Thursday, September 28, 2006


  Hi everyone! We went over to my daughters new place yesterday to clean and start trying to make it a little more homey for her. Well we found some things in the place that we were not ok with and ended up coming home and meeting the owner of the house this afternoon to discuss fixing the things.

He is workable. Like I said before the place is nothing special but with a mop bucket, cleaners, candles, paint, ect it will be very cute for her. Reguardless tho the things that needed to be fixed for it to even be safe like a couple windows that are not supported and close to falling out, no door knob on backdoor, some mangled vents. Really all minor stuff but it should be fixed before Amanda moves in there.

He agree'd today to put new carpet in the living room because the stuff that is there now is so nasty and dirty! And we have a ton leftover from my basement being done so we are going to put that in her bedroom for her. We are also putting new tiles in her kitchen. Just the cheap stick on ones but we did one pack of them last night and WOW what a difference.

We are heading back over there after dinner to paint the living room so that it will be done before the carpet goes in tomorrow morning. The woman who previously rented this home with her two boys took dirty house to a whole new level! We had to see past all of her messes and piles of stuff when we looked at the place to begin with. So we had not even seen it cleaned out til yesterday and she told the owner she had shampooed the carpets and trust me everything I vacuumed out of those carpets last night proved they were NOT shampooed and I would say it is safe to say maybe not even vacuumed in quite some time!

It is getting cold in Minnesota~! 48 degrees today. Both my daughters and I have had terrible colds for the last two days. Not fun being sick when you can't slow down to take it easy lol. I have been taking Tylenol Cold and then at nightime the nightime stuff. Seems to work for a few hours so it's all good :)

Oh yes, I met my sister at her Ultrasound yesterday morning andher son is perfect and healthy!!! They read something wrong at her clinic. He is growing right on track and looks great! WHAT A RELIEF! I was so happy for her! Her due date is on my sister in laws birthday Feb. 28th.

Well I am off to make some dinner then going to clean and paint. Hope everyone had a great day! Hugs, Robyn


jadejonez04 said...

I am so glad the baby is ok!! PHEW......  it's going to be that cold here in NY soon... not fun.. Just got over being sick myself...  *sigh summer goes TOO fast if you ask me.  HUGS

queeniemart said...

i have a cold too...miserable. You are brave to clean that apt...i HATE moving and cleaning new places....darn shame the previous tenant was a slob.

carolsixpac said...

ohhhh I am so so glad to hear about your sister and that the baby is doing fine-praise God!!!!