Saturday, September 30, 2006

Got this from Life's a Circus



A litte bit about me:

1. FIRST NAME : Robyn

2. MIDDLE NAME : Michelle
4. WHEN DID YOU LAST CRY? Last night
5. DO YOU LIKE YOUR HANDWRITING? Sort of, I write very small

7. KIDS? TO many!! lol..... 3 here at home


10. DO YOU USE SARCASM A LOT? Sometimes I do
12. WOULD YOU BUNGEE JUMP? Hmmm no I don't think so

13. FAVORITE CEREAL? Hot cereals like oatmeal, cream of wheat. Otherwise Grape Nuts

15. DO YOU THINK YOU ARE STRONG? Yes very much so


17. SHOE SIZE? 7 1/2 & 8
18. RED OR PINK? Pink

20. WHOM DO YOU MISS THE MOST? My son Anthony, my daughter Alyssa, and my grandpa!

Black pants, and barefoot
23. LAST THING YOU ATE? Culvers sourdough melt
My fan
I would be black

26. FAVORITE SMELL? Sage and Citrus, or different types of berries

I snagged it so it wasn't sent lol
30. FAVORITE DRINK? Captain Coke, or Raspberry Aquafina

31. FAVORITE SPORT? To watch? Boxing. To play simple things now pool, bowling, darts
32. HAIR COLOR? Dark brown

33. EYE COLOR? Hazel
35. FAVORITE FOOD? I think everyone knows this answer! Benihana's Shrimp

White and pink
38. FAVORITE DESSERT? Strawberry Shortcake, or Rhubarb Pie

40. LEAST LIKELY TO RESPOND? I have no idea lol
41. WHAT BOOK ARE YOU READING? None right now

42. WHAT'S ON YOUR MOUSE PAD? I do not have a mouse pad

43. WHAT DID YOU WATCH LAST NIGHT ON TV? Trick my Truck, and Def Jam Comedy
44. FAVORITE SOUNDS? Rain falling and thunder. My kids laughing
46. THE FURTHEST YOU'VE BEEN FROM HOME? I have been just about everywhere in the USA except California, New Mexico and Arizona

49. DO YOU HAVE A SPECIAL TALENT? Would'nt you like to know? ;) Yes I have a couple
I was born April 12th in Bertha Minnesota. A very small town in Northern MN

Ok your turn.........................................

Friday, September 29, 2006


 Hi guys! I am tired! We were at my daughters new place until 5am painting. We had her stay at home with the kids and hubby and I went over there after they were in bed to paint. BUT at around 4am we went into this door that technically is not part of her apartment, and we found alot of mold in the basement area! It needs to get cleaned up period or we are not letting her move there. NOT a chance! This morning the landlord said he planned to take care of it.

Bottom line is he bought this tri-plex a year and a half ago and considered tearing it down. But has continued to rent it out because the two other units have had the same two tenants for years now and he did not want to have to ask them to move. But he is trying to figure out where to draw the line of renovating because he fully intends to tear it down in a couple years. I would not call him a slumlord, he purchased the property from a longtime friend of his that lost his son and lost all grasp on life when it happened.

This friend of his allowed this property to turn into a shithole after he lost his son. So this current owner was more or less trying to help him out and bought the place from him. I think from listening to him talk he had NO idea what he was getting himself into when he purchased the place. He said that it took 3 tries to even close on the place, because his attorney would not close because the first 2 times the previous owner showed up drunk. So the 3rd attempt he went and picked him up at 7AM and brought him to sign the papers so he would be half way sober.

I am a very compassionate person and I feel for the previous owner because losing a child is the worst thing imaginable! And I also feel for this new owner who also has compassion and does not want to throw 2 other units out on thier asses. But the bottom line is all compassion aside we are talking about a place my daughter is going to be living and breathing and calling her home. If it is not safe she will not live there.

So now we are kind of playing the waiting game. We planned on spending tonight and tomorrow there finishing what we were doing for her, then moving her in on Sunday and now we do not know what the hell to do. He also agree'd to put new carpet in the living room and hallway and that has to be done tomorrow, so we are waiting on that also.

