Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Still so sick of being in pain!

I can't even walk now. I tried a couple times today and ended up shaking so bad from the pain that I could barely deal with it! My tolerance for pain is extremely high and OMG this is killing me! The cyst is about the size of a deck of cards and my whole inner thigh is black and blue.

Not fun I tell ya! I have found one position that is bearable and that is the position I have assumed most of the day lol. The doctors will recheck it again tomorrow to see if there is any change. I am not sure if lancing it is even an option they may have to surgically remove it. At this point I honestly do not care what they have to do as long as they make it go away!!

So with all that said let me tell you what just happened 30 mins ago. My 17 year old was getting ready for work this morning and she got a call from this 18 year old girl she went to school last year. They have not talked the whole summer. My daughter has been working her ass off and doing great, doing what she should be doing and staying out of trouble.

So this girl calls her today and tells her she heard she was talking garbage about her and she was going to come to our house to beat her up today (I THINK NOT!). So she hung up and came and told us about it and her dad took her to work. We didn't hear anything more all day until tonight my hubby went to pick her up from work at 10:30 and my daughter called 2 minutes after he left and said that there were 7 kids outside in her work parking lot waiting for her! One being this girl who called earlier.

I got in my car and went up there to meet them and by the time I got there (I later found out they had already been in  fight) I saw all these kids 3 boys and 4 girls standing at there car. I got out and not so nicely approached the 18 year old who said she was coming to my house earlier and told her she better stay away from daughter!

The police ended up coming and they obviously let my daughter and us go after hearing what had happened. But the part that pisses me off the most is the fact that I KNOW for a fact my daughter has had nothing to do with these girls all summer and she has been trying so hard to stay on the right track and do her thing. I will not allow some stupid rumors ruin that for her!

I am very proud of her and the way she handled herself. She even called her manager when we got home to make sure they knew exactly what had happened. And also apoligized to them for the altercation (sp?) happening there. But they understood she did not start it that this other girl did.

So now I am really really hurting and back on my chair with a heating pad. But I think that all mothers would agree when it comes to your kids and their safety there is nothing you will not do. My kids are everything to me and I would stop at no lengths to protect them and be there for them!

Well I am going to lay down hope everyone else had a better day than I!


therealslimemmy said...

i hope you feel better soon!

carolsixpac said...

You are a great mom!  Im proud of your daughter too. I sure hope that cyst got cleared up---sounds so painful!!!