Thursday, January 11, 2007

Forgot to name this entry! OKKKKK 3rd time is a charm! I didn't proof read the first two lmao

Hi everyone. Well my daughter does not have the Meckel cells they were looking for! HUGE relief to me! They did a Barium study right afterwards, and drew 7 tubes of blood for more blood work to make sure she wasn't losing to much blood with her bleeding. Her GI doctor also sent more intensive blood work in to another lab in Buffalo NY to see if her Colitis is a long term colitis. Honestly I do not know what that means. I guess it will alter her meds if it is.

He also upped her med Asacol to three pills two times daily instead of two. He does want to start the steriods to try to stop the bleeding also. We will talk about that when he calls back with the lab results in the next weeks time.

He also wants to repeat the Endoscopy and the Colonoscopy sometime soon. During the Barium study they watched three pretty significant Reflux episodes happen after drinking the drink. We knew she had Reflux, just didn't realize how bad it really was.

When we got home that day man was she sick! She spent the remainder of the day throwing up, and in pain. She was also dizzy from all the blood they took from her. When she woke up yesterady morning she was still super sick so she stayed home. She layed around all day.

Last night after dinner she was feeling a little better. Her and I layed on her bedroom floor for about 2 hours and painted together with her pastels. She got up and went to school today.

So the bottom line is we still do not know why her bleeding, and cramping and stiffness will not get better with the meds she is currently on. I do know that I was able to exhale when they said she didn't have Meckel cells. I read some very very scary facts about it and I was not prepared!

What else?? I went to the spa with my mom, sister, and sister in law and it felt SOOOO good! It started out with the 4 of us getting a 60 minute Earth Facial. During the facial we also got our arms, hands, and feet rubbed. I was told I have very good skin lol! I was even told she could tell I used lotion on my neck, and that I rubbed it the right way. I have always had this fear of getting a chicken neck when I get older. So for years now I have used lotion on my neck a couple times a day. When I put it on it only made sense to me to rub upwards, not downwards.

My face felt so refreshed when they were done. After that we all went into our massages. That was 80 minutes and it was a full body massage. I was floating when I left there! We have decided to make it a monthly thing us girls will do ;)

My mother said it will be Christmas tradition from now on to buy us all those awesome Aveda boxes, and the big package. Then during the rest of the year we will try different things together. There are a couple packages that I really want to try.

One is the Eden's Beauty package. It consists of a 60 minute Elemental Facial, Aveda Hydro therm Massage, Spa pedicure, Paraffin hand treatment, hairstyle, and make-up application.

I have a paraffin wax machine here at home that I used to use all the time. I need to get new wax for it tho and have completely forgotten about it until right this second.

So we had a great time! Was fun the 4 of us! Afterwards we stopped at Milio's and got subs and then went back to my moms for about an hour to sit and chat. Then back to real life ;)

My daughter has an invention fair coming up. Her and hubby need to finish her invention. She is making a super duper Scrapbooking Station. It will be prototype size. But it is awesome. It will be almost like a bookshelf with a drop down table and benches to sit at. Along with lots of baskets for organization. When you are done scrapbooking with a friend you can then for space saving fold them back up into the shelf and it pretty much blocks the whole shelf off so it dosn't look like a bunch of clutter.  I will take pictures of it set up at the fair.

I volunteered to help set up the night before. And hubby is signed up to be a judge. I love participating in things like that. I love to see how kids creativity creates so many different things!

My daughter, my mom, sister, and I are going to Let's Dish on Friday (hmmm that's tomorrow already). You sign up online and pick the meals you want to make. We are making four seperate meals. We will each prep one. They are not cooked there tho you only prep them there. Then they go into big tin containers and each meal feeds 6 people. We are going to see my grandma on Saturday, so we figured there was no better time to make so many different meals. We will just bring them home and freeze them and take them up to her place on Saturday.

The meals we chose to make are.... Bruschetta with Chicken and Tomatoes, Sun-Dried Tomato Butter Steaks, Honey-Glazed Pork Chops with Caraway carrots, and Old World Stroganoff. That's alot of great food! My grandma will love it!

On a whole different subject I have a question to ask anyone who might be able to answer it. How and where can I learn to make my own beautiful tags that everyone makes, that I snag from people? I have always wanted to learn how to make them. My photo program I use is Coral does anyone know if that one works to make cool tags? Or do I need PSP? I just need somewhere to go to begin learning, because I do know that there is alot to learn to be able to make the really cool ones!

Well that's it for today. Schwann's just came and I need to clean some and go run a couple errands. I hope everyone is having a great day!

I love you all and HUGS,



jadejonez04 said...

I wish you knew what was wrong with her.  Sam had this horrible flu and so did I.  I can't imagine feeling that way constantly.  Your spa time sounds GREAT  HUgs to you Gwen

daniella12800 said...

Tag making I have no clue!! :0)

I am so happy to hear your daughter does not have Meckel cells!  I just pray they figure this out soon..Buffalo is only about 4.5 hours from me...I live in New york.  

Oh that day at the spa sounds like just what I need..what the heck would I do with an 80 min massage..Oh my I would be in heaven..never in my life had I had a massage that long!!!

All that food sounds yummy..even though I just ate lunch..I could eat again if I had that!!LOL!


therealslimemmy said...

catching up in here...i see you learned the tag should show the rest of us how LOL
i'm so glad your daughter doesnt have that i bet that testing was rough on her :( poor kiddo
<3, em