Sunday, September 24, 2006

Thanks Gwen got this from your journal


I Live: Minute by minute somedays.

I Work: From the moment I wake up til the moment I go to sleep, I am a stay at home mom.

I Talk: to my sister in law everyday.

I Wish: I could come home for one week and have it be as clean as it is when I clean it lol.

I Enjoy:Spending time with my family, lighting a fire and watching TV.

I Look: Very natural almost always, I wear minimal makeup and no hair products

I Find: Unshaven faces on men for a couple days very very sexy!

I Smell: Stuffed green peppers

I Think: I am a very loyal and very loving (sometimes to much I think).

I Listen: All the time, I am a great listener and will not judge you ever!

I Hide: Many, many hurtful things from my past

I Walk: All the time while cleaning, shopping, ect

I Write: In my journal not enough. I also write poems sometimes

I See: My bigscreen TV in front of me.

I Sing: All of the time!

I Laugh: If something is funny, or I have a tendency to laugh when I am in pain lol.

I Can: Do anything I put my mind to.

I Watch: American Idol

I Learn: From my mistakes usually.

I Dream: But do not remember it all of the time.

I Want: Happiness and health for my family and myself.

I Cry:When I watch Extreme Makeover.

I Read: Journals and romance books.

I Love: Feeling a cool breeze while my windows are open, and the smell of fresh cut grass.

I Sometimes: Feel like crawling into a hole.

I Hurt: When my kids are hurting!

I Fear: snakes

I Hope: That the lessons in life I try to teach my kids everyday will actually stick with them as they get older.

I Broke: A glass loading the dishwasher.

I Eat: Benihana's shrimp whenever given the opportunity!

I Quit: Trying to figure Bi-Polar out and realized without proper treatment it will always remain what it is.

I Bathe: When I have time, I shower all the time.

I Drink: Aquafina Raspberry water, and Mountain Dew when I need a little caffeine.

I Save: All cards from my kids and hubby.

I Hug: My family all of the time, everyday!

I Meditate: Not technically, but I go to a quiet place and listen to music very loudly, and light candles.

I Play: City of Villains, and neopets sometimes.

I Miss: My son Anthony, my daughter Alyssa, and my grandpa everyday!

I Forgive: Sometimes to easily.

I Drive: a Dodge Durango R/T to fast when my kids aren't in the car.

I Have: a very calming voice.

I Cant: Understand all the shitty things that happen in this world now. (The news is terrible usually to watch, always bad news)

I Don't: know why my dog randomly humps people lmao!

I Kiss: My family everyday!

I Believe: in soulmates, and dreams coming true!

I Feel: Wore out emotionally right now.

I Know: I will always be here for my children!

I Wonder: Where I will be in 10 years.

I wanted to say "Welcome Home Tony" Emily's husband will be home today sometime! I am so happy for her and Ms. O!



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