Sunday, January 7, 2007

Been awhile again


Hi everyone. This is not going to be a very long entry. But something is better than nothing ;)

My daughter is still really struggling most days! I considered taking her back in on Thursday night. But I talked to her GI doc around 10PM and he said they would re-admit if I did. She had been sick all day, the bleeding has gotten worse, and that night in particular she was in the tub and just threw up. She didn't even know it was coming it just happened. She finally fell asleep so I let her sleep and we waited to bring her in. The only thing they can do there at Childrens Hospital that I cannot do here is give her pain meds threw an IV. But she does have pain pills here that could be taken. The only thing is they do not help. We have tried two and no difference so I will not be giving them to her anymore since they do not work.

She tries to make it at school and sticks it out as much as she can. But she has missed more school in the last three months than she ever has probably total since she started. I have talked many many times to her nurse, so she knows when she is bad enough she really needs to be here at home with me.

She is scheduled to have a Meckel Scan done on Tuesday morning. The scan is being done to see if she has Meckel diverticulum. I will write more about this if we find out she does have it.  We have to be there at 8:30 and the scan is scheduled for 9:30. I also have a date at the spa with my mom, sister and sister in law at 12:15 that day. For a 80 minute massage, and a 60 minute facial. If I make it in time MAN OH MAN is it going to feel good!

We finally got enough snow to cover the ground and require shoveling and snow blowing! This is a first in many many years for MN to go this late into the Winter season without any snow at all. Three days before it snowed it started raining and two times it was thundering. That is also very strange here in MN to hear thunder at the end of Dec.

Hubby and Rayanna were up north last week before New Years for 3 days to work on her inventor's fair invention. Two days they got snowed in up there, the days it was raining down here. Then on New Year'sEve I was told (tricked) by them that they were not going to be able to make it home. I was bummed, but their safety comes first. Was going to be strange tho just Joshie and I here on New Year's Eve. Well what should have took them 4 hours actually did take them almost 7 because the roads were so bad. But they made it home at 8:30 at night and surprised me!

It was funny because 6 people called here wondering what if any plans we had for New Years Eve. They all wanted to come here. But I told them nothing was planned since they were stuck up north. It ended up being a good thing tho because the roads were covered with ice on the underside and snow on top. ICY! I slid right threw a stop sign going to Menards that evening. My sister said in her Yukon, with brand new snow tires that she was sliding all over and a 20 minute trip took them an hour. So it was just as well that everyone stayed home that night. I wondered how many accidents there were that night, especially after bar closing!

Well now the snow is gone pretty much again. So it was nothing to write home about afterall! I think Colorado is getting enough snow for all of us! Those poor people. Seems just as they are getting one blizzard cleaned up another one comes.

It just dawned on me that we are moving in FOUR months. I have SO much to do to get ready. Hopefully with the new year it will bring even a little bit less stress. So that I can focus on our house and what needs to be done. I am selling alot of stuff and getting rid of alot of stuff. My cousin is going to bringing a trailer here within the next months time and taking a TON of stuff out to Pine Ridge Indian Reservation. It will be distributed to whoever needs all of it. And trust me it will all be given away.

Hubbys mom is doing good. She is still recovering. She is in the process of getting the Chemo set up to start in less than two weeks. She went today and got her hair cut very short before she loses it.I have not seen it yet but I bet it is very cute!

We were all supposed to go to my grandma's tomorrow. But Joshua, hubby and me all got sick today :( We cannot take a chance getting her sick! We will go another day soon when we are all feeling better. I was up there last week and got to sit with her and chat. My grandma is giving away stuff of hers that has been forexample in the same china cabinet for 30 plus years now. Last time we were up there she told us to take what we wanted. We could'nt clean it out. It didn't seem right to us! She did give me this BEAUTIFUL orange/red bowl and two cups that were actually a wedding present to my mom and dad when they got married. She nor I wanted it to end up in someone elses hands when her time comes. There just flat out is NO preparation for me when it comes time to say goodbye to her. It is going to crush me! There will always be a empty spot that noone will be able to fill. I would never try to fill it. I will just keep every and all memories I have of her and let them stay right there in my heart! And the memories.....oh SO many memories that wonderful woman I have proudly called Grandma for 31 years has given me!

She is my mothers adopted mother. Which makes no difference at all. She is my Grandma and always has been! I am not sure if I have ever spoke of this before. My mother was born on our Indian Reservation to her birth mother Margorie. The Goverment came onto the reservation and took my mom and her brother my uncle away from my Grandma Marge, and placed the two of them in seperate homes with white families (I do not know the politically correct way to phrase that! I am simply telling the story the way my elders tell it). My mothers name was changed from Shirley Ann to Sharon by my adopted grandparents. Her birth mother never stopped looking for her (us). Well 15 years ago my mother made a call to the Upper tribe we are from inquiring about school funding. My grandma Marge was very active in our Tribe. They actually called and told her they were pretty sure that they had found her daughter.

My aunt, my mothers biological sister wrote my mom a letter about a month later. Within 4 weeks of that letter we drove to our reservation and met all of them! You could tell my grandma never stopped looking, You could tell she had finally found peace when we walked into my Uncles house! And my mom looked so much like her and her sister! Well sadly my grandma Marge passed away within 3 years of meeting us. But at least we got the chance to know her if even for a short time.  My mother thought they had many more years so she never pushed to many unanswered questions at one time. But she now wishes she had!

Well this has gotten way longer than I intended it to. I honestly could keep on typing. I need sleep thou! I hope everyone had a wonderful new years. I wish luck on all of you for whatever resolutions you made!

From what I have read about this condition they are looking to see if my daughter has. PLEASE please pray for her that the tests will come back negative. I will update when I know more after Tuesday.

Hugs and LOVE,





pharmolo said...

Thanks for your update, and best wishes on a favourable outcome on your daughter's tests

therealslimemmy said...

please keep us updated on your daughters condition...praying that they figure out what is wrong and get her fixed up...poor kid is probably miserable to say the least huh?
tell he to hang in there...
keep us posted
<3, em

daniella12800 said...

I love reading your a way I wish you kept on going.  I thought you were of Indian decnet but had no clue you were I guess you can say the real deal.  Kevin (my husband) is part indian, his grandfather was full and is burried on a reservation in New York.  I am pretty sure the Onandogwa Reservation.  

You sound like you ahve alot going on..I guess a good way to look at it is you are keeping busy which helps with not having much time to think.  I will pray for your beautiful baby girl...I feel so bad for her..and have many prayers being sent her way and your familys way!

Happy your Mother in Law is doing so well!  Maybe this new year will bring new beginnings!!!


stansgirl2004 said...

You know that I will be praying for your sweet girl
I'm so sorry to hear of her pain. Keep us updated sweetie
Hugs, marina