Sunday, October 8, 2006

Long overdue entry

 Hmmmm where to start? I have not wrote a entry in about a week! I will start with my daughter and what happened over at her new place 4 days ago.

We were over there painting her kitchen cabinets and her and her boyfriend where in one of the bedrooms right next to kitchen painting the trim. It got REAL quiet and trust me neither one of them is quiet so I went in there to find her doing FAR more than she should have been doing with her parents in the next room!!! We are not stupid and know she is sexually active and have had many many talks about protecting herself always and getting pregnant and std's.

On that same note we have also had talks about her moving out on her own knowing she will be free to do whatever she wants whenever she wants, but we have asked her on more than one occasion to respect the fact that we do not like it and not to put in our face basically.

So to then catch them RIGHT in the next room was a huge smack in the face to me!! I felt so hurt, disrespected, disappointed, and angry! I went back into the kitchen hubby asked what they were doing. I told him and she came out there and asked some trivial question and I told her I knew what she was doing because UM his fly was still wide open when he turned a little and she didn't say a word. No I'm sorries, no nothing!

We left and came home. I have been bending over backwards to make this place livable, clean, and nice. I have spent so many hours over there to help her out. I have spent so much money buying her stuff. I have given her countless things to furnish her house. So to me this was the ultimate disrespect! I am done helping.

I love her to pieces but if she is that disrespectful and wants to grow up so fast then she can do the rest on her own! I think back to when I was her age and granted I lived in my own apartment at 15 I think back to times I did see my mother, and times that she was around and my mother really gave me few reasons to respect her and I still NEVER would have been sexual with her a wall away!

Here at home I am in the process of moving my 10 year olds room back upstairs into Amanda's old room and man what a job! Since her room flooded before we went to DC she has pretty much been roomless. We sort of made her a bedroom in the dining room waiting for the upstairs bedroom to be open when Amanda left. But besides moving everything and having to clean each and every thing since it stunk so bad down there from the water. I also have been making her new shelves (which I will take pics of tomorrow), and reupholstering this cool half circle lounge thing she has and it is all so time consuming! But the shelves turned out really cute, and the half of the lounger I have done looks great so far too!

I took my son to the dentist two days ago to have a panoramic xray done because he is going to be 8 on the 19th of this month and has still never lost a tooth! His cranial surgeon wanted the panoramic done to make sure he has his adult teeth there. Well this machine is set up so stupidly and after repeated tries his dad and I trying to reach here and reach there because the machine is set up so stupidly they did not get one good xray!

We told them that because Josh's head had to be restrained and he had to bite down on the little tube that there was noway in hell they were going to be able to get the pics without sedation. So the dentist called all the bigger hospitals around here and noone does sedation for this panoramic xray! I am not sure what we are going to do. I came home and emailed his surgeon for some advice. Oh man was Josh pissed after 30 minutes of trying. We told them we were done it wasn't going to happen!

Well I have lots more I could write about but it is almost 4am and I need some sleep! Gnite and hugs everyone. Hope you had a great weekend!



queeniemart said...

i would also be very hurt if that had happened to are such an excellent mom and you go out of your way and they cant wait until you leave?!!!! What a slap in the face. Sorry that you werent able to get your sons xray done. I hope someone near by can help you!

carolsixpac said...

I am so sorry to hear what happened on both counts.