Monday, January 15, 2007

This entry is for Gwen, but everyone can see! lol

Hiya everyone. This entry is for Gwen. She has been guiding me to learn how to make my own tags. Her and her friends have been beyond generous in helping me and giving me more information that was easy to follow than I have ever experienced before on the internet! So for starters................

THANK YOU GWEN! Ok now I want to share with her the three tags I made tonight simply because I have not figured out how to show them to her whole group (but I will as soon as I figure out how!). Please tell me what you think since they are the first three I have ever made!

I really want to add animated graphics to all of them but still need to learn that too ;)

Ok everyone promise not to laugh at my attempts to make my own tags hehe!

There they are! What do yo think? ;)

I hope everyone had a great weekend!!

Love you all and Hugs,



jadejonez04 said...

HOLY CRAP YOU DID GREAT!!! WOW!!!  When you practice a little more, I will be SURE to give you the animation tutorials EASY EASY!  You are a quick learner I am SO PROUD!  To share graphix with the group, simply save in a folder in your C DRIVE and then when you open and email, click on the camera icon on top.  This will open to your Cdrive and then you can find the file you kept  your images in.  ALSO save your images as JPG's or else you can't view them anywhere else but PSP!  HUGGERS!!  GREAT JOB!

daniella12800 said...

They look awesome...however I have no clue how to make tags so I have no idea what type of work is put into them...are you peicing them together to get the final look!!!!  They look great either way!! :0)


carolsixpac said...

wow awesome work!