Thursday, October 26, 2006

Relaxed! A couple new pics

Hiya everyone! It has been a quiet day today. Hubby and I got the kids off to school this morning and he headed up north right after. So I cleaned a little bit and watched TV and relaxed all day! Now the kids are getting home and I need to clean some more and make dinner but thats ok it is still quiet and I feel relaxed ;)

Here is my daughter Rayanna's school pic I scanned.....

The next one is just plain ole me....I have been messing around with different things on my photo program. I have never really used borders or frames on any of my pictures. It is really cool how many different options there are!

And this last one is one of my sister I found a couple weeks ago when she was very young. But I love the picture!! It is hard to look at that then realize she is going to be having her own baby in about 3 months!

I am trying to plan a trip to Florida over Christmas break for a week. When we go we always rent a house versus hotels. We pay about the same but get the convienence of a whole house, with full kitchen, a heated pool, ect. It is awesome!

I have been getting shooting pains in the lower right side of my head for about a week now. I think I figured out what it is from tho, I think I have a very very tight muscle in my neck on right side and it is making the pain shoot into the back of my head. My hubby tried to rub it out last night and did loosen it up quite a bit, and it cracked repeatedly while he was doing it. But now today the pains are back. Think it might be time to go see my Chiro again!

It's hard to believe Christmas is just a couple months away again! I asked all the kids for lists by next week so I can try to be done really early this year! I was proud of myself last year I finished about a week early, so I am shooting for at least a couple weeks early this year ;)

We usually always go to my brothers for Thanksgiving and it has beenthat way for many years now. But this year his wife is going to be in Texas with her parents and at a UKC Dog Show her and my niece are entered in. So we are having it at my mothers house. That should be interesting, we have not done any holidays at her house in a LONG time. My sister called me last night and asked if we would teach her and her B/F how to make a ham the way we do at Christmas time.

We will still have Christmas Eve dinner here at my house like always tho. It is tradition. I'm sure for any of you who read my whole journal you can see and know that I LOVE Christmas time. I love decorating my house, and I love playing Christmas music, I love lighting a fire, I love a beautiful tree with lots of presents under it, I love sitting around with my whole family on Christmas eve spending time together. I just flat out love everything about Christmas!

You know I was looking at different entries on my journal and realized that it is all very real and me, but I have a secret to confess that you would not be able to tell by my entries!

I cuss like a sailor sometimes lol!! You guys get the edited versions.

Well I need to end this and go wait for my son to get off the bus.

I hope everyone had a great day!! Hugs, Robyn


queeniemart said...

you AND your daughter are drop dead gorgeous!! Love those pics. Where do you go in Florida when you go on vac?
HUGS, lisa

ashleekr said...

I do my share of cussing like a sailor as well ;)

carolsixpac said...

Beautiful pictures!!