Sunday, October 15, 2006

My little man

Hi everyone! I am going to make this entry about my son Joshua. He has this love for life that you can see just looking at him! He smiles at the sky, the wind blowing on his face, trees, he laughs at so many different things on TV, he smiles and laughs at babies crying. He will look out his bedroom window and smile at birds and crack up laughing.
He lives in a world that seems so simple. So simple compared to the daily life we live. A world that if we all lived in it really may be a better world. He has had 3 Cranial Vaults (reconstruction of his whole skull), and a few other surgeries. He spent the first year and half of his life in the hospital.
He spent a month each Cranial Vault in the hospital. Yet you see this peace about him that you do not see in other peoples eyes. The peace that he is not concerned with what is going on around him, or what other people think.
Now most of what I am explaining is here at home when it is just us (his family). Take him out of OUR element and then he is not so happy. He feels safe here at home around his dad, me and his sisters.
Anytime of the day you will catch him in any kind of mirror he can find in the house. IE. Dishwasher, stove, fireplace glass, hutches, bathroom. Dancing, making funny faces, laughing at himself if he does something silly, just simply staring at himself and thinking he is the coolest thing around! (WHICH he IS!! :)
He doesn't talk so he basically makes sounds like a baby still. And once in awhile a new sound will come out of his mouth and OMG does he think that is hilarious! He will continue to do and be laughing so hard that he can't even get the whole noise out lmao!
He cannot stand it when any door in our house is open. He will walk around and close them after anyone leaves them open. He is extra careful doing anything he does. As a matter of fact he will not do it unless sure he is safe doing it.
He does not know how to actually give a kiss with his mouth closed, but he knows to put his lips to yours and that just started last year and I about cried and held him and didn't let go the first time he gave me a "kiss"! I had never had that from him and it melted me!! One routine we have is during bedtime he gets up in bed, then gets tucked in. We will say "Goodnight" to him and he will lean his forehead in to you to kiss. Then when you say "I love you" to him he will no matter how far away he is from you put his lips on yours. And it happens this way every night. He has the two words that trigger different kisses for him.
He has SO many toys, to the point that it was almost hard for any of us (grandmas, aunts, uncles, ect) to buy him anything at Christmas and Birthday time. Because he has been stuck at a 3-4 year old range for years. So if you walked down the aisles of Target, ToysRus, ect. He had just about everyone there was. He LOVES Rescue Heroes, and any kind of dolls like Robots, Toy Story that have arms and legs that he can make do things. He LOVES Rolie Polie Olie with a passion!!
BUT he has this one little umbrella that he got with a Little People House when he was around 2 that he loves and will get very upset if he cannot have it. He lives and breathes this little umbrella and if it gets taken away from him at night that will be the first thing he thinks about when he wakes up the next day is getting it back in his hands. I have NO idea why he loves this thing the way he does, but we always make sure to never go on a trip without it lol! I will put a picture of him with it at the end of the entry.
Well I could keep on telling you more and more but my point behind this entry is to let you all see what a cool little boy he is. Sometimes we just watch him here because you never know what he is going to do lol. When you look at him this almost 8 year old boy in the body of a 3-4 year old and can clearly see he is different then watch him you can see he appreciates the simple things in life a lot more than you or I do everyday of his life.
My 10 year old Rayanna has said on more than one occasion she wishes she could switch bodies with him even if only for a day just to get a full view on what he is thinking everyday, and what it is like to live in his world. And to give him the chance to live in her world. His sisters love him more than imaginable!
Between myself, hubby, and sisters we are his safe haven. We try to live life as normal as possible everyday of our lives with him. We talk to him constantly, we try to let him do the things that we all do even if he is unable to. Yes we get frustrated some days, and get sad some days. But in the big picture we are trully blessed to have him! I have lived and breathed Joshua since even before he came into this world. I love him even tho I wish I could take it all away and give him what most would call a normal life. Sometimes I think if everyones lives were as simple as Joshua's we would all be happier.
It is a question I will never have the answer to. And that's ok I really do not need one. Listening to people talk over the years and comments people make to us. We have heard mention of putting him in some sort of home to be raised. It is not now or ever been an option to do that! I will never do that! I have gotten angry at people very close to us for even putting that into our conversation! My son has far to much to give, and learn, and far to much love from right here in this house to ever walk away from that!
We may very well be in this for the duration of his life. Even as he turns into an adult and if that is the way it turns out well then so be it! I hope and pray for his sake that he will be able to live some sort of "normal" life someday and be independent but I honestly do not know if that will happen. One day at a time, and everything will always be ok!
Well I am going to end this entry now. I hope everyone had a great weekend! It is beautiful outside today!! It was 30 last night now it is about 60 again.
Hugs, Robyn
Here is his umbrella ;)

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carolsixpac said...

Ohh he is just so cute and ur such a great mom! U have a wonderful family!!!