I guess we will head over there tonight and see if anything has been done in this basement area and if not go from there.

I got a free trip for two to Las Vegas sent to me from my reservation for the middle of Oct. It includes airfare, hotel, and meals for 4 days. I am not sure yet if I am going to go I am not sure. Sounds fun but it is kind of short notice. And things with hubby and I are still anything from ok so that makes me wonder if we should go or not too! We have so much going on with our kids right now that we are just sort of going with the motions and that is about it.

This next week coming up I have 5 different appointments for the kids, and 2 of my own. So it will be another crazy week! Well thats about it for now. I took a break from cleaning my kitchen to write an entry so I will end it for now.

I just realized I have not put any pictures in here in awhile so I will add a few to close this lol.......................

What do they say "this is where the magic happens?" lmao My bedroom......

Thursday, September 28, 2006


  Hi everyone! We went over to my daughters new place yesterday to clean and start trying to make it a little more homey for her. Well we found some things in the place that we were not ok with and ended up coming home and meeting the owner of the house this afternoon to discuss fixing the things.

He is workable. Like I said before the place is nothing special but with a mop bucket, cleaners, candles, paint, ect it will be very cute for her. Reguardless tho the things that needed to be fixed for it to even be safe like a couple windows that are not supported and close to falling out, no door knob on backdoor, some mangled vents. Really all minor stuff but it should be fixed before Amanda moves in there.

He agree'd today to put new carpet in the living room because the stuff that is there now is so nasty and dirty! And we have a ton leftover from my basement being done so we are going to put that in her bedroom for her. We are also putting new tiles in her kitchen. Just the cheap stick on ones but we did one pack of them last night and WOW what a difference.

We are heading back over there after dinner to paint the living room so that it will be done before the carpet goes in tomorrow morning. The woman who previously rented this home with her two boys took dirty house to a whole new level! We had to see past all of her messes and piles of stuff when we looked at the place to begin with. So we had not even seen it cleaned out til yesterday and she told the owner she had shampooed the carpets and trust me everything I vacuumed out of those carpets last night proved they were NOT shampooed and I would say it is safe to say maybe not even vacuumed in quite some time!

It is getting cold in Minnesota~! 48 degrees today. Both my daughters and I have had terrible colds for the last two days. Not fun being sick when you can't slow down to take it easy lol. I have been taking Tylenol Cold and then at nightime the nightime stuff. Seems to work for a few hours so it's all good :)

Oh yes, I met my sister at her Ultrasound yesterday morning andher son is perfect and healthy!!! They read something wrong at her clinic. He is growing right on track and looks great! WHAT A RELIEF! I was so happy for her! Her due date is on my sister in laws birthday Feb. 28th.

Well I am off to make some dinner then going to clean and paint. Hope everyone had a great day! Hugs, Robyn

Tuesday, September 26, 2006

A new day a little more level headed lol

Hi everyone. Thanks for the comments about yesterdays entry!

Let me start by saying that I have been so full of different emotions that what I am feeling and how it comes out on paper get mixed up lol. I think I get my point across but I start rambling and do a terrible job saying it just how I meant it.

I am blessed to have my son. He is totally unique and totally different than any other child I have ever seen. I never want to sound like I am complaining about having to care for him. It is more that I use this journal to vent but I never ever want my venting to come off as complaining or wishing things were different. I would be a liar tho if I said that my days are not filled with ALL kinds of emotions. Some good, some bad!

For example something as simple as I have been changing diapers for TEN YES TEN years because my daughter was still in diapers when my son was born. I am TIRED of buying diapers and changing diapers lol!! But the reality of it is that I may be changing them for alot longer.

Another example is since there is really no communication between my son and I besides very limited signing that he is not consistent with. When he is mad about something, or frustrated with something, or overly stimulated about something he will hit me, kick me, head butt me, pinch me, bite his sisters, throw stuff at us. And no matter how often I remind my kids and husband and myself that he does not understand, it is still very frustrating somedays.

