Wednesday, January 17, 2007

2 Native American tags......

I think if I keep posting these tags I may make a seperate journal specifically for them so you guys can chose to look or not look at them lol.....

The bottom one I used a real picture for the background. Isn't that rainbow beautiful? I love it! I did change the color of it some tho. Since I am just learning to make them I have not started naming the tags cool names yet. To me even that takes imagination lol! I have snagged so many tags with the coolest names.


Well a portion of my kitchen floor is layed now. He went home for the day and will be back in the morning. I had this really (and I mean really) old off white vinyl floor before that over the years has gotten discolored and torn. No matter how much you scrub it it always looks like shit! Wood floors are getting put in. I cannot wait to see it done!

Well I am off to clean some more. I just got done doing my computer room and it smells great in here now!





jgalarza879 said...

I love the feel of a clean house too!!

And wow, your art is amazing girl! Hope all is well!


queeniemart said...

glad the kitchen is underway. Love those tags.
XO lj

carolsixpac said...

wow gorgeous creations!