Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Random pictures...It's been awhile (LOTS of them!)

I am just going to put some random pictures from the last couple months in this entry. So there will be quite a few of them bear with me lol. 

I collect Trail of Painted Ponies, and other Native American things so I thought it would be cool to share a few pics of some of my stuff. The first three are ones I just recently got. Two Christmas ponies, and a beautiful music box.......

The next couple are of my dining room repainted and the window bench I made all by myself! lol

The next two are from my daughters birthday party. See what they did for fun later in the night? lol    The left side is her cousin Anna, then Rayanna, then cousin Maddie, then cousin Amanda (otherwise known as Boogie lol)

Oops it's sideways! The next one is of my mom and sister meeting me for lunch at Benihana's. My sister always brings presents. She is back to her old self again and doing great! And she looks great!

The next 4 are of my daughters dance program at the Mall of America.....

She is 4th one from the right

The next one is my son and a friend of ours. His mom made Josh this HUGE spider man pillow and he loved it they are playing here

Ok last one!! Promise ;) this is my daughter and my sisters new puppy Bourke (named after Doonie and Bourke lol)

I lied, one more of my house. I am not sure where this pic came from but you can all see where I live...The big ole green van is my hubby's. We bought it years ago from my cousin, then he bought it back, and well now we have it again lol. 


lanurseprn said...

These are great pics.  Your home is beautiful!

queeniemart said...

Your daughter has the most beautiful eyes.....i love the pics of your son playing..your home is a showplace, inside and out. i love the horses.....i have never owned a minivan, hard to believe!!! Where is a pic of your gorgeous self?
love you,
lisa jo

daniella12800 said...

Ummm....not one picture of you?  So you know what that need to post more pictures!!! :0)

I love your those are gorgeous.  I really do not collect anything..I used to collect angels..but due to an unfortionate accident I no longer have any left.  My daughter decided to climb the shelf they were on and every one of them broke cause the shelf came crashign down.  So now I collect nothing!! :0)

Your daughter has the most beautiful eyes..they just light up her whole face!!

Hope all is well for you and your daughter is feeling at least a little bit better!


springangel235 said...

I loved all the photos....your home is gorgeous...thanks for also have a lovely family...Happy New Year!!!

carolsixpac said...

Oh my what gorgeous pics---gorgeous family, home and loved all ur collections!