I have been at the doctors with him on more than one occasion with my 10 year old with me, and they actually sent a volunteer to our room to take her to occupy her because he was flipping out so bad. So then at that point I feel terrible for her because I can see she is just as frustrated as I am, and just as sad as I am.

BUT on that same note his sisters love him SO much and have more tolerance for the things he does to them than most would. They are so understanding and patient with him. I am very very lucky in that aspect!

God gave me Joshua for a reason. If I would have ever been told 10 years ago that I would be able to raise him I would have had serious doubts. But as time has went on I have came to realize... threw alot of different people stopping us in stores, churches, hospitals, malls, airports, ect and asking about him or offering thier prayers forhim and then ending it with "I do not know how you do it, if I were you I could not do it"  that I didn't have a choice in my head. I did what I needed to do. I knew something was wrong with him before I delievered him. Would I change it now if I could? NO WAY! So I used to be compassionate towards these people that tell me "I could not do it" but now I find myself thinking "what would you do then??".

I do not think it makes me any stronger of a woman because I am able to raise a child like my son. I believe it is me being the mother I always swore to myself I would be, the exact opposite of what my mother ever was. 300% percent dedicated to my children and there for them no matter what!

On a whole different subject I wanted to again thank those of you who are leaving comments in my journal. I have been a silent reader for so long and it is really cool to now see that people are actually reading the mumble jumble that I write lol!

Well I am going to get going I have to do some housework and make dinner.

Hugs, Robyn


Monday, September 25, 2006

Second try but not near as good

Does anyone else ever have SO much they would like to talk about but then decide against it for some reason or another? I am going threw so much right now emotionally and I think I do not write about it because I can barely sort it out inside my own head let alone trying to make someone else understand!!

For starters I wrote an entry a couple months ago about my 16 year old sister being pregnant. She had a ultrasound done on Friday and is 19 weeks along now, but they are sending her for a level 2 ultrasound because her babies limbs are only measuring at 14 weeks gestationally. They also kept going back to his (yes it is a boy) heart for some reason.

To me this is Deja Vu because when I was sent for my level 2 ultrasound they told me the exact same two things wrong at first! Her appt is on Wed. morning and I will be meeting her there as I have been threw all of this and will know what questions to ask. She has NO idea what life may have in store for her and I am scared for her!

NOTHING and mean nothing could have prepared me for what my life has been since the day my son was born and I am almost double her age and struggle with a ball of emotions everyday raising my son.

My hubby and I have always opted to not have the genetical testing done to see which one of us produced the gene that gave my son his disorder, because we had so many times with him that we were told he would not make it threw the night, or during his Cranial Vaults there was always the risk of complications. And had (thank god it didn't!!)  something had happened neither one of us wanted to know that one of us carried that gene. We always said that when the day came if he needed to know we would do it. But for the last 8 years we have not known.

So finding out my sister may be about to find out her son has something very similar to my sons condition tells me that I am the one who carries the gene. I cannot nor would change a thing with my son. He is my world! But it really honestly made me sad to know that when he is going threw what he is going threw and during his surgeries I may very well have been the one who passed this gene along to him.

I hope that this makes sense because I feel I am sort of rambling about it.

My 17 year old daughter is moving out into her own place on October 1st that is nothing special(it just needs some TLC lol), but the price is right and it is in a safe area and very close to us. Only about a 10 minute drive. Wednesday and Thursday we are going to be spending alot of time there painting and cleaning. It is clean to the landlords standards but not to mine lol.

I am giving her a whole bunch of stuff from my home to take with her. For one a really nice and comfy green couch and loveseat and coffee table, end table, area rug, and lamp that all go together. Now I do not know about you guys but my first apartment when I was 15 was bits and pieces of crap that I got as I could. NOTHING in my first place matched except maybe they were all some ugly brown of some sort lol. So she is very lucky to be starting out with so much nice stuff.

I believe she will make it and prove her dad (because he is convinced she will fall on her face) wrong. But if she dosn't and ends up having to come home then so be it. I think we have all been there at some point in our lives. But knowing how headstrong she is I honestly do not think that will be the case. Plus she is only 10 minutes away if she ever needs anything. She has a decent job making decent money for her age, and should have enough to pay her bills and get what she needs.

