Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Been so sleepy all day

 Hiya everyone. I have not been feeling good all day today! I slept almost all day! Which is totally strange for me. Then tonight I showered and hubby had done everything and fed the kids dinner so we decided to take them to see Open Season. This is the first time Josh has ever been in an actual theatre and we lucked out and NOONE else was in there with us lol. He did great for most of the movie. It was a really cute movie.

When we left the movie it was 32 degrees and had SNOWED while we where in the movie! Man was it cold! My daughter lost her jacket, no idea how you lose a winter coat but she did so we stopped after movie and found her a really cute down jacket and gloves, hat, and scarf.

When we got home there was a message from my other daughter that her b/f got a job he is starting Friday doing roofing outside. The kid came here from Tennessee with no winter coat so we came home and went thru hubbies coats and hoodies and found a huge pile of them we brought over to their house for him and a hat and gloves. He would have been freezing working outside so now he should be good until he gets some money to buy whatever he wants. Lucky for him tho we both still wear (but hubby applys to what we gave him) really cool cute clothes lol.

My truck should hopefully be fixed tomorrow or Friday at the latest. I am missing it and can't wait to get it back! With a big ass dent in my pocket book when it gets picked up ;)

Well I am going to read some journals and play City of Villains for a bit then hit the hay again. I should be wide awake as much as I slept today but that dosn't seem to be the case. Maybe it is just stress making my body take it easy today, who knows?

Hope everyone had a great day!

Hugs, Robyn

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jadejonez04 said...

Feel better hon, nice that you could help your daughter and her bf out like that......  HUGS