Friday, September 29, 2006


 Hi guys! I am tired! We were at my daughters new place until 5am painting. We had her stay at home with the kids and hubby and I went over there after they were in bed to paint. BUT at around 4am we went into this door that technically is not part of her apartment, and we found alot of mold in the basement area! It needs to get cleaned up period or we are not letting her move there. NOT a chance! This morning the landlord said he planned to take care of it.

Bottom line is he bought this tri-plex a year and a half ago and considered tearing it down. But has continued to rent it out because the two other units have had the same two tenants for years now and he did not want to have to ask them to move. But he is trying to figure out where to draw the line of renovating because he fully intends to tear it down in a couple years. I would not call him a slumlord, he purchased the property from a longtime friend of his that lost his son and lost all grasp on life when it happened.

This friend of his allowed this property to turn into a shithole after he lost his son. So this current owner was more or less trying to help him out and bought the place from him. I think from listening to him talk he had NO idea what he was getting himself into when he purchased the place. He said that it took 3 tries to even close on the place, because his attorney would not close because the first 2 times the previous owner showed up drunk. So the 3rd attempt he went and picked him up at 7AM and brought him to sign the papers so he would be half way sober.

I am a very compassionate person and I feel for the previous owner because losing a child is the worst thing imaginable! And I also feel for this new owner who also has compassion and does not want to throw 2 other units out on thier asses. But the bottom line is all compassion aside we are talking about a place my daughter is going to be living and breathing and calling her home. If it is not safe she will not live there.

So now we are kind of playing the waiting game. We planned on spending tonight and tomorrow there finishing what we were doing for her, then moving her in on Sunday and now we do not know what the hell to do. He also agree'd to put new carpet in the living room and hallway and that has to be done tomorrow, so we are waiting on that also.

I guess we will head over there tonight and see if anything has been done in this basement area and if not go from there.

I got a free trip for two to Las Vegas sent to me from my reservation for the middle of Oct. It includes airfare, hotel, and meals for 4 days. I am not sure yet if I am going to go I am not sure. Sounds fun but it is kind of short notice. And things with hubby and I are still anything from ok so that makes me wonder if we should go or not too! We have so much going on with our kids right now that we are just sort of going with the motions and that is about it.

This next week coming up I have 5 different appointments for the kids, and 2 of my own. So it will be another crazy week! Well thats about it for now. I took a break from cleaning my kitchen to write an entry so I will end it for now.

I just realized I have not put any pictures in here in awhile so I will add a few to close this lol.......................

What do they say "this is where the magic happens?" lmao My bedroom......


queeniemart said...

GORGEOUS bedroom! LOVE the blue, its my favorite color. I hope he gets rid of that mold!

jadejonez04 said...

BLue is my fave color too, very soothing room I love it!! NICE!

ashleekr said...

Love your bedroom - slowly catching up on alerts :)

carolsixpac said...

Lovely bedroom--love blue--great job!