But it is still scary stuff as a mom lol. This is my hubbies daughter, not biologically mine. But she is mine! I am the woman she counts on, I am the woman in her life she knows she can trust. So she is just as much mine as his. Her mother moved away to the Domican Republic this last year and is a piece of work that is all I am going to say. Amanda has always been envious of my 10 year old Rayanna for having such a loving, consistent mother in her life. She has been let down over and over from her real mother. I feel blessed to know how much she loves me and appreciates me!

I always wondered why being a mother didn't come with a manual?? CAN YOU IMAGINE the size of that book that would drop out of you?? lmao. Really tho all you can do is the best you can and learn from your mistakes, and pick your battles. I know I make mention of that quite a bit in my journal but that is because I am a true believer in that statement. I have 3 kids that live in my home and hubby usually (which is another long story). And hubby and Amanda have Bi Polar. The two of them together are either the best of friends or they are butting heads because they are so much alike it is almost scary. And when they are both having a bad day oh man look out lol! That is a day in this house there is no reasoning with either of them, and very hard for me and my other two kids.

Rayanna started Hip hop dance last week and she loves it! She had her second class tonight and was so excited afterwards ;)  Well this is a long entry so I will end it for now......

Hugs, Robyn


I just wrote a LONG entry and went to save it and it disappeared!! I hate it when that happens! I do not have time to write another one and could not write it the way I just did so I will have to try again later!

Sunday, September 24, 2006

Got this one from Lifes A Circus


1.Have you had sex in the past 24 hours?Yep
2. Are you gay?
No I am not, but had some moments of experimentation when I was younger lol

3.Do you have hairy legs? If I don't shave them oh yeah! But no I don't
4. Do you like monkeys? Love em!
5. How many fillings do you have? Umm 2
6. Would you rather swim in the ocean or a lake? Ocean, I hate leeches in lakes!
7. Have you ever licked one of those square batteries? Yes! lmao
8.Have you ever read the Bible? Parts of it yes
9. Do you wear a lot of black?
Sometimes I do
10. Did you ever bring a weapon to high school? No
11. Do you know what a sphincter actually is? Hmmm I do but I can't tell you lmao
12. Describe your hair? Long, dark, straight
13. Are you a wild beast? I have my moments ;)
14. Do you like to have fun? I love to have fun!
15. Do you like drama? Hell no!
16. Do you like mayonnaise? Yes
17. Are you afraid to die? In some aspects yes, I just do not want to go before I do all I want to do in life.
18. Do you like playing in leaves? I do, but really enjoy watching my kids play in leaves
19. Do you like lyme ticks? NO I got Lyme Disease from one a couple years ago, and omg I was sick!
20. Have you ever peed your pants as an adult?Not that I remember lol
21. Have you ever thrown up on someone as an adult? No not on someone
22. Are you an adult? I'm learning lmao! Yes I am
23. Do you think you have a good handle on spelling? Yes I used to play a word game called Word Yacht, and host tournies I learned lots of words while playing
24. Are you a television addict?
I am and love my TIVO but finding the time to watch them all is the problem

25. Do you think O.J. is guilty? YES
26. Have you ever had sex in a hot tub? Many times
27. On a swing? Sort of lol
28. Do you like Elvis? Sure I do, some songs
29. Do you enjoy watching animals "do it" on the Discovery channel?
30. Ever been hit on at a zoo? Yep
31. Do you enjoy the calming effects of turkey? No because whenever I eat it, it's a holiday and I have TONS to clean up afterwards
32. Does your mom think someone's hot? Yep her handyman lol
33. Are you a sugar freak?
I do not think so
34. When you hear a knock on the door, do you think "oh shit it's the cops"? No I think "I wonder who is selling what now"
35. Will you ever have sex with a total stranger? No trust is huge for me, and I obviously cannot trust a total stranger~
36. Ever commit a crime and gotten away with it, like O.J. did? Yes when I was like 9 I stole a little figurine
37. Do you like orange juice?
Sure do
38. Ever do the party boy dance in front of the elderly?
What the hell is the party boy dance? I used to dance all the time and I am sure elderly where around sometimes lol
39. Where do you wish you were right now? Laying on a beach without a care in the world
40. Did you enjoy this?
Yes I do
41. Did you eat your glue as a child? Nope but the playdough in my grandma's church nursery was pretty good lol
42. Did you ever put beans up your nose? No, but my daughter stuck a pussywillow up her nose!
43. Have you ever heard your parents having sex? Mom yes, parents no
44. Have your parents ever caught you having sex? Yes
45. Can you roll your tongue?
46. Can you lick your own nose? Nope
47. Do you like Halloween? Yes I do second fav, first is Christmas
48. Did you watch Saved by the Bell? Years and years ago
49. Do you remember Jem and the Holograms? No
50. Can you tie a cherry stem with your tongue? Never tried before

