Thursday, December 7, 2006

Remembering last year at this time......

Last year at this time I took my kids to Nashville Tennessee to the Grand Ole Opry. We had a blast! We went to see the show "Ice" and it was SO cold in the exhibit, but it was beautiful! I will post some pictures from it since I think I didn't get around to doing it last Dec ;)

Aren't the parkas cute? We had our own winter coats on under these beautiful things lol....

The things they can do with ice sculptures is so cool! If you ever get the chance to go see this show at Christmas time I would say do it! It was kind of expensive to get in considering you do not spend a lot of time there, since it is so cold. But man it is pretty! Afterwards we took a carriage ride around the Grand Ole Opry for about an hour and that was beautiful also!

We thought of going to Florida next week for a week. But now with everything going on with my daughter we have decided against it. We will stay here and plan for something in the spring.


scotthlori said...

My husband and were planning on spending Christmas in Nashville this year but it didn't work out.  Hopefully, next year.  <fingers crosses>  Great pictures!  Looks like great fun!


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kevinkdog34 said...

Wow now that is neat!!  I would love to take my kids there!! But it is way too far.  

Yep hopfuly in teh spring you will be able to take a vacation...I wish you the  best with your daughter...I hope they can figure something out or at least hope the medicine they have given her works!


carolsixpac said...

wow gorgeous pics!