Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Ok a real entry this time ;)


Hi everyone. I was trying to figure out how to put videos on my page so I had a couple test entries Sorry lol. I love this song.
Last night at about 3 am I got so sick! I was throwing up for over a hour. Then again this morning. I think I have some 24-48 hour bug. Not fun!!
My daughter got her school pictures back today I will scan it later and show you. It is very cute.
Well the carpet in my bathroom is officially gone (can you say YEAH!). Yesterday morning the worker came around 8 AM and started pounding and banging, I am having my shower re-tiled also. The carpet is being replaced with a medium white tile. It is going to look so much better! Then it will be time to tear the wallpaper down and redo the walls also. It should all be done by Friday.
My kids are getting older. My daughter came home today and asked if she could go trick or treating around our neighborhood with two of her friends instead of us. I have always taken the kids and didn't think it would be any different this year. I told her I would really like for her to come with us for at least an hour and then she can go with her friends for another hour. We have a huge neighborhood with tons of houses right here so I am not worried about her going out with her friends. But it just reminds me that she is getting older and wanting a little independence :(
I guess I can't still go trick or treating with her when she is a teenager. It might cramp her style lmao
I found out yesterday when hubby and I took the kids up to eat brunch at the buffet at the casino on my reservation that Air Supply is coming there on Dec. 8th. I grew up listening to them because my mother LOVED Air Supply. I remember the first time she ever ordered a pay pre-view show it was their concert. She had a friend come over and they were like little girls watching it. It was funny.
So I thought it would be really cool to take her to this concert and surprise her. I called my brother and sister about all of us going  if nothing is already planned they are both willing to go. So what I am going to do is rent two suites, and two regular rooms for all of us to be able to spend the night up their and we will all go the concert then hang out. It should be really fun. I called earlier to see if we could get 8 tickets, and the 4 rooms side by side and it is looking like we can. It should be fun. I think my mom will have a blast.
My daughter Rayanna started hip hop dance about a month ago and she is loving it. It is really cool. She found out last night that she will have her first show in December at the Mall of America. It is a huge dance program that her school she goes to is just a part of. They show all different types of dance. Personally I think the Mall of America is over rated. It is to big and takes forever to get from one place to another. I live 10 minutes from it so I guess that is why it is not that big of a deal to me.
It's hard to believe people travel from other countries to visit it lol! But her show should be awesome. I can't wait to see her up on the stage in the middle of mall ;) I will bring my camera and take a small video of it and let everyone see it.
Well that's it for today. I hope everyone had a great day!
HUGS, Robyn


therealslimemmy said...

hi robyn i know i'm behind i hope your bughas passed and you are feeling better

carolsixpac said...

What a nice present for your mom.
I had my daughter in dance too and it is so special to see them perform.