Thanks Gwen got this from your journal


I Live: Minute by minute somedays.

I Work: From the moment I wake up til the moment I go to sleep, I am a stay at home mom.

I Talk: to my sister in law everyday.

I Wish: I could come home for one week and have it be as clean as it is when I clean it lol.

I Enjoy:Spending time with my family, lighting a fire and watching TV.

I Look: Very natural almost always, I wear minimal makeup and no hair products

I Find: Unshaven faces on men for a couple days very very sexy!

I Smell: Stuffed green peppers

I Think: I am a very loyal and very loving (sometimes to much I think).

I Listen: All the time, I am a great listener and will not judge you ever!

I Hide: Many, many hurtful things from my past

I Walk: All the time while cleaning, shopping, ect

I Write: In my journal not enough. I also write poems sometimes

I See: My bigscreen TV in front of me.

I Sing: All of the time!

I Laugh: If something is funny, or I have a tendency to laugh when I am in pain lol.

I Can: Do anything I put my mind to.

I Watch: American Idol

I Learn: From my mistakes usually.

I Dream: But do not remember it all of the time.

I Want: Happiness and health for my family and myself.

I Cry:When I watch Extreme Makeover.

I Read: Journals and romance books.

I Love: Feeling a cool breeze while my windows are open, and the smell of fresh cut grass.

I Sometimes: Feel like crawling into a hole.

I Hurt: When my kids are hurting!

I Fear: snakes

I Hope: That the lessons in life I try to teach my kids everyday will actually stick with them as they get older.

I Broke: A glass loading the dishwasher.

I Eat: Benihana's shrimp whenever given the opportunity!

I Quit: Trying to figure Bi-Polar out and realized without proper treatment it will always remain what it is.

I Bathe: When I have time, I shower all the time.

I Drink: Aquafina Raspberry water, and Mountain Dew when I need a little caffeine.

I Save: All cards from my kids and hubby.

I Hug: My family all of the time, everyday!

I Meditate: Not technically, but I go to a quiet place and listen to music very loudly, and light candles.

I Play: City of Villains, and neopets sometimes.

I Miss: My son Anthony, my daughter Alyssa, and my grandpa everyday!

I Forgive: Sometimes to easily.

I Drive: a Dodge Durango R/T to fast when my kids aren't in the car.

I Have: a very calming voice.

I Cant: Understand all the shitty things that happen in this world now. (The news is terrible usually to watch, always bad news)

I Don't: know why my dog randomly humps people lmao!

I Kiss: My family everyday!

I Believe: in soulmates, and dreams coming true!

I Feel: Wore out emotionally right now.

I Know: I will always be here for my children!

I Wonder: Where I will be in 10 years.

I wanted to say "Welcome Home Tony" Emily's husband will be home today sometime! I am so happy for her and Ms. O!



Sunday, September 17, 2006

We made it home!

I made it home last night! What a long drive. I have so much to tell about the whole week. Hmmmm where to start?

