Thursday, December 14, 2006

Yet another update......

Boy was today a stressful day! My mother in law went in at 7:30 this morning to have the wire put in for her surgery. Then went directly to the hospital from there for pre-op. Her surgery was scheduled for 11. They ended up taking her an hour early.
At around 2 in the afternoon her surgeon came out to talk to us. She was in recover. But they took the first lymph node and tested it and it showed that the cancer had spread! We do not have the results yet if the rest have it also. We should know tomorrow. So they took all of her lymph nodes out during surgery.
Around 3 we all got to go see her once they got her situated in her room. Everyone was very scared for her now that we talked with the surgeon for about 30 minutes about where we go from here since the cancer has spread past her breast. That is what we were hoping had not happened. But she seemed in good spirits none the less.
At around 6 she was SO tired and 6 of us went downstairs to grab something to eat. By 6:30 we got the call that they were rushing her back into the operating room because she had a blood clot, and her breast was about 8 times bigger (swollen) than it should be. So we made the calls that needed to made and went back upstairs. We rode in the elevator with her and kissed her.
I was scared, everyone was scared. But we all put on our best faces for her. About 10 minutes after they took her back to the OR 5 more family members showed up very scared and nervous also. I could tell she was scared and trying to do the same thing we were all doing. I think most of us broke down crying privately in our own places.
Around 9 tonight the surgeon came out and told us that everything had went as planned. They drained the clot, and all the blood that had built up. They only had to reopen the breast area, not the lymph node incision. He said all in all she was doing well. The pastor from her mothers church came and prayed with all of us while waiting. It wasn't until about 11 tonight that they brought her back to her room from recovery and we got to see her.
She has had a LONG day! She was really out of it and sleepy. So we all said our I love you's and headed home. On alert thou that we may have to go back if there are anymore complications. My hubby stayed with her. He will spend the night there and stay with her til whenever he needs to.
So as far as the breast cancer goes, she is doing ok. They think they got it all. Now is the waiting game to see if it has spread to other parts of her body since the Lymph Node tested positive for cancer also.
Let me tell you about my morning before I even got to the hospital. I woke up to get my kids off to school. My daughter got on the bus and went fine. But first I was awaken to my dog getting sick in literally about 20 spots in my house with throw up and the runs! NOT fun to wake up to having to clean up. About half way threw it I got sick and threw up from the smell of it!
Then about 5 minutes before my son was due to get on his bus, he got a bloody nose that caused him to miss his bus, and took an hour to stop!
In the middle of trying to get it to stop, I got a call from my daughters school nurse she was very very sick. She was vomiting at school and balled over in pain! I called my 17 yr old and she was able to come here around noon and watch her for me. I hated to leave her and felt terrible, but my 17 year old laid with her and took good care of her. She proceeded to get sick and hurt badly all day and night until she fell asleep. This Colitis flare up is SO terrible! God do I feel bad for her. The worst part is that there isreally nothing I can do for her. It makes it so damn frustrating!
So once my daughter was here to watch her I headed to the hospital and that is where the beginning of this entry started.
My emotions are soooooo tired right now! I am a bundle of feelings. I am very overwhelmed, scared, frustrated, sad, relieved, happy, angry, just to name a few all mixed into one!
I also just found out that my mother probably has cancer in her kidney's and liver! We took her to Mayo clinic 6 months ago and they did a new CT scan this last week and the masses are all still there. All in all it looks to be 8 of them! This is a whole different entry for a different day.
And I still have not even half of my Christmas shopping done. I just cannot seem to find the time! I am getting a little nervous because time is running out. But Christmas really is not about the material stuff and everything else going on definitely takes priority. I will do what I can and the best I can but that is all I can do. Since my whole family is going threw all of this stress together there is not one person that would not understand if things are not bought, or even ready on Christmas.
I am going to end this now and try to relax for a bit and hope I can sleep tonight and do not get a call to go back to the hospital.
I just really have to wonder................When is enough enough?? How much exactly does god think he can put on one person or families plate at one time??
I usually reread my entries to catch any typos but I do not have the energy to do that tonight.


jadejonez04 said...

OMFG ROBIN WHAT A NITEMARE!!!!  WOW!!!  I am so sorry you are going through all of this stressfull stuff!  HOLY COW!  I hope things improve QUICKLY Praying for you.  HUGS XO

pharmolo said...

What an absolutely dreadful day. Good to hear your mom came through it OK, so far so good at least. Not fun, the rest of it.

therealslimemmy said...

i hope things are done being for the worse and turn up for the better for you and your family!
keeping all in my thoughts and prayers
<3, emily

carolsixpac said...

I so hope they were able to get all of it........its 2008 now and Im doing catch up.