Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Finally a real entry!


Your Dreams May be Closer than you think......
If you believe you, you will.
Stay focused on what you want to happen,
and don't lost sight of the goals ahead.
You are never alone when you have
others who believe in you.
Borrow their faith in you if yours
is running low.
When you think you can't take
another step,
someone will help you find a way,
even if they must carry you for
And always remember.......
only by believing in your dreams
will you ever know what you are
capable of achieving.
Only by believing in yourself will
your dreams come true!
So reach down deep inside,
bring them out,
and make them come to life!
Hiya everyone. I have a really cool calendar that has awesome inspirations. It hangs in my kitchen and my kids read them. there are some awesome lessons in life in that thing ;)
Hmm lets see, what has been going on with me? Lets start with my daughter. She is doing better, still not using the bathroom what we would consider normal, but she is on antibiotics and a laxative (which she hates! lol). Gwen you were right about the bladder infection part, she definitely had one. But after being on the med's for 6 days they were not happy with her still not peeing only one time per 30+ hours, which is why they were concerned and had me bring her to Children's Hospital. But the great news is her kidneys are functioning perfectly so that is not the cause of any of these problems.
She also just got her first period last Friday! she is 10! reminded me very quickly how fast she is growing up to get that call from her at school that day! She did awesome thou, we have had that talk and I have explained the whole process to her many times before so she was calm and ok with it.....whew! :)
I posted pictures of my bathroom awhile back and commented that I hated the carpet in there. Carpet does not belong next to a shower and tub! It is gone now, I had it tiled and it looks great!
Last night I painted my dining room. The woman who owned this house before me was older and she TRIED to get really creative in every and I mean every room in this house. But her creative side must not have been flowing the days she painted! room by room I have been updating and making things match, and redoing her paint jobs that were 3 different colors per room, and terrible!
We painted it a dark brown, I was kind of worried about it turned out great! It looks awesome! I am going to be getting a new dining room table and hutch for my dining room. I have a really nice solid oak one now, but I really want a dark set, almost rustic looking to go with all my Native American themed things I have in my one big hutch in there.
I collect Trail of Painted Ponies and have a lot of them, I collect Indiandolls and have quiet a few of them also. I have also over the years traveling and going to pow wows collected just random beautiful things like baskets, figurines, wolves, eagles ect.
I am very proud of the things I have found over the years and love to display them!! The best place to find great stuff is at random pow wows because there is always different stuff you would never find at say Target, Walmart, or a mall.
My sisters baby shower was on Saturday at my brothers house and a lot of family from up north came down for it. It was really fun! I bought her a TON of stuff! She is definitely set for a little bit. She got so many cool and cute things! She is doing ok. I worry about her because her B/F is really a dickhead! (pardon my french!). He calls her names ALL the time. I wanna smack him lol
She is trying hard to do the right thing, and it seems he drags her down. He makes her so unhappy. When she is with me, my mother, or anyone else she is laughing and carefree then when he comes around she is down. But what can I do? absolutely nothing. I can talk to her and hope a little sinks in. I can remind her she has worked very hard to get her life together and she is beautiful and has a ton to offer and that she does not need to deal with his shit. But beyond that it is her life and her choices to make.
He is very insecure, and very controlling. He has to be with her every time she even goes to see my mom. That to me is bull! She is still very young and if she wants to spend a day with her mother he should let her. No man would ever tell me I was not allowed to spend time with my family unless he was there. It does NOT work that way!
So I worry that she is so young now and letting him treat her this way, what is she going to do as she gets older? My daughter spent the night with her about a week ago, and Kate and J were fighting because she wanted to go with my daughterto hang out at my moms house. He turned around and said to my 10 year old in reference to something she said......"Because your aunt is a whore!"...... WTF??? That is not ok ever! I do not ever talk to my kids like that so this young man sure and the hell is not going to!
So if he is willing to talk to my 10 year old like that about her what the hell is he going to do with their baby? Can you tell this is a touchy subject with me? The sailor in me came out more than usual lmao!
After my sisters shower her and the jerk and 5 other people came back to my house and we played games and karaoke all night. Everyone spent the night because we were up so late. We had a blast. We play Mexican dominoes for like 3 hours that game is so fun!
We went over to our daughters place last night to pick up all of our painting stuff. It stunk SO bad in there! I went over there last month and put the whole house together for them and I think it is safe to say they have not done one thing in there since.  It's funny her B/F comes over here and calls more than she does! She does not call hardly ever and when she does it is because she needs money or to use our puters or washer and dryer. I guess that is the way it goes tho huh? But that doesn't mean I have to like it!
My hubby is going up north to hang out with the boys for a few days today. He will be gone til this weekend. I told him last night to go. He said ok, so that's that ;)
You know I have been thinking a lot about "me" lately and have came to a point in my life as a woman and a mother, that I am trully fearless of ever having to do it all alone! I think back to my 20's and I was scared to death! I'm not anymore. It is a very calming feeling to lose that fear. It feels great as a woman to know without a doubt that I will ALWAYS be ok, I will always have the strength I need to do whatever it is that needs to be done.
Well I will end this now it got really long. And think I was just getting started!! I will try to update more often again. I hope everyone is having a great day!
I love you and hugs!!!
one last picture of my daughter as a baby. I love this picture of her!



lanurseprn said...

I'm new to your journal and was reading trying to get a feel for you and your family.  Your baby girl is gorgeous!!  Those eyes!!  OMG so pretty!  
Nice to meet you.  

carolsixpac said...

gorgeous pic!