Tuesday morning we left the hotel at around 6AM for a 8AM appointment, well a semi truck rolled over carrying corn bread on the beltway and we ended up being 2 hours late!! They knew we came from MN so they would still see us, but we had to wait until 1, so we went to the cafeteria and ate and walked around for a bit. His Neurosurgeon thought Josh looked great! We left that appointment at around 3 and headed back towards hotel we ran in and got changed and headed to the Outlet Mall in Hagerstown and had some fun spending money and shopping. I bought my son his Halloween costume there at Childrens Place, and OMG it is to cute!! I will make sure to take a picture of him in it.

Then we ate dinner at this awesome steak house. The whole meal was pleasant and the food was delicious! Then we headed back to our hotel and went swimming for a tiny bit and then watched a movie in hotel and hit the hay. We were all so tired!

Wednesday started out the same way we got up super early and headed back into DC to meet with his Opthamologist and Cranial Surgeon. It was a day of ups and downs. At his opthamologist's we found out that my son is totally blind in his right eye. The optical nerve is completely dead so there is no procedure to try to make it better. But his left eye has 20/20, so we were told to always take extra special care of that eye.

We were told 4 years ago that they believed Joshua would be blind in that eye within 12 months, and that also within that 12 months his eye would haze over and roll back and be completely whited out. Since that hasn't happened we believed they were wrong. Because many many doctors here in Minnesota have mislead us and gave us false information. Instead of just simply saying "we do not know, but will refer you to someone who does" they always try to take a guess at what it could be. Hence the reason we drive cross country to see doctors in DC. We were also told that this did not happen at birth that he has went blind in the last few years. Either as a result of Craniosynostosis, or a result of his lack of oxygen at Childrens Hospital when he was a baby. I have that story in a very early on entry in my journal.

After that appointment we headed a few blocks down to his Cranial Facial doctor. He also said he thought Joshua looked incredible! We have always been told that he would be having a 4th upcoming cranial vault, and we were told this time that they do not believe he will ever need another one!! :) WOW what a relief that was to hear!

He ordered a last minute CT scan at Georgetown for Thurs and he will be sending me a long detailed letter this week at home letting me know that he definately will not need it after reading the CT scan. Josh has a couple knobby areas in the back of his head that we have always thought was bone from the reconstuction. Well it is bone, but it is also a metal plate and screws that we are feeling.

So in about a year he will operate again to do the cosmetic stuff inside and out. For one he will shave down the bone in that one area and place the plates and screws where they should be, he will also shave down any other bone that has moved a little as a result of his head growing since his last surgery. He will also remove his scar by lasar. I cannot believe that either. His scar is very big right now especially since he has gotten bigger, it has stretched and there is no hair growth anywhere near it. His surgeon said once he is done with it that it will be small enough that his hair will grow over it to cover it. Another wow! ;)

Here is one picture of immediately after one of his cranial vaults, and for us to be told he will never have to go threw this again is such a relief to me!! I have always wished I could take that pain away from him and make it all better. I always feel so helpless as his mother not being able to do anything while he lays there in so much pain! Not even hold him for a few days. That has always bothered me because all I want to do is hold him and never let go. My son is a trooper I tell you! He has so much inner strength it is unbelievable!

We were also told that the world renowned genetisist who was retired but came to Childrens to diagnose him for us at a day old, was back in practice here in MN at the University of Minnesota, and that for one he thought Dr. Gorlin would love to see Joshua, but also to start a series of testing to see if he has yet another syndrome of some sort. I do not have a lot of details to it yet but wil let you guys know when I know more.

All in all the trip was great. The hotel was awesome, my kids were awesome. We ate some great food, spent ALOT of time in the car driving. But I am home now and even tho I have a new series of appointments that need to started at least they are here at home and not over a 1000 miles away.

I would travel however many needed always for the best medical care for my son, but it is still nice to know I do not have to go back out there next month for a couple months!!

My 17 year old and a friend of ours stayed here and my house is a shithole! I am going to be cleaning top to bottom for the next couple days. I would have been much happier to walk in my house and have it smelling good and looking good, like it did when I left. But no such luck!

All my kids go back to school tomorrow. Joshua actually will have his first day tomorrow since we were gone. I need to run and get a few things to bring with that stay at his school diapers, wipes, toothpaste, ect. His classroom this year has 5 kids which is the most he has ever been in, usually there are only 3-4. The kids in his classroom including himself need extreme one on one care. He also has a male teacher this year which is different. I think it will all go ok, and I know Josh is going to be so happy to back in school, he LOVES IT!

