Sunday, November 5, 2006

A bit better today

Thank you very much for the comments.  I am still very sick but the swelling is going down! I actually managed to eat half a bowl of soup yesterday afternoon even tho it did make my throat bleed (because it was so swollen) and late last night I drank a malt.  I am about 50% better. But man oh  man did this Strep kick my ass! I am considering trying to get my tonsils taken out because I flat out do not have the time or energy to be this sick again with something that I thought you weren't even supposed to get as an adult anymore and sure the hell not at this level!
I have been totally out of commission since last Wednesday! My hubby has been great and did the best he can.  But my house is a mess, my washer managed to break a day into me being sick (and EVERYTHING bedding wise, ect needs to be washed),  I am a week behind paying any bills that I usually pay around the first of the month,  I have no groceries in my fridge,  my truck desperately needs a oil change,  I missed both my kids conferences (hubby took them) which is a first ever, my dog needs to be groomed,  my S-Video cable died on my big screen so you can hear it but get no picture, I could go on and on but my point is in a weeks time everything seemed to fall apart so it is a damn good thing I am starting to feel better!
I am not going to push myself I will take it easy for another day or two but I have SO much to catch up on once I am all the way better! My 10 year old has been such a sweetheart! She keeps freezing towels and bringing me a fresh cold one every 3 hours or so to go on my head, throat, or neck. She keeps bringing me thermometer to take my temp, she lays with me and rubs my head, or just lays by me to keep me company and plays on her laptop.  Every time I wake up she asks "How are you feeling mom?".  She is such a angel! I love that little girl so much!
Well that's it for today I just didn't want you all to worry! Your comments are so sweet! I love you all!
Hugs and more to hugs to you,


queeniemart said...

Good Lord, it ALL did go wrong at once, huh?! Let me tell you something..if you get your tonsils out now you are going to be half dead and so sick. Maybe after they are out and you have healed you would feel 100% better but the recovery for adults is a HARD one.
Wish i could come over and help you. I am glad Hubby andyour daughter have been so good to you.
LOVE,lisa jo

ashleekr said...

Glad you are feeling better!  Isn't that just how life works? Everything goes wrong at once - that is pretty much how my life goes!  Take care of yourself!

therealslimemmy said...

glad to hear you are doing a bit better robyn!
take it easy a bit longer dont rush back into things
<3, emily