible choice to come stay here with the baby. I have stepped in where she cannot tolerate right now, just temporarily until she is feeling better.

But because of this I have quickly been reminded how tiring a brand new baby is lol. But like I said he is the sweetest little thing :) I am still extremely proud of my sister and I tell her this because she needs to hear it.

Postpartum Depression strikes alot of new mothers, plus she is very young and her body went through ALOT of changes very quickly! Her labor was a little scary a few times and it all happened pretty fast. She did only deliver a week early tho.

For a couple days before he was born she had swollen up so bad that she could not bend her fingers. Her legs, feet and hands were numb also. She was also seeing white spots randomly. She went to her dr. on Monday and she didn't mention this stuff to them. By Tues my sister in law and I started seeing her getting more swollen, and she was still seeing random spots. We looked stuff up online, and called her Dr's and found out also that she had protein in her urine.

Around 7 that evening we called her and told her she needed to go in. We had figured out that she was probably having Preeclampsia and knew already if that was the case she was going to be having the baby that night.

We got to the hospital and they did blood work right away. The results were back in about 30 minutes and showed her liver numbers were high. They wanted to try to let her deliver naturally and said that if there wasn't significant change to the liver numbers in the morning they were going to do a Csection.

So withing in hour they broke her water, and started inducing. By the time they got her into a delivery room and settled it was about 11 when they broke her water, and about midnight when they started inducing. When she was dialated at around 3cm she was having a hard time dealing with the cramps. She had a epideral during the whole pushing process. This by far is and was the hardest thing my sister has ever had to experience in her life and really did a good job overall. When pushing time came I did help her tremendously by by pushing her legs and helping her. She was way overwhelmed when he was born!

Scary stuff for any new mommy, let alone a 17 yr. old. I am sorry for her that she is having these baby blues, Postpartum depression. She loves her son and wants nothing more than to feel better and be "connected" to her son. I am proud of her for delivering him, and for loving him enough to be able to admit what she is feeling and doing what she knows is best for the two of them right now!

My sister is not shamed, or judged because of this. It is not in her control. Today was a very good day for the two of them so maybe she is already getting through it!

Ok well this ended up very long lol. I must go to bed now. I hope everyone is doing good~



Sunday, February 25, 2007

We went from no snow to this......

And it is snowing again right now, it is supposed to snow everyday til next Sunday! Kids love it tho lol.

I still intend on writing an entry about my nephew and posting some pics of him but there is some stuff going on right now with my sister that is far more important than posting on the puter. I will add a entry as soon as I can.

I hope everyone is doing well!



Thursday, February 22, 2007

My sister had her baby!

Hi everyone long time no real entry! I just wanted to let ya know that my sister had her baby yesterday morning at 10:02. He is doing great, so is she. I am heading back to the hospital now so I will add a picture and more about her delivery later on tonight. I was her labor coach along with my sister in law and man were we tired yesterday!! More to story later.............



Saturday, February 3, 2007

Link to my new journal

Hi everyone just wanted to add a link to my new journal designated to my tags that I have been making. Please go visit and let me know what you think.  Tell your friends about it too lol.

I have been very very busy trying to get things in my house done. I do not seem to have much extra time for anything. I will add a normal entry soon to update everyone.

Hugs and Love to you all!