Monday, December 11, 2006

Another update

Hi everyone. Another stressful week and it is only Monday! We got the last two test results back from my daughters test to find out that she is also Lactose Intolerant, and has Esophigitus Reflux. I feel SO bad for her because this flare up of hers has been going on for two months, and she just flat out is not feeling to great still! Her stomach hurts her so bad she balls over and lays on me. She has problems in the bathroom. She is getting fevers, she has a hard time sleeping. So far neither medicine they put her on is helping.
We have a very long appointment tomorrow at the University of MN with my sons Genetics team. We have to be there at 7:30 AM. They have asked us to bring a ton of pictures of him from birth up, and of all surgeries. They have also asked for all of his medical records we have, I asked the woman I had to speak with for about 30 minutes today going over family health history "Do you have a dump truck?" lol
This will be the beginning process to getting some unanswered questions we have had for many years about my son. We will definitely be finding out at least one maybe two or three more Syndromes he has. And this will be the beginning to find out if he is Autistic as well.
Then on Thursday morning at the crack of dawn we will be bringing Bills mom to pre-op for her surgery that morning. They will be taking out the one Lymph node right away and testing it for cancer also. Please pray for her that this cancer has not spread anywhere else. If it shows that it has the whole surgery will change.
My daughter has about 5 days left to take these pills and will end up back in the hospital if she is not getting any better.
Oh and I have bought THREE presents so far! Trying to find the time to get it all done is seeming virtually impossible! I usually LOVE Christmas time. And this year I am just not feeling it. I am not feeling the Joy and Happiness! There is so much sickness and sadness going on. Hubby is scrooge of all scrooges, because this last month and half have been extremely overwhelming for him!
What else? We went to the concert with our moms, and both of our sisters on Friday night. We had a blast! The concert was great. I pictured Air Supply as a quiet mellow concert, but it was loud and funny ;) The lead singer walked the aisles and we were in the 8th row center at the end of the row and my mom was on the aisle seat, so when he walked by her he caressed her face for a few seconds. It was very cute, she loved it! She was the reason we were even there since she loves Air Supply!
Our 4 rooms were two Suites and two standard rooms and each standard room was connected to each suite. And all of the rooms were right across the hall from one another. So after the concert we went to one of the bars there and had a couple drinks. Then went back up to the rooms and took the tables out of each room and put them together in one and played Mexican Dominoes for hours. We had room service bring a couple rounds of drinks up for us also. In the morning we all ate at the yummy buffet and headed home.
My 17 yr old was here overnight watching my kids and they had my house such a damn mess! I was not real happy about that! Another BIG news thing was found out recently also. Our 17 yr old is pregnant also!! It took us aback! We were in the hospital with our 10 year old when we found out. Hubby found out the same day we found out his mother had cancer. So yeah we are a little overwhelmed, and frazzled, and having a hard time dealing with SO much at one time!
NEVER A DULL MOMENT in my world I tell you! Please keep my mother in law and my daughter's in your thoughts still. I will update on her surgery and my daughter as soon as I can.
I hope everyone is doing good. Have a good week!
Love and Hugs,



scotthlori said...

Ohmygosh, that is just so much to handle!  I'd be a mess!  But then again, I get flustered easily!  LOL

I do hope things improve for ya'll.  Some moments of peace at least.


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kevinkdog34 said...


I am so sorry all of this is happening to you.  I can not even imagine how you feel right now.  You and your family are in my thoughts and prayers....

Please email me if you need to talk!!!

On a happy note the concert sounded that would have been neat to be touched by a star!!LOL!


am4039 said...

oh my a lot going on in your life. First of all good luck with all the doctors. I hope they find answers. I don't know what to say about the 17 year old being pregnant. Good luck with everything.

tellsg said...

Oh my word, now I thought I was stressed out.  I hope you can find the strength and humour to cope with everything that is being thrown your way at the moment.  Hugs.  Terry x

carolsixpac said...

Oh honey you and your family have been thru so much!