Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Never a dull moment!

 Well I do not think that yesterday could have gotten any worse! It started out in the morning taking my daughter to court for that fight she got into last month(which was dismissed). On the way home my truck redlined everytime it tried to go into 2nd gear.

So we knew it was something with the transmission. We took it to TSI, a place that family has went for years and years. He called back around 2 and hubby said "Hi, how are you?" his response...."better than you". Hmm pretty sure that is not good lol! My transmission has to be completely replaced!! Usually runs about $2800.00, he is going to do it for us for around $2000.00! Still can you say OUCH!! But I love my truck so there was no question wether to fix it or not fix it. But I sure and the hell can think of other things I would rather do with two thousand damn dollars!

So then while finishing up my daughters room I get a email from my sons Cranio Surgeon in DC to inform me of this........

Before I tell you let me remind of who this man is. Dr. Robert Gorlin is the world renowned retired Genetisist who diagnosed my son when he was a day old. He went back to work and Dr. Posnick in DC told us since he was practicing again at the University of MN that we should start seeing him for a new set of genetic testing. We were told there is not another doctor in the USA with the level of knowledge he has on cranio issues and genetics. He said that he would maybe be able to give us some answers as to what other syndrome he has.

Now that I explained all that you will understand why this email devastated me. The email was to inform me that Dr. Gorlin passed away! From the sounds of it he is going to missed very much from ALOT of people in the medical field aside from his family and friends.

Now I am not sure who I am supposed to see for these answers. Dr. Posnick said to go ahead and still make an appointment with someone from his group and of course I will do that. But it is not the same as seeing what other doctors the "god" of all docs.

Then at 11 last night I get a call from my daughter that her head hurt so bad she could'nt stand it and she had to go the Emergency Room. She was there until around 1:30am. She is ok they think from her sleeping on the floor at her new place that she just had some terrible kinks in her neck and that is what was causing it. I think that she also has been not getting enough sleep, or eating right, and maybe even drinking so top that off with sleeping on a floor without any carpet padding and yeah I bet she does have a hell of a headache.

Two nights ago we filled a trailer full with all of the bigger furniture we gave to her and dropped it off. We had not been over there since we walked out that night and the place was such a damn mess! Explain to me how when she barely had anything moved in yet she could make such a mess! The paint trays from when we there were even still sitting on the counter.

I am not going to go over there and clean her house (trust me I wanted to! lol) She thinks she is so grown up I will have to let her learn once she can't take it anymore because it is so gross that she is going to have to clean up after herself.

I need a break! My house is finally looking half way clean again now that Amanda's stuff is out of here and my daughter is back in a bedroom. Because man oh man was it a mess. It was driving me nuts! I cannot relax at all when my house is all disorganized!

I am off to do dishes. Hope everyone had a good day!

Hugs, Robyn         


jadejonez04 said...

OH mannnnnn  that does sound like a heckuva day Robyn!!  I hope things improve today.  And when I was your daughters age and moved out, um I lived with other people and I think we cleaned the house a few times a year........  I stuck to my boyfriends room, I didn't venture out into the house much... ahhh those were the days.  She'll learn soon enough or she's just going to be messy -period.  BIG HUGS XOOXOX

queeniemart said...

i am so truly sorry for the death of your beloved doctor. I know how hard it is to trust doctors and this man knew exactly how to care for your son. I hope the next one is just as competent.
I think its wonderful that you are helping your daughter. I hope she appreciates it!

ashleekr said...

I am sorry about the death of your doctor.  I am with you on organization - it drives me NUTS to have a disorganized house.  I think I may have a touch of OCD hehe
Hugs, Ash

carolsixpac said...

I was so sorry to hear about the doctor passing............
Re your daughter...its called tough love.........

I am so hoping things get better.