Well I am going to end this for now. I hope everyone had a great week!

Hugs, Robyn

Monday, September 11, 2006

Checking in

Well we made it in one piece and hubby n I didn't kill each other lol! We went almost all the way into DC when we got here and ended up not checking into hotel there. We went back about 30 miles and checked into this one month old Hampton that is wonderful! It is not real cheap but it is layed out great and has everything we wanted. We actually have two rooms, but one is a bedroom and one is a living room. I have a couple pics of it that I will post when I write a longer entry.

We have to wake up at 5:45am to get my sons appointment this morning so I just wanted to let everyone know that I made it here and am doing ok!

I forgot how much I missed specific east coast food that never ever tastes as good at home! Calazones is the top one, and crab cakes! We cannot get them at home the way they taste here!!

It seemed to be a very somber day here in and near Washington DC for alot of people being the 5 year anniverary of 9/11.......................

We watched the presidents speech tonight, and the following program that was a reinactment. Then took my daughter swimming and ordered some food for dinner. Tomorrow after Josh's appointment we are going to bring the kids to see whatever they want near the White House. They have both been here obviously before but were much younger and I think Rayanna will appreciate it all alot more now, and enjoy herself much more. So we are keeping fingers crossed that it does not rain all day tomorrow!!

I am off to try to get a little bit of sleep now. I will write a longer entry after I get home. I hope everyone is doing good, and having a great week!! :)

Thursday, September 7, 2006

Two words...


You can only type 2 less.


1.yourself: loving, loyal

2. your husband: takes work!

3. your hair: long, straight

4. your mother: weak, timid

5. your father: mean, cruel

6. your favorite item: PC, camera

7. your dream last night: X Rated! lmao

8. your favorite drink: Captain Coke

9. your car: LOVE IT

10. the room you are in: Relaxing, quiet

11. your ex boyfriend/girlfriend: Ass hole (does that count??lol)

12. your fear: Sons surgery

13. where you want to be in 10 years: RV, traveling

14. what you're not: Dishonest, disrespectful

15. your best friends: true, awesome

16. one of your wish list items: Yukon Denali (next truck)

17. the last thing you did: Dishes, sang

18. what are you wearing: Capris, tanktop

19. your favorite weather: Breezy, warm

20. your favorite zoo animals? Monkies, tigers

21. your thought for the day? Mind overloaded

22. your favorite book: The bible

23. last thing you ate: Beef jerkey

24. your life: Never dull

25. your mood: stressed, tired

26. your body: Neck massage??

27. what are you thinking about right now: This answer! No really bed, sex hehe

28. your crush: Ummm, hmmmm

29. what are you doing at the moment: answering questions

30. your summer schedule: Busy, stressful

I got this from Lisa's journal/Damaged Goods. Hi everyone been a little bit since I wrote an actual entry. Lots has happened in the last 2 weeks!Saturday morning I leave to head out to Washington DC for my sons appointments and am keeping fingers crossed they do not want to do his 4th cranial vault while we are there. But if so it is what it is so we will stay. Otherwise the plan will be to come home after a week of being there and then scheduling the surgery for mid October. At that point I will be there a month minimum.

Hubby and I have really been struggling and I do not have the time to go into it, but he moved out again last week. The hard part is that we have to drive together for 40 hours in car to go out east Saturday, and I am praying we can just make the whole trip without an arguement! I know we have stuff to talk about, but in the car and out there is not the time or place because Josh and Rayanna will be with us.

Hmm what else? Kids started school Tuesday which is nice to have some quiet time again during the day lol!

My Central air unit backed up and flooded my daughters room in the basement. I have been trying to get it taken care before we leave. I have not been able to have my AC on because it stinks so bad! So it is hot in here! I thought it might be the whole unit was shot, but it is not. But it is going to cost me $1200.00 to clean it up down there and that does not cover the cost to replace the carpet that has to go!